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Orientation Winter 2009. What Is The Purpose of This Class?  English 080 is a two credit reading & writing lab class designed to: Promote the benefits.

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1 Orientation Winter 2009

2 What Is The Purpose of This Class?  English 080 is a two credit reading & writing lab class designed to: Promote the benefits of tutoring Provide Individualized instruction Strengthen gaps in your English skill set Prepare you for future academic coursework Support your personal educational goals Introduce you to the Loft Writing Center Plus

3 Eng. 080 Outcomes  You will: Develop a greater appreciation for tutoring Learn what resources the Loft provides Improve your writing and grammar skills Become a more self directed learner Acquaint yourself with computer based learning

4 How Do I Get Credit?  4.0 (A) = 20 hours of study in the Loft 10 thirty minute sessions with a tutor plus 15 hours of self study on the computer  3.0 (B) = 18 hours of study in the Loft 8 thirty minute sessions with a tutor plus 14 hours of self study on the computer  2.0 (C) = 16 hours of study in the Loft 6 thirty minute sessions with a tutor plus 13 hours of self study on the computer

5 Are There Any Other Requirements?  Yes!!! You must also: Meet with the Loft director at the beginning, middle and end of the quarter Make sure to document your work and scores on your tutorial record sheet. Complete a class evaluation at the end of the quarter

6 Does Eng. 080 Affect My Grade in Eng. 95/96 or Eng. 97/98? No. Eng. 080 is a separate class for which you earn a separate grade from the one you earn in Eng. 95/96 or 97/98.

7 Can I Start the Class Anytime During the Quarter No. Students who wait until after the middle of the quarter to begin completing their hours in the Loft will not be eligible to earn a 4.0.  We advise students to begin completing their Loft hours at the beginning of the quarter.  Coming in to complete your hours at the end of the quarter is unacceptable.

8 What Can I Study in Eng. 080?  Anything that supports you in your academic coursework including: Reading Writing Grammar Spelling Pronunciation Study Skills Critical Thinking Listening And more!

9 How Do I Track My Time?  You clock in and out of the Time Keeper as you enter and exit the Loft  Warning: Make sure to clock out when you leave otherwise the Time Keeper will automatically log you off and you will lose credit for those hours  Also, make sure to write down how many hours you have spent in the Loft on your Tutorial Record sheet at the end of every week

10 How Do I Log Myself In? First, go to the Timekeeper and click “Log In” Type in your Student ID Choose your class: Eng. 080 Choose your resource: “Tutor”, “Computer” or “Self Study” Click “Go”

11 Why is it Important to Choose a Resource? This helps us determine how often different resources are being used in the Loft. This in turn helps us argue for more funding to pay tutors our purchase new computers etc.

12 What is Tutoring? Tutoring is the process of working one-on-one or in a small group with someone possessing expertise in the subject you are studying.

13 How Do I Use Tutoring? Bring in an assignment from your class Sign up for a tutor at the greeter station at the entrance to the Loft Tell the tutor exactly what kind of assistance or feedback you need

14 What Kind of Assignments Can I Bring to the Loft? Homework Essays Seminar papers Reports Research papers Special projects Creative writing

15 What If I Don’t Need a Tutor? If you think you do not need a tutor, you probably misunderstand how to work with one. Tutoring is not just for students who are struggling. Tutors can also help you notice things you may have overlooked and be a good consultant as you revise an essay or work on other academic assignments. Plus – You need a minimum of 8 tutor sessions just to pass!!

16 But Really! I Don’t Need a Tutor! Don’t Worry! Your instructor, Daniel Tarker, will be more than happy to assign you specific topics to receive tutoring on. Ideally, we would like you to bring assignments from your class, but if you are unable to meet the minimum requirements for Eng. 080 by receiving tutoring on your lecture class assignments, the Loft director will assess your skill set and assign appropriate subjects for you to work on.

17 Can I Do Homework as Part of Eng. 080? No. Eng. 080 is separate from your other classes. You will not get Eng. 080 credit for working on homework from other classes while in the Loft. You do not get credit for typing essays on Word. This does not count as self-study!! However, if you need help in an English class, you can work with a Loft tutor, which will count toward your Eng. 080 hours.

18 What Is Computer Self Study? This is independent study on one of the Loft’s many computer programs. At the beginning of the quarter, the Loft director will assign you to work on one or more computer programs throughout the quarter. These programs will have lessons that supplement what you are learning in your English class.

19 What Kinds of Programs Do You Have for Computer Self Study? Focus on Grammar Basic Skills Interactive Writer’s Resources Skills Bank Inspiration Writer’s Reference Live Action English AZAR Grammar Writer’s Reference And much, much more

20 Documenting Computer Work You must document the work you do on the computer to get credit. Use the Computer Record Sheets at the Eng. 080 Resource Station to document the programs and lessons you work on in the Loft. You must do this to get credit for computer self study.

21 What Is The Purpose of the Tutorial Record Sheet? To Track Your Work, Hours, and Progress Ultimately it is your responsibility to make sure all assignments, scores, and hours are recorded on your assignment sheet. The assignment sheet will be the heaviest factor in determining your grade. Document everything you do in the Loft on the assignment record sheet

22 What Will I Leave This Class With? Hopefully, you’ll leave with: A stronger skill set in English. An appreciation for Loft services The ability to be a self-directed, independent learner

23 ADA Stateement In our commitment to student learning, the Loft wants to support all students. If you have a disability that will affect your performance in this class please let the Loft director know. Students with disabilities are encouraged to use Disability Services for support in implementing reasonable accommodations for their disabilities. You may make an appointment with Disability Services by calling 527-3697 or stopping by the DS office on the 2 nd floor of the College Center.

24 What is Next? Now that you have finished the orientation worksheet, please see either a writing consultant or the Loft director to review your answers.

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