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UNFORGETTABLE BRAND EXPERIENCES BEGIN HERE!. Triple P and Sparks Over 20 years in experiential marketing Proven tactics and strategies A direct, personal.

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2 Triple P and Sparks Over 20 years in experiential marketing Proven tactics and strategies A direct, personal connection with consumers delivering the brand experience An energetic, positive ‘face’ for your brand or product with talented brand ambassadors Instant feedback on your brand or product

3 Services Include Product Launches Public & Product Education Community Relations Sampling Product Demonstrations Corporate Events & Meeting Management Staging & Entertainment Trade Show Logistics & Management Production Services Team Building Street Marketing Merchandising Promotions

4 Team Nordica -Sampling- Lindt & Sprungli -Gold Bunny Tour- Roxul -Product Demonstration- Dare RealFruit Gummie -Tour Sampling- Maple Leaf Foods -Fresh Patrol Pilot Program- Maple Leaf Foods -Hot ‘n Hearty Slap Shot Tour-

5 The Company We Keep


7 Program Objectives Drive awareness & trial of Burt’s Bees natural hand and body lotions among non-users Inform current users of restange and new formulas Determine expected sales objective from pop-up retail Determine impressions, # of interactions, # of samples/coupons/brochures based on proposed execution

8 Strategy Develop & execute Burt’s Bees branded stations at local winter festivals nationally Drive interactions by including interactive activities Educate target HABS group and their family on Burt’s Bees hand & body lotions. Provide target market with the opportunity to sample/trial and purchase Burt’s Bees products

9 Methodology Sampling & trial On site sales Provide a hook to drive consumers to the branded station Appeal to families with children National in scope - major markets Follow “The Greater Good ™” model

10 Target Consumer Profile HABS Heavy researchers re. healthy lifestyle Natural personal care barriers - availability and lack of sampling Proactive re. their health Big on environment & social responsibility, not fully embraced organic food, natural personal care products Under indexes on TV - big reader Likely to enjoy exercise & outdoor activity Considers her look simple and easy to maintain and believes inner beauty is important for outward beauty

11 Cast In field Brand Ambassadors will be carefully selected to meet the brand profile and compliment the desired target. Sparks and Triple P will select from our National casting database or conduct specific casting sessions to assemble the best team for the program

12 The Concept Burt’s Bees branded stations will tour major market Fall & Winter Events in 2010/2011. The branded station will be a unique destination within a high interest value added stop for consumers attending the event The Burt’s Bees station will be designed as a place that our target can step out of the cold for a moment & warm up in the Burt’s Bees Natural Paradise. The 10x20 station will include a botanical setting with radiant heat, plants, a water feature and plenty of ‘Bees’ pollinating the plants in the display Upon entering the Botanical tent, our guests will be greeted by a highly trained team of Burt’s Bees specialists

13 The Concept (cont’d) Our team of specialists will engage each visitor and provide information about featured products In addition, the team will provide samples and demonstrate hand lotion products at a consultation area within the booth As an added bonus, Celestial Seasonings Tea will provide “4 bag sample sachets” and tea products for a tasting area within the Burt’s Bees display A children’s area will round out the presentation with a colouring contest. Kids will be invited to colour a Burt’s Bees colouring sheet and enter a contest to win a prize for their artwork

14 Alternative Booth Design As an option, we could develop the station to resemble a ‘Bee Hive’ Visitors would enter the hive and be treated to a visual resembling the inside of a bee hive Both visual options would deliver a positive brand experience and tie the to the big idea

15 Roaming Bees In addition to the branded station experience, we are recommending additional team members to tour the event grounds and entice the target group to visit our display High energy Burt’s Bees ambassadors will be dressed in uniforms of black and yellow and carry a backpack style tank, full of hand lotion The backpacks will be designed to resemble a bees back with wings and they will be functional as hand lotion sampling units/dispensers Roaming Bees will sample hand lotion, distribute samples and an offer to purchase or a web address, and invite attendees to the Burt’s Bee booth Finally, the combined station and roaming ambassadors will ensure the highest possible # of interactions at each event

