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Date Title (Select Purpose of your SWOT) Your Name Here.

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1 Date Title (Select Purpose of your SWOT) Your Name Here

2 Purpose of this document The purpose of this SWOT Analysis is to provide an in-depth analysis of the intended users objective and to provide them with the knowledge to be more strategic towards current and future goals and opportunities. Directions. Use this as a template and erase those areas that are necessary and fill it in with your own data. Once completed review this document regularly. Print it out and keep it within eye contact.

3 Overview of SWOT This is where you want to give a description of what you want to accomplish with this document. Be detailed and fill up the entire page with your purpose, vision, and values. This document could be used to create your mission, vision, and values. Maybe its a SWOT of your entire organization, department, or you as a contributing team member. What purpose do you want to accomplish by doing this exercise. Use this area for that but be detailed and explain exactly what your objective is.

4 Strengths Use Bullet Points here for your strengths. A good department strength here might be: We are a team driven and motivated by a great leader that provides us with meaningful work and guides us to a long term vision. A good personal strength might be: Motivated. Does not give up.

5 Weaknesses Use Bullet Points here for your weaknesses. A good department weakness here might be: We are lead by a weak leader who seems to be lost day in and day out or We do not have a mission. No real sign of values. Team members are all treated differently. etc. A good personal weakness if you are using the SWOT to lose weight could be I have a weakness for junk food.

6 Opportunities - Internal Here focus on opportunities internal. If you are doing this as an individual look for opportunities for personal growth or accomplishment. If you a business an internal opportunity might be available funds, or a team that could have an opportunity for training. Maybe the possibility to leverage an internal team to work towards success.

7 Opportunities - External Here focus on opportunities external. Use the same process as the Opportunities - Internal slide but focus on those areas external to you or your organization. It might be a new job market or a new region for growth. For individual goals it might be training or joining a club that will help guide you or motivate you to your goals.

8 Threats - Internal This is the serious part of this analysis and one that should take the most time to research. The more time you spend here the better and the greater the chances of success down the road. Threats Internal are those things closest to you. Some might be obvious and some not so obvious. Threats internal could be anything that will derail you or put you out of business. Stay focused and use more then one slide if needed. Often Internal threats are much harder to identify then external

9 Threats - External Exact same slide as internal threats but list external threats here. External threats might be: Another organization gaining ground Another organization with higher moral Personal external threats might be anything outside your personal control or you as an individual. Again use multiple pages if needed.

10 Summary Create a summary of those items that you learned from this exercise here. Put those things in the summary that are top on your list of actions or top on your list of things you learned. Be specific and detailed and go into detail.

11 Action Items After you have completed this exercise you should have a list of necessary action items. Create goals from this exercise and a strategy to accomplish those goals. Use multiple pages if necessary and review these on a consistent basis. Once a month minimum. Also be sure to do a SWOT Analysis twice a year or once a quarter if necessary.

12 If you feel like this document has been beneficial we would be happy to hear from you. Send us an email at and let us know your Also be sure to visit often to see our weekly blog posts.often to see our w Follow us on twitter at @atpeace360 If you have a subject or a question you would like us to use on our blog send me an email at

13 Thank you for your interest. We look forward to providing you with service and resources in the future.

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