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1. Bihar at Glance 1Area in Sq.Kms94,163 2No.of Districts38 4No. of Municipal Corporations11 7No.of Blocks534 8No.of Villages45,103 9No.of Gram Panchayats8471.

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Presentation on theme: "1. Bihar at Glance 1Area in Sq.Kms94,163 2No.of Districts38 4No. of Municipal Corporations11 7No.of Blocks534 8No.of Villages45,103 9No.of Gram Panchayats8471."— Presentation transcript:

1 1

2 Bihar at Glance 1Area in Sq.Kms94,163 2No.of Districts38 4No. of Municipal Corporations11 7No.of Blocks534 8No.of Villages45,103 9No.of Gram Panchayats Population10,38,04,63 12Male and Female Sex Ratio1000: Population Growth rate – % 14Percentage of population - Urban 11.30% 15Percentage of population - Rural88.70%

3 Management Structure-MDM Bihar 3 State Level Directorate of MDM/Bihar Raya Madhyan Bhojan Yojana Samiti (BRMBYS) Education Department State level steering cum Monitoring committee Director/DD/OSD/Asst. Dir/Jr. Monitoring Officer/IT Manager/Data Admin/Finance Manager/AO/ APC/Nutrition Expert/ Accountant/Asst/Steno/ Computer Operator District Level District in charge of MDM (Bihar Administrative Service)/DC/DRP/Accountant / executive Assistant District level steering cum Monitoring committee BLOCK RESOURCE PERSON Block level Steering cum Monitoring committee Block Level School Level Headmaster/Senior Most Teacher Vidyalaya Shiksha Samiti (VSS)

4 Sl. No Type of Schools As per PAB approvalAchievement No. of Schools No. of children No. of Schools No. of children Availed 1. Primary (I to V) Govt. +LB+GA Schools NCLP Total Primary with Upper Primary (I to VIII) Govt. + GA+LB Total GRAND TOTAL PAB approval Vs Achievement MDM Working Days :-  Mid Day Meal provided for152 days in primary and 151 days in upper primary against 171 approved days for upto December

5 Release & Expenditure (in Lakhs) COMPONENTOpening Balance of GOI as on GOI Release GOB Release Total fund available in Expenditure till Cooking cost Cost of Food grains Cook-cum- helper Transportation MME Total Kitchen shed Kitchen device

6 Coverage - Against Enrolment / PAB in

7 COVERAGE AGAINST ENROLMENT Quarter Enrolment( ) Average per day beneficiaries in ( ) % against Enrolment Enrolment ( ) Average per day beneficiaries in ( ) % against Enrolment Enrolment( ) Average per day beneficiaries in ( ) % against Enrolment 1st Quarter nd Quarter rd Quarter th Quarter State Average

8 Kitchen Shed status in Year Total unit sanction ed Amount Sanctio ned Constru cted Inprogr ess Not Constru cted Expendi ture unspent balance * Total  Unspent amount Rs lakhs of units sanctioned in returned to GOI in Again GOI returned in out of units only 6703 unit amount released to school having land for construction of kitchen shed. fund for unit will be utilised against the demand generated in time for schools sanctioned upto  Currently, we need 1358 units for the schools santioned after upto  Funds for 470 out of 573 kitchen shed sanctoned in PAB were received in last week of January rest 103 kitchen shed funds are pending.

9 Food Corporation of India State Food Corporation (SFC)–Nodal Agency Block Resource Person and Local Private contractor Schools Food grains Flow District wise Online advice generation( MIS)

10 Fund Flow Fund released by GOI Approval by The Minister Approval by the E.C Approval by the Cabinet Issue of Sanctioning order Withdrawal from treasury Fund released by BRMYS to districts Fund released to the schools- district online advice generation system

11 Initiatives taken in Strengthening of management structure: District program manager (DPM), state level finance manager and I.T manager post created and appointment have been for the betterment of the scheme. The monthly state level meeting of district MDM in- charges, officers of the SFC, FCI, vendors and related banks are organized regularly to identify the problems and solve them. Monthly review meetings of BRP of low performing blocks. The honorarium of headquarter and field level officer and staff revised on the basis of CPI index.

12 Initiatives taken in contd.. The tablet PC based inspection will be now implemented across state after successful pilot study. Provision of plates and glass from state fund. Additional Provision of Rs 5000 per school for procurement and replacement of kitchen devices. Release of Rs. 39 crores from state own resources for repairing of old kitchen shed in three Rs.10,000/and Rs.5000/- Fund for mat for sitting and Apron with 125 per cook resp. released to schools. Fund for storage bins and storage trunks( state resources) provided to schools for better storage of foodgrains and condiments. 12

13 Initiatives – Ranking of District performance The revised performance based ranking of the districts has been started since January System of recognizing performing officers put in place. Criteria for ranking are : Average Per day beneficiary against Enrollment MDM working days Mdm Functional School as Per MIS Dopahar(IVRS) Performance Human Resource Kitchen shed FCI Payment School. Inspection As Per MIS Steering-Cum-Monitoring Committee Meetings Number of Cooks Cook-cum-Helper's Payment Block level performance evaluation system launched in January 2014.