16 Possible Ontario Events 1.Cavalcade of Lights, Nathan Phillips Square (Nov 27) Kick off event to a month long series of events happening in the city of Toronto. Includes lighting of Toronto’s official Christmas tree, firework, musical performances, fair trade market, crafts and ice skating 50,000 people attend Event is meant to meet all age groups 2.Winterlude, Ottawa (Feb 5-21) Large festival happening in downtown core of Ottawa Includes outdoor activities such as skating, snow & ice sculptures, competitions, musical performances, children’s snow forts and giant snow playground 500,000 people attend Event is meant to attract families

17 Possible Ontario Events 3.Winter Festival of Lights, Niagara Falls (Dec 3-5) Kick off to a 2 month festival of light displays and entertainment Includes lighting of 3 million trees and ground lights, fireworks over the falls, outdoor activities, musical performances, childrens performances 1,000,000 people attend Event is meant to attract families 4.Winterfest & Festival of Ice, Barrie (Feb 6-7) Festival weekend event held downtown Barrie Includes outdoor activities such as polar bear dip, horse-drawn wagon rides, dogsled rides, mini-tube run, lumberjack shows, ice maze & sculptures 20,000 people attend Event is meant to attract families

18 Possible Alberta Events 1.Deep Freeze Festival, Edmonton (January) 2 day event that is part of the Winter Light Festival features ice and snow garden, outdoor curling, skating and hayrides, story telling, and outdoor shows It ends with a ‘Melt the Deep Freeze” dance party 5,000 people attend Event is meant to attract the whole community 2.Ice on Whyte, Edmonton (January) 10 day event that is part of the Winter Light Festival Main focus is the ice carving competition, attracting people internationally Also hosts workshops for kids, ice slide, castles Event is meant to attract families

19 Possible Alberta Events 3.Silver Skate, Edmonton (February) 3 day event that is part of the Winter Light Festival Is a unique blend of sports, recreation, arts & culture Includes special guests, artists, competitions such as skate races and an ice sculpture contest, figure skating demonstrations, face painting, curling, fireworks Event is meant to attract the whole community 4.Winter Festival, Calgary (Feb) 11 day event that was started after Calgary hosted the ‘88 Olympics to celebrate the ice & snow Includes winter carnivals, sating parties, pond hockey tournaments, bonspiels, dances, winter crafts, ice sculptures, clowns 185,000 people attend Event is meant to attract families

20 Possible Alberta Events 5.Zoolights, Calgary (Dec/Jan) Annual event held at the Calgary Zoo Includes a 30 million light show, snowball alley, snow bowling, reindeer stables and igloo making Largest seasonal light show in Western Canada Event is meant to attract families

21 Possible BC Events 1.Winterruption, Vancouver (February) 8 day event that happens at Granville Island Focus is a jazz driven, arts & culture festival Includes live music acts, street theatre, puppetry, dance, hula hooping, mural painting, out door activities. 35,000 people attend each day Event is meant to attract all ages of the community from kids to seniors 2.CelticFest, Vancouver (March 16-20) 5 day event that showcases Celtic Music, dance & arts Includes activities such as kidszones, music workshops, food & sports, marketplace, dances 100,000 people attend Meant to attract every age group

22 Possible BC Events 3.The Peak of Christmas, Vancouver (December) An up close and persona interaction with Christmas, held at Grouse Mountain Includes Santa’s workshop, reindeer, sleigh rides, ice skating, movies, village parade of trees 100,000 people attend Event is meant for children/families

23 Budget Staffing ($46,500) Includes a team of 3 people working 20 event days in each market (Ontario, Alberta, BC) Exact event days tbd based on final venue selection Training ($6,000) Includes all recruiting, hiring, interviewing of staff via conference call style training Elements & Rentals, Miscellaneous ($9,000) Includes the rental of 2 sets of assets, such as cash registers & accessories, booth décor, heaters, kids table/chairs Event insurance, phones/faxes, warehousing, sparks expense Creative Materials ($11,500) Includes creative & production for 2 sets of booths/displays, uniforms and backpacks Venue Fees ($25,000) Exact amount tbd once final list of venue is selected Program Management ($30,000) Includes all research, planning, scheduling & coordination, staff management, client meetings, reports & overall program management *Assumptions: 1. This estimate does not include taxes, program fuel, rep mileage, shipping, hotels.

24 In Summary Properly executed, the Burt’s Bees Branded Tour will: Deliver a positive brand experience to the target consumer Drive awareness and trial among non-users Educated current users Drive sales

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