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ERA is Coming NIH electronic grants administration RAC 4/28/03 T. Eagan, L. Levine, J. Sullivan.

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1 eRA is Coming NIH electronic grants administration Presented @ RAC 4/28/03 T. Eagan, L. Levine, J. Sullivan

2 What is eRA? NIH envisions “paperless transfer” of application and administration of extramural funding – a.k.a. electronic research administration or eRA eRA integrates two current parallel systems – NIH eRA Commons (communication with research community) and IMPAC II (NIH staff system) eRA is built on an Oracle relational database management system.

3 Why eRA? NIH response Congressional mandate requiring federal agencies to migrate from paper-based to electronic systems eRA project will reduce costs and administrative effort eRA project will expedite extramural grants processing eRA project will provide improved information both to NIH and research community

4 How Can I Stay Informed? Inside eRA for Partners – newsletter Subscribe at Web sites – URLs previously presented Take time to browse these

5 Commons Website – –NIH has advised that to date there is no user guide –It appears all users will be setup centrally Joe Sullivan x1161 Thomas Eagan x5835 –Once your ID is setup you will receive an email with your ID and initial password

6 Commons Website (con’t) We will need the following information: –All Users First Name MI Last Name Request User Name (minimum of 6 characters with a maximum of 20) Role –PI. The Principal Investigator (PI) is an individual designated by the grantee organization to direct the project or activity being supported by the grant. The PI is responsible and accountable for the proper conduct of the project or activity. The role of the PI within the eRA Commons is to complete the electronic grant process. –Asst. The Assistant role (ASST) indicates a basic NIH eRA Commons user who can be assigned as a PI delegate for eSNAP/X-Train. Users with this role have no access other than updating their Personal Profile. However, it will be possible to delegate PI authority or Submit authority to these accounts to aid in administrative tasks. Email address

7 Commons Website (con’t) We will need the following information: –PIs will additionally need to submit the following information: Birth Date SSN Prior Support (waiting on NIH clarification) –IC –Serial Number

8 Commons Demo Website – demo/ –You will need to create a demo account in order to access the website

9 Commons Website This is brand new and we just received our User Ids so be nice. Training will follow –Business Manager ??? –PI ???

10 On-line systems NASA DOE DOED DOD NIH STSCI BIDS DOJ Commonwealth of PA NSF Industry Etc…

11 On-line systems Please notify a member of Susan Burkett’s office immediately if you are being asked to submit a proposal electronically (especially if it is a new system). We will research the system and help with any training or questions Notifying us could also save you in the future. Some Industry systems feel that if you register with them; you accept their terms and conditions.

12 On-line systems Just a reminder –All proposals will be signed off by Susan Burkett before they are released electronically –Carnegie Mellon’s release time is 5PM Example: DOED has a 11:59PM deadline Our deadline is 5PM Even though the system will let a PI pick his or hers “Authorized Representative” to approve and release, they will adhere to the 5PM deadline and will not pick their buddy down the street to release the proposal at 11:16PM on a Friday night. Carnegie Mellon’s policy page has a listing of all official signatures that have authority to commit the university to a proposal.

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