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Post-Trip Presentation Nathan Arroyo, Nicolas Campos, Melissa Lindsey, and Sarah Watzman.

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1 Post-Trip Presentation Nathan Arroyo, Nicolas Campos, Melissa Lindsey, and Sarah Watzman


3 Biodigester in functional state. Define operational parameters for the biodigester.

4 Evacuate gases from chamber Clean debris from biodigester Fill the biodigester with water Obtain initial charge of biomass Charge biodigester Stir contents of biodigester with a stick Create compost pit in a convenient location near biodigester Mark buckets for use Post signs about usage Conduct pH test on effluent Let biodigester sit for 2 weeks to allow bacterial growth inside the chamber and to allow the compost pile to grow Train staff on usage through a training session including safety precautions Create manual for continued operation


6 Biodigester had already been cleaned out Contents were consistency of wet sand Starting adding water After 2.5 buckets, effluent began to run out Effluent pH tested Too high, about 8.5 Pile of organic turned and moved towards pig pens Gases evacuated from gas lines Brainstorming session for removing effluent and for composting

7 3-stage compost bin was constructed in one of the pig pens Compost will be used for solid component in influent In the afternoon, preliminary surveying of the compound at MdL was completed

8 Organic waste was moved into the compost area pH of water was still too high It was determined that the only way to fix the biodigester would be to completely clean it out and start over Remove cap and use a septic pump to remove the solids Composting was further researched Must be turned and kept damp Outlines of pictorial posters were created Ratio for biodigester influent was determined

9 Compost area was turned, watered, mixed Effluent was removed from outflow Pictorial posters were created and laminated

10 Surveying Afternoon- met with faculty and gave an update about biodigester Posted signs in biodigester area

11 Send instructional manuals to MdL Select and send appropriate septic pump

12 Compost area constructed and functional Biodigester was not left functional, but important information was gained for the future A pump will be sent in order to remove solid from biodigester Operational parameters for the compost area and biodigester were determined Influent for biodigester Guidelines for composting


14 The compound of MdL was surveyed and mapped in order to help future projects Dimensions of building Relation of buildings to each other Electrical, water systems mapped Elevation of water tower from water pump was surveyed

15 Run more gas lines from biodigester Combine systems of MdL Tilapia pond, biodigester, garden Back up power source for water pump


17 1. Dr. John Merrill: Led and structured class based on service learning for engineers, class placed large emphasis on the role of the citizen engineer in society 2. Dr. Roger Dzywonczyk: Presented material pertaining to documenting and recording work and data from research using “scope of work” method 3. Greg Bixler: Presented material concerning humanitarian engineering, emphasized need for acknowledgement of difference between wanted and needed projects as well as the affect of projects on the local community. 4. Brad Doudican: Helped in development and troubleshooting of the implementation plan for the biodigester at Montana de Luz. Also instructed the team on how to use the surveying equipment and made the smart map. 5. Dr. Jay Martin: Presented material about biodigester and aquaponics technology, very informative in the initial stages of creating the biodigester project and developing a plan of action. 6. Miriam Simon: Led weekly basic Spanish language classes. 7. Montana de Luz Staff: Provided information and schematics of the biodigester at Montana de Luz and the materials used in its construction. Specifically, Ruth coordinated the entire trip, made sure we had the necessary materials, translated when needed, and helped ensure the project was beneficial to Montana de Luz; Karin checked the Spanish translations for the posters and made sure they followed common Honduran terms; Saul made priceless suggestions on effluent removal and composting regarding the biodigester along with leading the building of the walls for the compost area; Alexandra made suggestions on placement of the compost area to make it most useful to Montana de Luz. 8. Contained great deal of information about the operation, usage, maintenance, and safety of biodigesters. Provided pdf download of operation manual of multiple biodigester 9. : Provided information concerning kitchen waste including density and percent 10. Provided details on the best practices in


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