14 Capacity Building The district MDM in-charges were sent to National Productivity Council, Jaipur for office Administration and Management Training Program. Four day residential training of Field officers and staff was conducted for management and sensitisation. One day training of Head masters, VSS members and cook cum helpers is being conducted for preparation and management of the scheme.

15 Initiatives Dopahar - IVRS  In Dopahar(IVRS) weekly and daily monitoring for meal not served has been introduced.  Data received Through IVRS is available on for public view to ensure transparency.  Third question changed on quarterly basis of priority of the issues and for sensitisation.  Dedicated Toll free number for Public Grievance redressal system – has been launched.  Strengthening of Web-based MIS and MDM functioning process integration with MIS  Food grain and fund sub allotment to schools through MIS, Flat file generation for bulk fund transfer for Cooking Cost and Cook Cum Helper honorarium.

16 Financial Management and Accounting Accounts manual has been prepared and adopted. Tally is being implemented. A CA firm for statutory audit has been engaged. Internal audit will be taken up soon after general elections

17 Monitoring Surprise school visit by Principal Secretary, Secretary Primary Education and Director MDM Directorate level officers visit of districts started since Dec-13 – one third districts covered every month. Surprise and regular inspections by MDM I/C and BRP Inspections by other officers of education department – DEO, DPO, PO and BEEO Inspections by other officers of the district Inspection reports are available on MIS.

18 Monitoring contd. State Level SMC meeting was conducted on And under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary. District Level steering – cum – Monitoring Committee meetings are held on quarterly basis. Emphasis on Regular meeting is being pursued. Block Level steering – cum – Monitoring Committee meetings are held on quarterly basis.

19 Action plan for Strengthening of management structure- BRP for every 15 panchayats, DRP for every 700 schools. District IT manager and Account manager proposed on revision of MME rates. Comprehensive training program planned for all levels of personnel – Cooks (2 days), BRPs (5 days), Accountants (5 days) MDM In-charge (5 days) All schools will be provided with nail cutter, soap and drinking water drums.

20 Action plan for Plan to provide CUG Mobile connection and tablet PC to all Block Resource persons – pilot testing done Implementation of mobile based inspection system – geo-tagging and time-stamping of inspection photos Inspection reports uploaded in MIS and can be analysed and collated – even matched with IVRS data Planning to integrate MIS and IVRS databases for better monitoring and improving data integrity Creating photo database of kitchen sheds, cooks and other infrastructure.

21 Issues relating to FCI Delay in issue of RO. Issues of timely availability of food grains in godown Labour unrest in some godowns – Issue of closed Godown –Bhagalpur, Darbhanga, Nawada FAQ -Poor quality of rice Delay in submission of bills-Kaimur,Gaya,Jehanabad,Jamui, Khagaria,Patna

22 Payment of cost of food grains in Bill Raised by FCIPayment made to FCI Total bills raised by FCI till jan Rs lakhs Total payments made to FCI till feb 2014 – Rs lakhs Previous year pending bills – 1.5 crore

23 Proposal for

24 Other issues Increase in conversion cost should be linked to food inflation index and increase should be effective from A comprehensive study may be undertaken to determine the adequacy of conversion cost First fund release in was in Month of May – creating difficulty in running the scheme in 1 st Quarter – Need to look at alternatives

25 PROPOSALS AND RECOMMENDATIONS for S.NoComponent PAB Approved in Proposal for Children (I-V) Children(I-VIII) NCLP Working Days Kitchen cum store school ( land have been procured ) and Release of Balance of 103 kitchen shed amount sanctioned in ) 6Kitchen device and 4777 units for Rs.15,000/- per unit(based on market survey) 7Cook-Cum - Helper 2,31,8112,45,316 (additional 13,505 in ) 8Transportation cost Rs.750/ - per MTRs.1290/-per M.T(Rs 79/-SFC+Rs.40/- contractor + Rs.10/- Labor charge

26 Proposal for Procurement of Kitchen Device Additional demand of Rs.10000/-per school for replacement of sanctioned Kitchen Devices during , and Based on market survey cost of kitchen devices per school on average comes to Rs. 15,000/-.

27 Proposal for increase in Transportation Cost ComponentApproved in Proposal for Transportation CostRs.750/ - per MTRs.1290/ - per MT 1. The present rate is more than 5 years old. 2. Inflation in all costs associated with transportation like fuel, labour, etc. 3. After repeated tenders in some blocks very few contractors participate in the tenders 4. Out of 534 blocks in the state 69 block do not have transporter leading to difficulties.


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