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Dr. James M. Keane Executive Dean and Campus CEO.

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1 Dr. James M. Keane Executive Dean and Campus CEO

2 State of the Union Enrollment Plant Updates Fall Academic Support Program Updates Budget / Staff Retention Spring “To-Do’s”

3 Spring 2014 FT: 3,980 PT: 5,189 T: 9,169 (College: 25,493) FTE’s: 5,861 (College: 16,352) (Up HC 122…. Up FTE 192) Sections Offered: 1160 Utilization: 95%

4 Furniture Upgrades

5 Nesconset Student Art Project Installation Captree Class Photo Project (Temp. Installment)

6 HSEC New Stair Treads Painting DOVER 1 New Fryer and 1 major rebuild 2 new “grab-and-go’s” Painting of Kitchen and Hallways Outside Screening and Power washed

7 Boars Head Tasting Menu Design Healthy Thursday’s Faculty / Staff Lunch Summer Renovation

8 Welcome Center and Testing Process Faculty Advising Center Writing Studio Academic Skill Center ESL (for credit) Honors

9 January-December 2013 total visits: 5,672 Info Sessions: Testing:

10 Student Visits (Fall 2013) – 1,654 Assisted students with class selections, reading SAIN reports, mapping out their degree program, references and referrals, connecting with Professors in area of interests. Student visits (since Opening): Fall 2012 – 289 Spring 2013 – 1019 Summer 2013 – 945

11 Number of Visits: 2,364 Number of individual students: 662 Disciplines represented in Attendance Records: 41 Hosted two professional development workshops for Studio staff Created workshops for students based on assessment data: one on 7 Deadly Sins of grammar and one on Research Paper Writing. Attended by 70 students in total. Conducted several assessments and pioneered new methods Conducted outreach to publicize Studio services Completed draft of AES Unit Review

12 Overall hours of usage for the center increased 25.4% over Fall 2012 Student visits increased 37.5% over Fall 2012 New Veterinary Technology tutor, Lauren Gallagher (a graduate of our program) who amassed 94 hours of tutoring with 202 student visits as compared to previous semesters where we had less than 30 hours and 30 visits. Added more tutoring hours throughout the semester to meet the additional demand in Math, Accounting, and Chemistry. Despite the loss of the Business Mentoring program. The supplemented accounting tutoring kept pace with last fall’s numbers.


14 Developed a “comprehensive SAIN Report” spreadsheet to improve the efficiency of scheduling Honors courses, and to track Honors students toward graduation. Instituted the Honors Program Lecture Series with speakers from institutions outside SCCC. Instituted Transfer Workshops to help Honors students develop a strategy for applying to transfer colleges. Conducted more than 40 advising sessions with Honors students. Finished development on an electronic file system for Honors students’ application and advising material.

15 Enrollment Enhancement: Updated Placement Guide Created Program Brochure Revised college-wide ESL exit exam Screened prospective students prior to the admissions Spring 13 SectionsSpring 14 Sections (offered to date) Grant1519 Ammmerman1214 East7 6

16 Good News: Continuing Student Retention is Up Better Placement: CPT Retesting: 18 out of 35 Improved placement English Retesting: 63 students who took the writing sample: 23 remained in ENG010 (approximately 37%) 1 placed ESL017 1 placed ESL018 38 placed up into ENG101 (approximately 61%) Overall Challenge: Costs….. Approx. $150,000 in part time staff needs to be funded


18 Current Grant Campus Budget: $35,151,982.00 Salary & Fringe: $31,338,738 Utilities, Rent & Contractual: $2,563,836 OTPS: $1,249,408 (Not inclusive of contractual increases)


20 Spring “To-Do’s” Room Allocations Webpages 5 year Plans New Honors Classroom Sagtikos Faculty Offices Dover Searches: Chem. Depend. Counseling Vet. Science PA Vet Science Director of Admissions Asst. Director of Pant Ops. Awards: Evening Common Hour Program “Long Island Creative Program Award” at the LICSPA Conference New Appointment: Dr. Gregory Ryan, Coordinator of CTL


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