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Spring Forum 2013. Introductions Laura Bateman, Adjunct, Natural Sciences Vincent Basile, IT Procurement Specialist – Shared Services Richard Benninger,

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1 Spring Forum 2013

2 Introductions Laura Bateman, Adjunct, Natural Sciences Vincent Basile, IT Procurement Specialist – Shared Services Richard Benninger, Visiting Instructor, Ag & Food Mgt. Brian Buder, Cleaner Wayne Cooper, PT Motor Vehicle Operator Dr. Diane Dobry, Dir. Communication & Mktg. Helene Gold, Sr. Asst. Librarian Bruce Hayward, Janitor Christine Johannesen, Registrar Mark Kiburz, ISA, Fisheries & Wildlife Sean Kingsbury, Adjunct, Liberal Studies Brett Loder, Grounds Worker.

3 Introductions Andrianna Lyons, Special Admissions Asst. Michelle Massarotti, Cleaner Timothy Marten, Visiting Instructor, Animal & Plant Sci. Paul Masterson, Grounds Worker Michael Minch, Cleaner Lisa Mooney, Keyboard Specialist 2 Trudy Morrell, Writing Center Manager Marcy Mullen, Adjunct, Natural Sciences Michael Murphy, Construction Manager Cheryl Perog, Physician’s Assistant Adrian Pettit, Maintenance Helper

4 Introductions Daren Potter, Visiting Instructor, Natural Sciences Najam Razvi, Adjunct, Business & Liberal Arts & Sciences William Reightmyer, Laborer James Robinson, Electrician Jennifer Schanz, Maintenance Helper Brandon Schoenecker, Cleaner Bridgette Sharlow, Adjunct, JCCC, Human Development & Behavioral Science Peter Shulman, Adjunct, Liberal Studies Laura Skinner, IST, Natural Sciences Alysha Stephens, MERITS Coordinator Michele Strobeck, Adjunct, Ag & Food Mgt. Teddi Wilcox, Special Admissions Asst. Molly Young, ESL Tutor

5 Promotions/Position Changes Bob Blanchard to Plumber & Steamfitter Adam Brodie to Laborer Stuart Ferguson to Visiting Instructor Stanley Gunderson to Maintenance Asst. (Painter) Chad Hisert to Staff Associate Roger Kennedy to Maintenance Asst. (Carpenter) Josephine Motyl to Staff Associate

6 Promotions/Position Changes Donna Pesta to Director of Student Success Ctr. Michael Petersen to Painter Debra Richards to Asst. Director of Admissions Timothy Tefft to Janitor Dr. Tara Winter to Asst. VP for Enrollment Mgt.

7 Retirements Frances Amodeo Nancy Burton Clifford DaVis Deborah DeWitt Dennis DeWitt Patricia Lepore Moody Richard Sparling Dr. Joseph Sprague

8 Sabbatical Dr. Gail Wentworth – spring semester at the Brazelton Center in Boston

9 2011-12 Goals Middle States Enrollment Campus Appearance

10 Middle States Fiscal Affairs & Strategic Planning Comm. (FASP) integrated into resource allocation process, part of IEP All campus areas completing assessment and/or action plans and recording outcomes, measures and targets in WEAVEonline. New Student Advisory Council, student voice in decision-making Cultural Diversity training/ed. – new programs being developed for spring

11 Enrollment Update Fall Open House attendance +17% Fire Engine Red prospective student campaign New incoming student scholarship process SUNY admission application decline; Cobleskill increase Meeting with deans/provost to develop 1-3 yr. enrollment plan by program (based on outcomes of academic assessment)

12 Campus Appearance Rt. 7 ped. walkway/bike path completed Foundation & Alumni Assoc. purchased banners More banners planned for campus Coby’s renovated Townhouse complex on track for fall 2014 Campus infrastructure project nearly complete; trees and re-seeding before grad.; phase 2 being designed for summer construction Reno to livestock barn almost complete; new heifer barn done

13 Campus Appearance Reno of Home Ec in design; steering comm. id’d space for upper division bus. & ag. bus. courses North Campus sidewalk – bid for sm const. Vroman/Wieting masonry restoration; Parsons/Pearson roof replacement sm. EOP created space in library Barnes & Noble Bookstore renovation UPD renovation design done, now in bid

