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A N I NTRODUCTION TO TLC. W HERE IS TLC? The Learning Center is Located in McDonough Hall, Room 100. We are here, McDonough 100!

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2 W HERE IS TLC? The Learning Center is Located in McDonough Hall, Room 100. We are here, McDonough 100!

3 TLC M ISSION S TATEMENT The Learning Center is committed to helping students become successful, independent learners through partnerships that promote individual interests and abilities. We encourage and support opportunities for self-discovery in an informal environment that promotes academic skill development.

4 W HAT A RE THE L EARNING C ENTER ’ S F UNCTIONS ? TLC Tutoring Specialized Class/Student Support Other Services Supplemental Instruction

5 TLC P ROFESSIONAL S TAFF Pam Mavi, TLC Director Amy Abafo, TLC Asst. Director Ren Zhao, Math Instructional Specialist Joseph Cunningham, English Instructional Specialist James Orr, Math Academic Tutor

6 P EER T UTORS, SI L EADERS, AND F ACULTY V OLUNTEERS In addition to our professional staff, The Learning Center offers supports from three other groups of people: Peer Tutors—Outstanding students who tutor in TLC for one-on-one support. SI Leaders—In addition to holding SI group sessions, SI leaders tutoring one-on-one in TLC as well. Both our peer tutors and SI leaders undergo the College, Reading, and Learning Association’s nationally recognized tutor training program. Faculty Volunteers—Faculty members who are committed to The Learning Center’s mission and donate their time to support UC Clermont Students.

7 T UTORS ‘R U S ! In TLC, tutoring is our specialty. During the 2010-2011 academic year, TLC housed 5,000 tutor sessions! The Learning Center offers tutoring in practically every subject, including English, math, chemistry, physics, biology, business, computers, and foreign languages just to name a few. We are continually looking at ways to expand and ensure the quality of our services as we specialize in different areas like E.S.L. and C.A.D.

8 H OW T UTORING H ELPS Tutoring helps students in a wide variety of ways, depending on both the subject and the student. Naturally, our hope is that through tutoring, students grow to become more independent learners. Additionally, many students come to The Learning Center to overcome one academic hurdle that they cannot fully grasp on their own. Finally, many students need help becoming students and acquiring the proper mindset to be successful, and tutoring helps them acquire such skills.

9 M ISCONCEPTIONS A BOUT T UTORING While tutoring is indeed a helpful service, there are a few misconceptions: Myth: Only struggling students need tutoring— Actually, the majority of our tutoring comprises students who are seeking to maintain high GPAs or just need a little extra help to be successful. Myth: Tutoring=A—While tutoring certainly helps students attain higher grades, it is not a substitute for class, nor can attending a tutor session guarantee success. Myth: Tutors Have All the Answers—Although one could classify our tutors as “experts” in their respective fields, a tutor does not possess absolute knowledge on a subject, nor do we know the particular happenings in specific courses.

10 S UPPLEMENTAL I NSTRUCTION Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic assistance program that attaches peer-assisted study sessions to historically difficult courses. The study sessions are facilitated by a trained SI peer leader who has previously received an A or B in the course. SI leaders attend all class sessions, take notes, and read all of the assigned materials with the students, after which they conduct two or more 50-minute SI sessions each week. SI leaders have weekly office hours to provide students with the opportunity to get additional assistance

11 H OW TLC C AN H ELP Y OU Mention TLC in your syllabi—Inform students on the first day that help exists outside of the class and please try to remind students about TLC before exams, essays, and challenging assignments. Refer Students—Sometimes students need a little encouragement to obtain the help they need. A referral from you could serve as the proper motivation for students to use TLC. Class Visitations and Presentations—The Learning Center staff is always willing to work with you to provide specialized presentations for your course.

12 C ONTACT I NFO Staff Information: Pam Mavi, Director, 732-5220, Amy Abafo, Asst. Director, 723-5326, Ren Zhao, Mathematics, 732-5288, Joseph Cunningham, English, 732-5229, James Orr, Mathematics, 588-5357, You can learn more about The Learning Center in a number of ways: Phone: 732-5228 Email: Website: We also have an organization on blackboard.

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