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Botany at Brown. Professors Benjamin Waterhouse, MD Nat Hist 1784-91 No pay. First Botany lecture in N. America, in University Hall Introduced small pox.

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1 Botany at Brown

2 Professors Benjamin Waterhouse, MD Nat Hist No pay. First Botany lecture in N. America, in University Hall Introduced small pox vaccination, on son Joseph A.M. Brown Prof Nat Hist Solomon Drowne, M.D. UPenn Materia Medica & Bot Introduced medical lectures. Served in revolution. Horatio Gates Bowen AM Nat Hist was physician John Whipple Potter Jenks AM Zoo & Ag Curator Mus (Morrill Act) William Whitman Bailey, Brown LLD Bot& Curator of Herb Prof Nat Hist., First Olney Professor, used microscopes. On 40 th Parallel Expedition (Herman Carey Bumpus) LLD assst Mus & Zool James Lawrence Bennett AB Museum of Economic Bot Local botanist, with herbarium Winthrop J.V.Osterhout PhD Inst in Bot to Berkeley 1909, to Harvard, to Rockefeller Inst Started J. of Physiology w/ Loeb in Nitella Frederic Poole Gorham AM Prof Bact and biol James Franklin Collins Ph B (Brown) bot and Herbarium Olney Prof Chestnut blight, bryophytes, Gorham silver

3 Collins and ?

4 (Setchell & Gardner) Local Setchell (Swan Point Cemetery) went west to Berkeley in 1895; collected marine algae with dynamite. Trained Gardner, PhD Pages and pages of publications on marine algae. Retired Haven Metcalf PhD bot Edward Blanchard Chamberlain AM Bot Harlan Harvey York PhD-JHU bot Carl Banta Gibson AB Asst. Bot Walter Henry Snell PhD Brown1913 Prof Botany (Olney prof 1942) Catcher and captain of baseball team at Brown. Connie Mack signed him to Philadelphia Athletics, but … To Red Sox (6 major league games)and minor leagues Coach baseball, basketball , Swimming. White pine blister, Boleti of NENorthAmerica (with Dick) Died


6 Henry Franklin Bain AB Asst. Bot Dodge Carroll Wilbur PhD Pof Bot (JWWilson ) Carol William Dodge 1920-? (Charles A. Stuart ) Bacteriologist Pseudomonas stuartii. Pst I Donald Rice Hylan AM Instr Bot Wesley G. Hutchinson Nathaniel Orson Howard ScM Instruc Bot Myron Urban Lamb PhB Instr Bot Paul Acquarone 1924 George Lyle Church PhD Harvard ’ 28 Prof Botany Olney Prof Grasses

7 Miss Dick, Wally Snell, George Church, Hubert Dyer and ? 1958

8 Herbert R. Mottshaw AM Donald Philip Rogers PhD Iowa St 1935 Botany Elrod Ralph Perry ScM 1938 ? Botany Ralph Perry Elrod ScM Walter Varian Brown PhD Duke 43 Instr bot , to U. Texas Hubert Jerome Dyer PhD U. Chicago 46 bot Australian, seminary student, studied mosses Melvin Fuller PhD To Georgia, mycologist Maimon Nasatir PhD To Ohio, physiologist Allan W. Arnold Robert W. Embree PhD Mucor

9 Andrew Holowinsky PhD Plastid development, biological clocks John Biggins PhD High speed pigment absorption spectrum changes in photosynthesis Annette W. Coleman PhD , 1985 Olney Prof Cell biol, mol. biol and evolution Peter Heywood PhD Phycology, economic botany Michael Clegg ? Population biology, to UC Irvine. Nat ’ l Academy Kenneth Miller PhD E ’ scope, photosynthesis Annie Schmitt PhD Olney Prof Population biol, Nat ’ l Acad Samuel Beale PhD Biochemistry, porphyrins Alison Delong PhD PP2ABC Mark Johnson PhD Egg and sperm cell Judith Bender PhD Gene silencing

10 Landmarks By 1790, Museum of Natural History in RI Hall (Jenks) 1811 to 1827 or 1833 Medical School. vs Harvard, Dartmouth Drowne- $200 in 1816 vs physician practice no$$ before? Ingalls surgeon Bowen physician Colonel Stephen Thayer Olney ( ) bequest. Herbarium and $25,000 for professorship 1881 Required fireproof site for herbarium Microscopes,>700 books, $10,000 for plants and books Carex and Juncus, algae Wanskuck Co, woolens 1884 Metcalf estate, 14 acres at Morris Ave and Cypress St. for garden and observatory. ended as stadium 1890 Introduced water into botany laboratory teaching Courses in 1920: Elementary botany, Physiology, Anatomy, Morphology, Taxonomy, Trees, Plant Pathology Biology and Botany amalgamation: 1965

11 Greenhouses 1892 East end of Manning Hall 18 x 25 ’ 1912 rear of 100 George 1925 new East of Maxcy Hall 91 Waterman 1947 our house lifted from Washington after the war

12 Teaching sites University Hall RI Hall Gift of Nicholas Brown, in 1839 for Geology and Natural History Angell Hall? 15 Manning (so. of Sci Lib) 1892 Partridge Hall 80 Waterman 1895 Maxcy Hall 1915 Arnold Lab Waterman Rogers Hall 1962 JWWilson Lab Greenhouse (Dyer Lab)

13 Lower quad

14 MacMillan Hall

15 Maxcy Hall

16 Green

17 Rhode Island Hall

18 Rogers Hall

19 Partridge Hall

20 Greenhouse

21 Arnold Lab

22 JW Wilson

23 Campus Plantings Mrs. Henry D. Sharpe Father went to Klondike, and mother called on Mary Elizabeth (12) to help support the family. Went into the candy business. In her 30s, on vacation horseback in Wyoming, met Henry Sharpe, President of Brown and Sharpe machine tools, and Chancellor of Brown ( ’ 94). Married, and built big house on Prospect. 1951, the president asked her for suggestions for campus. She reigned until about 1976, urging low cost and low maintenance plantings (the bank of redbud trees East of Maxcy). Did planning and plantings herself (with the help of her servants). In 1961 she started the Providence Tree Fund, continued to this day by her daughter-in-law Peggy.

24 Herbarium Established 1881 by Olney bequest and enlarged by many significant bequests of private herbaria. A requirement was that it be in fireproof location. Now in basement of Arnold Hall.

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