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BODYATTACK ™ Advanced Instructor Module. 100 Pushups 100 Burpees 100 High Kicks TEAM A – fittest first TEAM B – everyone has to participate One exercise.

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1 BODYATTACK ™ Advanced Instructor Module

2 100 Pushups 100 Burpees 100 High Kicks TEAM A – fittest first TEAM B – everyone has to participate One exercise at a time/one person at a time Fastest team wins! BATTLE 300

3 SUCCESS AS A BODYATTACK™ INSTRUCTOR Fit and strong role model Positive, fun team-player – take all to the end TODAY Work on your PERFECT FORM Coaching the team to all finish the game

4 PUSHUP TOWER Groups of 3 Feet on backs Maximum number of Pushups Aim for 10 One leader to count

5 TODAY - IMPROVE TECHNIQUE Teach in the essence and look athletic Be inspiring and easy to follow Be strong till the finish! Move as one team Improve your results


7 Neutral spine&head and stable pelvis Belly in and abdominals braced Shoulders back and down Chin in, long neck Body square No leaning forward of side

8 HOVER TEST 4 minutes 3 minutes 2 minutes 1 minute

9 Tape X across the shoulder blades Tape line down the middle of the back X MARKS THE SPOT

10 Abs in, up and down – not forward and back – Squat Tap, Step Touch, Step Curl, Double Step Touch Shoulders down – Jogging RA, Jogging Arm Pattern Square hips – Single Knee Lift Head still, body-line centered, chin in – Single Knee Lift POSTURE


12 GET GLUTES WORKING Stand on one leg Set up posture Squat – check alignment – weight in heels! Draw a circle around No moving of hips

13 DOWN AND UP Face front – Squat Tap, Step Touch, Step Curl, Gallop In groups of 4 – 2 people make bridge/1 person Step Touch, 1 person coach Gallop – face front Gallop – face partner

14 KNEE ALIGNMENT Low impact High impact Stationary

15 Correct hip and knee stability go hand in hand with core strength In BODYATTACK™ we spend a lot of time on one leg with multiple direction changes so alignment and stability are crucial! Reduce the risk of injury and pain in the lower extremity KNEE ALIGNMENT continued

16 TOE TAP DRILL Stand on one leg Draw the clock with free leg Tap the 12 o’clock, 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock, 5 o’clock, 6 o’clock, then back again Repeat on other side Partner checks knee alignment and pelvis stability


18 KNEE ALIGNMENT WHEN MOVING LOW IMPACT – 8 Knee Repeaters – Heel Digs, Side Taps, Back Taps

19 KNEE ALIGNMENT WHEN MOVING continued HIGH IMPACT – Flick Kicks Forward, Side Flicks, Back Kicks – Jumping Jacks – 2 Jumping Jacks & 2 Jumps Forward & Back – 4 Supermans – Ice Skaters – Power 3-Step Runs – Lunges

20 SUMMARY 1.Posture 2.Hip/Glute Alignment and Activation 3.Knee Alignment

21 ARM-LINES HIT POINTS Control small moves – Walk Forward & Back, Repeaters Fists to hips – Run Forward Double Punch – 4 Single Knee Lifts Punch Up Use your lats – Run On The Spot, Reach Up, Jumping Jacks Focus on the pull phase to be more dynamic – Knee Lifts Range – 45°/90° arms – Supermans

22 Transitions – 4 Supermans/4 Jumping Jacks – 4 Supermans/Shuffles Both sides even – Single Kicks ARM-LINES continued

23 LEGWORK Control small moves Range – 45°/90° angles and heights Transitions – finish last move Pointed toes Hamstring flexibility

24 RUNNING TECHNIQUE 3 MAIN POINTS: Body-line and Head-line Foot-line Arm-line

25 BODY-LINE and HEAD- LINE Stand tall but relax Keep head up – avoid looking down as hips tilt and shorten stride length Head back – arch the back

26 FOOT-LINE LANDING – walk in a circle – Heel-toe action when moving forward – Toes–heels when running on the spot – Always land lightly to absorb impact – Toes to heels when running backward HIPS, KNEES AND TOE ALIGNMENT – Toes pointing forwards – Knees in line with 2 nd /3 rd toes

27 ARM-LINE Use arms in a straight line – forward and back. Not across the body. Loose energy Use the arms to propel the body forward and assist the legs

28 Feet Back Run Lift chest Shoulders back and down Lengthen back of neck Stay tall but relaxed Heel to butt High Knee Run Land lightly Belly in Chest up Arms forward and back Hands to ribs Relaxed hands Hands lower than eye level RUNNING TECHNIQUE

