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The Perfect Swing The perfect swing has the club head travel back on-plane to the top of the back swing. From the top, as the golfer starts the down swing.

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1 The Perfect Swing The perfect swing has the club head travel back on-plane to the top of the back swing. From the top, as the golfer starts the down swing by rotating the hips, the hands and club head changes swing plane and come down inside of the take away swing plane line. The Dream Swing allows for this swing plane change in the down swing. At impact the club head comes back to the address position perfectly and travels from there into the finish where the club head elevates and comes around and down and finishes exactly parallel to the take away line. The Dream Swing is a simple tool that similar to the way a compass guides and forces a pencil to travel in a perfect circle, The Dream Swing guides and forces the golf club when set correctly to travel on the perfect swing path for each individual golfer. The true beauty of the Dream Swing is that it can be easily adjusts and customized for each golfer individual body type to teach them their best golf swing. In the next several photos information will be given to teach golfers how they can develop their best swing. Fundamentals will be pointed out that if followed will help you begin to practice the same kind of swing the tour players swing. If you own a Dream Swing, these fundamental positions are much easier to practice and the Dream Swing will help you get into the perfect positions. The Dream Swing helps golfers have Perfect Practice. Practice makes permanent. Perfect practice makes perfect.

2 Balance Golf Perfect Balance and Perfect Posture are crucial if you want to hit perfect golf shots. Perfect Posture will have the golfer in a position where the back and neck are straight, where there is a slight bend in the knees and a slight bend at the waist. For each club, golfers adjust their bodies up or down to adjust to the length and lie of the club. With a Driver for example the golfer stands up straighter, so there is less bend at the waist of course less bend at the knees. Golfers want to have the same amount of bend at the knees as they have at the waist. This will put their weight in the middle of their feet. You do not want your weight on your toes, or heels. You want your weight exactly in the middle of your feet. This will allow golfers if they swing on-plane to have perfect balance throughout the swing.

3 The Take Away It starts by the golfer turning the shoulders while keeping the lower body completely still. As you can see, the arms are fully extend as the golfer brings the club back to the 9 O' clock position.If you can imagine that your back leg is like a pillar of cement and cannot move from the top of your hip the bottom of your foot, this will help you keep the leg still as you swing out and up to the top of your back swing. This will be a good stretch for most amateur golfers and is something they have never done. Developing this back swing will take a golf game to a whole new level. Again, keep the lower body still. Swing out for good extension by turning the shoulders rather than swinging back with your arms. Have your head move slightly back as you swing to the top to load up good on your back side. Use your back leg as a brace and swing back against your back leg. This will build a torque within your body as you swing to the top of your back swing.

4 Golf Instruction should teach that the position at the top of the back swing is perhaps slightly different for each golfer. In the Dream Swing, the perfect position at the top of the back swing can be determined for each golfer by adjusting the stand up or down and moving the body to the right or left. These adjustments will allow each golfer to set the Dream Swing to the position that feels best to them. By keeping your lower body still as you swing back you in a sense wind up a spring inside your body. You tighten up your swing. You want to develop a Big X Factor. You do this by getting a big turn with your shoulders while you keep you hips still. If you don ユ t get in a good position at the top, it is extremely difficult to get back to the ball right

5 The Down Swing The Down Swing is started by rotating the hip forward. The hip rotation brings the hands down. The Dream Swing teaches a perfect transition from the top of the Back Swing to impact. Vijay Singh has been in the Dream Swing and he said after swinging it, メ I like how this forces me to keep my hands in front of my body on my down swing. モ ハ Amateur golfers don ユ t have this problem, they typically have an over the top swing because they sway back as they swing back. If you do a bad motion in the Dream Swing, as you swing down to the ball, the Dream Swing will guide your club into the ground not allowing you to swing back to the ball correctly. It gives you instant feedback of every incorrect motion. ハ The Dream Swing also allows golfers to develop a deep wrist cock. You can do specific drills in the Dream Swing to help you develop the motions that will improve your golf score.

6 The Golf Swing is a centrifugal force motion. As you rotate through, the Dream Swing guarantees that you will stay on plane down the target line after impact.

7 The Finish Position The Finish Position is a reaction to where you were at the top of your back swing. The Dream Swing allows you to focus on shifting your weight correctly and finishing with all your weight on the other side like the tour players.

8 Every golfer in the world improves by swinging more on-plane and nothing gets the club on-plane faster, or better than the Dream Swing.The Dream Swing help golfers focus on what their bodies need to do to swing on- plane. In the Dream Swing you don ユ t have to think about swing the club. It swings the club for you. You can focus on all the other motions your body needs to do to swing on-plane. ハ You will never know how good you could play until you learn the Dream Swing. With the Dream Swing you will have the opportunity to practice the same kind of swing the Tour Players swing. This is a tremendous advantage over practicing mistakes while trying to improve. The Golf Swing is a feel motion. You can only develop the feeling of a better motion by repeating it. Because the Dream Swing forces and virtually gives you no choice but to swing on-plane, as you use it your mind and body coordination will automatically become programmed with the feeling of the better swing.

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