14 Campus Appearance Veterans Plaza done – ribbon cutting 4/26/13 Bus shelter slab done; waiting for shelter (SGA) Added night custodial crew 4 person capital crew – small const. projects 2013-18 Capital request: $131m

15 2012-2013 College Goals Student Success – Retention & Graduation Implement Academic Prioritization Plan Initiate Administrative Prioritization

16 Student Success JCC – fall cohort Early Childhood, first degree completion program Weekend College - developing degree completion for BBAs in Fin. Svcs. & Bus. Admin. & BS in Early Childhood Partnerships for degree completion underway @ FMCC, SCCC & Rockland FYE Coordinator Funded by Title III Year 2 Smart Scholars grant (19 hs enrolled) $10k Foundation Fund – student/campus inits

17 Student Success 1 st int’l cohorts in jt. bacc. programs start spring 2013 (n=25 spring & fall ‘13) PA Dept of Ed. Artic - Ag Eng. & Ag. Bus. Human Dev. & Behav. Sci. hosted breakfast for comm/agency partners for placement sites Artic. for Veterinary with U. Of Guelph New publications to support admissions: viewbook, displays, acceptance packet, athletic brochure, etc. New projects: photo gallery for admissions, academic flip book, accepted Student Day postcard

18 Student Success Wellness Center audit: 100% immun. compliance Culinary & CAS @ Coby’s = real life, real learning “Coby Late Night” expanded programming Created Center for Community Engagement, expanding comm. service mission, programs 45 events, 845 students & 102 employees complete 2839 hrs of comm. service $6504 funds raised & donated to local agencies via student efforts 2739 pounds of food collected supporting area food shelters Service learning-internships generate 7,800 hours of engagement Added student develop. & leadership training opps Fall 2012: 208 scholarships - $305,600 Natural Disaster Fund – aid for Sandy victims Expanded Freshmen Orientation Program

19 Student Success 296 student athletes enrolled fall Men’s & Women’s X-County NEAC Champs Mitch Tomaszkiewicz named coach of the year 13 Fighting Tigers named NEAC All Conference SGA & CSA prez presented at the Assoc. for Promo of Campus Acts. @ fall reg. conference Student Success Center offers on-line job & internship listing system & optimal resume New scholarships-Mark Grimaldi & Brooks Bbq

20 Student Success - Web Home page design upgraded Academic section redesigned Plant Sci. Culinary, Fish & Wildlife improved Study Abroad, Int’l, PACE redesigned Library home pg – new database searches New Ctr. For Comm. Engagement section Ag HS Day page created with online reg Video prod. For web integration in spring New community section under dev. New web mission statement adopted Graphic Standards Guide posted on web Created webmaster virtual office Testing Google calendar system

21 Academic Prioritization Plan Departments finalizing academic plans; will inform college-wide plan Working to implement recs. of Acad. Prioritization Task Force including development of AA in Liberal Studies National searches for academic deans underway

22 Administrative Prioritization Donna Pesta replacing Jennifer Gray as co-chair (Bonnie Martin other co-chair) Task Force is receiving/reviewing unit self study questions Recommendations this spring

23 Budget Update SUNY’s new Resource Allocation Model to calculate state support has 4 “buckets:” Location pay differential Research support Mission support Enrollment Requesting 3-year “Transition Funding Plan” for specific initiatives to help achieve long-term financial sustainability. Detailed goals include: Targeted enrollment growth Improved student success (retention and graduation)

24 Business & Finance Update Cabinet approved $220k – furniture/equip. replacement fall 2012 $134k academic lab and farm-related as prioritized by Provost 2 maintenance/facilities replacement vehicles Furniture for American Heritage Updated Records Retention Policy – new storage cages in Wheeler basement to help comply with SUNY & state policies

25 Business & Finance Update Cont. SUNY adopting Financial Aid Shopping Sheet, easy to compare college costs; includes graduation & loan default rates Student Accounts to implement online billing & payment spring. Next steps: accepting admission, housing deposits & parking permits online