29 RUNNING IN A CIRCLE Land lightly on heels to absorb impact Push off big toe to propel forward Stay tall but relaxed Arms forward and back Hands to ribs RUNNING TECHNIQUE continued

30 Hands relaxed Toes pointing forward – no rolling inward Knees in line with toes – back foot in line Big steps RUNNING TECHNIQUE continued

31 FUNCTIONAL HAMSTRING FLEXIBILITY Functional hamstring flexibility allows us to do BODYATTACK™ with correct alignment and posture Tight hamstrings = poor posture, increased wear and tear on spine, increased risk of injury

32 HAMSTRING FLEXIBILITY Important to maintain correct pelvis stability and spine alignment DRILL Back against wall 20x Kicks Hands behind back – keep pressure on


34 RECAP TECHNIQ UE What is the technical focus for each track? What is the track objective ? What will you coach in technique to achieve the objective?



37 Meet the needs of INDIVIDUALS – different fitness levels, experience and expectations ALL loving the fun, challenging, athletic and positive features


39 Scenario 1 You are a fit, energetic BODYATTACK™ instructor teaching a peak time class. People love your classes Every class is packed wall to wall with mainly regular participants Tonight – 3 new people to class and club Scenario 2 You are launching a new program in the club – BODYATTACK™. The club already has BODYPUMP™ and BODYBALANCE™ It’s the first time people will experience the BODYATTACK™ class

40 Scenario 3 6 months have passed. You are dealing with: 10 regular high-end people 10 ‘in and out’…and you are trying to retain them 7 are newcomers What are the winning strategies you’ll use and mistakes you’ll avoid so everyone comes back next week?

41 BODYATTACK™ EXPERIENCE Athletic, sports inspired, inclusive INSTRUCTOR Build class numbers Open your eyes! Adapt Everyone’s a WINNER!

42 IMPACT THE HIGHER THE FORCES – THE GREATER THE MUSCLE DEMAND Technique first – propulsions later Sell the benefits Cardiovascular system responds faster than musculoskeletal system

43 RANGE OF MOTION THE BIGGER THE MOVES – THE MORE ENERGY REQUIRED Reduce lower body moves Reduce arm-lines Reduce travel

44 DURATION THE LONGER YOU TRAIN – THE HARDER THE WORKOUT Start with half a class Start with 2 classes per week for 2 weeks Gradually add on tracks 6 to 8 weeks to do a full class

45 CLASS INTRODUCTIONS Groups of 3 - Shorter than 90 seconds A general welcome – reflecting the essence A brief description of the class and the benefits achievable for all Overview options to increase or decrease intensity based on their fitness level and objectives

46 TEACHING TO ALL LEVELS AT THE SAME TIME Groups of 4 – teacher, beginner, intermediate, super fit Teach Track 4 so all feel successful Instructors provide feedback


48 Results Safety Contrast Motivation

49 COACHING GEARS 1.Understand and coach the feel of each gear 2.Role-model clearly the difference in gears 3.Have a 4 th gear

50 GEARS IN BODYATTACK™ – WHY? Results Safety Contrast and impact Motivation

51 INSTRUCTORS NEED TO… Understand the feel of the different gears – how to describe/coach Role-model the 3 different gears Have a 4 th gear – the X-factor!

52 GEAR 1 – 60-70% Perceived Exertion FEEL Comfortable Steady Calm down Controlled Sustainable Breath even Pull back, take it easy COACHING Set up the patterns Set up posture Set up alignment WHEN – start of tracks, some recoveries, beginning of a block in same track

53 GEAR 2 – 70-80% Perceived Exertion The Middle Gear WHEN – end of tracks, end of blocks FEEL Breathe heavier Heart rate up Still laugh Getting ready to push COACHING Everything bigger More effort and commitment Go lower, higher extend

54 GEAR 3 – 80-90% Perceived Exertion Top Gear – The Role Model and Inspiration WHEN – start of tracks, some recoveries, beginning of a block in same track FEEL Heart rate is pumping Feels intense Step out of comfort zone Push yourself harder Can’t talk at the same time No holding back Physical high COACHING Maintain form but push more – some 2 nd gear cues Motivation – maximum effort More energy, power, lift, explosion No stopping! You can get there!

55 GEAR 4 – 100% MAXIMUM EFFORT! The X-factor! Only for YOU! We don’t coach it. Top gear for INSTRUCTORS The BODYATTACK™ Crazy Energy - inspires Gear 3! Big impact for a short time – explosive! Maintain form and control WHEN – finales, 2-3 reps. End of tracks or end of blocks


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