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Plainfield Fire Protection District Scanned Patch Goes Here.

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1 Plainfield Fire Protection District Scanned Patch Goes Here

2 Plainfield Fire Dist Officials Chief John Eichelberger Deputy Chief Jon Stratton Asst. Chief Larry Mores Finance/HR Director Cheree Lewis Fire Commissioners Charles Malinowski, Chairman William Anderson, Secretary Dale Hurley, Commissioner

3 Plainfield Fire District Statistics Size of Municipality or District – Approximately 55 square miles 2009 Fire & EMS Calls: –EMS2,491 –Fire 112 –Mutual Aid 386 –Other 818

4 Station Three Station Two Station Four Headquart ers Station One

5 PFPD Demographics Number of Stations – 4 Stations – Station 2 under construction as well as new headquarters/training facility, a training tower and a maintenance facility. Minimum Duty Personnel Per Shift – 12 Bargaining Unit Members and 4 Bargaining Unit Lieutenants Maximum Duty Personnel Per Shift – 12 Bargaining Unit Members; 4 Lieutenants, 4 Part-time EMT Personnel and 8 Part-time Firefighters. Contract Services – Nine Kurtz Contract Employees to meet minimum and maximum manning requirements. Possible New Hires within this testing – At this time we are creating a candidate list.

6 PFPD Job Requirements STATUTORY REQUIREMENT VALID DRIVER’S LICENSE AGE – At least 21 years at time of test. If more than 35 years, must comply with IL Statute 70 ILCS 705/16.06 FELONY CONVICTION – May disqualify MISDEMEANOR CONVICTION – May disqualify EDUCATION High School Diploma or Equivalent BIRTH CERTIFICATE or Proof of legal residency Must be able to read, write and speak the English language.

7 Professional Licenses Required at Time of Test Illinois Firefighter II Certification Illinois Paramedic License Must be part of the Will/Grundy EMS System upon hire. Current CPAT Card will be required at time of oral interview.

8 PFPD F/F’s Probation Period Probationary Period – 12 Months Must also comply with all rules and regulations of the Policy Manual adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Plainfield Fire Protection District or any union agreements approved by the District.

9 Plainfield Testing Process Step 1 – Written Test – Must score 75% or higher - 35% of total score -To be held on Monday, September 20, 2010 at College of DuPage, SRC 2800. -Located at 425 Fawell Boulevard, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 Step 2 - Oral Interview – Must score 75% or higher - 65% of total score –Number expected to be Interviewed Top 50 candidates with a score of 75% or higher; or as desired by the Plainfield Fire Protection District Fire Commission.

10 Plainfield Testing Process contd. CPAT Testing – Pass/Fail – Card must be dated during 2010. Please visit or directly -You will be required to obtain your own card and provide a copy to Plainfield Fire Protection District at time of oral interview. -Please note–the orientation/practices are optional but highly recommended.

11 Plainfield Testing Process Summary Percentage of Testing Process Must obtain 75% or higher to proceed Written Test – 35% Oral Interview – 65% Total up to 100% Preference Points are additional

12 Preference Points Preference Points – per Statute Preference Categories – –FFII, Paramedic or any combo – ½ pt for each year – Max 10 yrs (5 pts.) –FFIII – 1 pt per year – Max 5 years (5 pts.) –Full-time candidates with another District or Municipality for at least two years shall be eligible for the same points above. –Number of Points – Maximum of 5 points for above. –Veteran Priority – Military Service for at least one year with proof of honorable discharge or currently active – Max 5 points OR Associates degree in fire science; or Associates degree in EMS or related; or Bachelor’s degree – Max 5 points This is not available if you use the military for 5 points.

13 PFPD Post Employment Offer Procedures Background & Fingerprint Checks Psychological Examination Medical Examination

14 Plainfield Fire Protection District For additional information regarding our District, please visit our website at Thank you for your interest in becoming an employee with us.

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