26 Improved Services Angel upgrade for spring courses Cont. installation of science equip – Wheeler Medicat – Wellness Ctr – manage visits/records Voicemail - all on new system VoIP phones – continue as funding allows Document imaging upgrade – assist Admiss. Plans to try energy smart film on windows Vroman/Wieting space temp. monitoring ITS Cust. Satis. Survey (92% met/exceeded expectations) Faculty Experts Guide Under Development

27 Improved Services Enhanced staffing/services in elect., painting, plumbing, res hall maint. Elect. use monitoring in high rise dorms Computer lab upgrades – Warner sm Fire alarm upgrades – 9 res halls sm 6 classroom projector upgrades spg/sm “Tablet/mobile device friendly environment” Network/data center upgrades –spg/sm New website to help employees stop smoking (

28 Improved Services New local separation incentive for elig. employees Water infrastructure & sewage lift improvements Restructured Office of Campus Events & Conferences Assist college depts. & outside orgs. with event needs Reevaluate Campus Facilities Use pricing structure & manual and make it readily available to campus community Create web pages that highlight commencement & campus events Plan/implement Commencement 2013 Working to improve retiree engagement & benefits Anne Donnelly – campus liaison Retiree Association link on Coby Connection

29 College Advancement - Foundation Enhancement of 3 Academic Endowments Robert Emmons Endowed Chair (Craig Currier ‘93) Jack Ingels Endowed Professorship (Plant Science Faculty and J.Glenn Eugster ‘68) Dr. Michael Murphy Endowed Professorship (Dr. Tom Cronin and Barbara Brabetz) Annual Fund Phonathon - $41,852 (parents & alumni ) Title III endowment $292 (330k goal - $38k to go) Fighting Tigers Booster Club seeking members and sponsor for 2013 Homecoming Golf Tournament

30 College Advancement - Alumni Re-established Alumni Newsletter Re-established nomination process for Distinguished Alumni Awards Established Florida Alumni Chapter Homecoming 2012 251 scholarship recipients recognized Booster Club Golf Tournament Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Wine tasting supporting Title III 2 alumni guest lecturers – Drs. Judy St. Leger, & Kirk Weicht

31 Advancement – Grants & Sponsored Programs 13 grants submitted $15m SUNY 20/20 proposal (partnering with Delhi & Morrisville) to construct 3 anaerobic digesters to supply electricity Received $1,875m 5-yr. Liberty Partnership Grant

32 Shared Services Upgraded bandwidth (200MB to 500MB @ 1/3 less cost) HR utilizing Delhi’s contract to perform criminal background cks. for new employees Kim MacLeod lent expertise to Coby Dir.of Comm & Mktg. search; Jan Herrick & Roy Bilby played key roles in Delhi searches Delhi assisting with plan reviews and issuing building permits for construction work @ Coby

33 Shared Services EOP Alliance held 2-day Best Practices Conference Plan for shared study abroad in S. Africa for vet tech & wildlife mgt. students EMR implemented both campuses Matt LaLonde jt. leadership with Veterans programs and services Presentation at SUNY Systemness Conf Article in The Huffington Post

34 Kudos National Dairy Champs – Dr. John Tryon advisor Bruce Wright- master instructor by John Deere Dr. Jason Evans - $137k grant to develop new food systems curriculum Plant Sci sent 500 lettuce plants to Harlem & Bronx part of Corbin Hill Farm Project Dr. John Foster & Brent Lehman stocked gilt darters into native NY habitat 3 EOP students inducted into Chi Alpha Epsilon

35 Kudos JoAnne Cloughly inducted into Les Dames d’Escoffier Dr. Jason Evans & students - major Ag Week celebration in April Student awarded study abroad scholarship from SUNY Global Ctr to study in Turkey spring 7 th Generation Speaking Series launched 3 events fall Emergency Broadcast System active Successful Cultural Arts Series 1,200 community members participate in Halloween Event New athletic team bus with graphics – moving billboard

36 Announcements – Upcoming Events Culinary Extravaganza – March 22 Commencement – May 11 Speaker Alum Pete Dominick Golden Grad Luncheon – May 18 Foundation Golf Tournament – June 21

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