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 EADMS and CST Reports Shannon Baker – Leadership Week 2013.

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1  EADMS and CST Reports Shannon Baker – Leadership Week 2013

2 Use the STAR Dashboard Performance Tab Start with the the left column to determine:  Student Group  Report Settings (single or multi year reports)  Tests Hints:  Change one category at a time and wait for screen to refresh  Use the blue box to search for more than one site, grade, or teacher

3 Make Custom Classrooms  Create custom classrooms based on performance levels  Go back to the left column to find custom classrooms

4 Use the Student Details Section Search for students by ID Number or Student Name Filter students by Scale Score or Proficiency Level (1-5) *Make Excel printouts *Make custom classrooms

5 Use the STAR Dashboard Strands Tab  Filter student results by strand:  ELA and Math Strands

6 Use the STAR Dashboard Movement Tab  Use the Movement Tab to group students based on their performance over two or three years Hint: *Click on any bold heading to sort

7 Report Builder  Use the report builder to create a report with a variety of information  Hover over reports tab, go to “group reports” and click on “report builder”  Choose your school and click “next”

8 Report Builder  Type “CST” in the test search box and change the year to 2012- 2103 – click on the test(s) you want to see

9 Report Builder - Sort and Filter  Use “Quick Options” to sort  Click show advanced to add columns of information and sort

10 Sort and Filter Terms  Enrollment – sort by site, grade, teacher or student  Demographics – add fields to your report, i.e. language fluency, special ed. program, ethnicity, etc.  Sort – Determine how you want to view your data – priority order  Score Types – Scale score, % correct, level?  Longitudinal – Choose multiple years to view data over time  Range Restriction – Determine a range of student scores to view *Click PDF or Excel to create a printable report *Click Save Report to save and share a report on the EADMS system

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