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Savannah’s Squares Presented by Larry Smith. James Edward Oglethorpe laid out a 2.2 square mile tract in 1733 as the site of Savannah. Once this was done,

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Presentation on theme: "Savannah’s Squares Presented by Larry Smith. James Edward Oglethorpe laid out a 2.2 square mile tract in 1733 as the site of Savannah. Once this was done,"— Presentation transcript:

1 Savannah’s Squares Presented by Larry Smith

2 James Edward Oglethorpe laid out a 2.2 square mile tract in 1733 as the site of Savannah. Once this was done, he began laying out the city using a system of wards. From 1733 to 1856, a total of 24 wards were laid out. Tything (10 Lots) Tything (10 Lots) Tything (10 Lots) Tything (10 Lots) Trust Lots (2) Trust Lots (2)

3 In the Peter Gordon View, 1734, Savannah’s city plan has already assumed the form with which we are familiar today. Derby Ward, Percival Ward, Decker Ward, Heathcote Ward and their squares formed the nucleus around which the city would be built.

4 Montgomery Street Franklin Ward, Franklin Square (Benjamin Franklin): A lost square, Franklin was later reclaimed. Liberty Ward, Liberty Square (freedom, Liberty Boys): Liberty is a lost square. Elbert Ward, Elbert Square (Samuel Elbert, patriot & governor of Georgia): Elbert is a lost square.

5 Barnard Street Decker Ward, Ellis Square (1733- Sir Matthew Decker, trustee, and Henry Ellis, GA’s 2 nd royal governor): Once the site of City Market, Ellis Square has been a parking garage since 1954. Heathcote Ward, Telfair Square (1733- George Heathcote, trustee, and the Telfair family): Telfair Square was originally St. James’s Square. It is one of two squares whose names were changed. Jackson Ward, Orleans Square (1815- Andrew Jackson, Battle of New Orleans): This square has a fountain and decorative stone benches. Pulaski Ward, Pulaski Square (1837- Gen. Casimir Pulaski). Chatham Ward, Chatham Square (1840s- William Pitt, Earl of Chatham).

6 Bull Street Derby Ward, Johnson Square (1733- James Derby, trustee, and Robert Johnson, SC’s royal governor): The Nathaniel Greene Monument is located in this square. Percival Ward, Wright Square (1733- first president of the trustees, and James Wright, GA’s 3 rd royal governor): Originally Egmont Square, Wright square holds the William Washington Gordon Monument and Tomochichi’s Rock. Brown Ward, Chippewa Square (1815- Gen. Jacob Jennings Brown, Battle of Chippewa): The Oglethorpe Monument, created by Daniel Chester French and Henry Bacon, is located in Chippewa Square. Jasper Ward, Madison Square (1837- Sgt. William Jasper, President James Madison): A monument honoring Sgt. William Jasper is located in Madison Square. Cannon marking the colonial road to Darien are also located here. Monterey Ward, Monterey Square (1847- Mexican War battle): Monterey Square holds the Pulaski Monument. Pulaski, like Jasper, fell during the Siege of Savannah.

7 Abercorn Street Reynolds Ward, Reynolds Square (1734- John Reynolds, 1 st royal governor of GA): Reynolds Square is the site of the Wesley Monument which honors the founder of Methodism. Anson Ward, Oglethorpe Square (1742- Admiral George Anson, General James Edward Oglethorpe). An interruption to the city plan occurs on Abercorn Street. Lafayette Ward, Lafayette Square (1837- Revolutionary War hero): A sundial and fountain are found in Lafayette Square. Calhoun Ward, Calhoun Square (1851- John C. Calhoun, senator and Secretary of War under President Madison).

8 Habersham Street An interruption to the city plan occurs on Habersham Street. Warren Ward, Warren Square (1790- Gen. Joseph Warren, killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill). Columbia Ward, Columbia Square (1799- figurative name for America). Columbia Square holds a fountain relocated from Wormsloe Plantation. Troup Ward, Troup Square (1851- George Michael Troup, GA governor & US senator): Troup Square features an armillary sphere. This is one of only two squares named for living persons. Wesley Ward, Whitefield Square (1851- John Wesley, Founder of Methodism and George Whitefield, founder of Bethesda): This square is the location of a gazebo.

9 Colonial Park Cemetery Abercorn StreetHabersham Street Colonial Park Cemetery occupies the space which should have been the third squares on Abercorn and Habersham Streets.

10 Houston Street Washington Ward, Washington Square (1791- President George Washington). Greene Ward, Greene Square (1791- Gen. Nathanael Greene). Crawford Ward, Crawford Square (1841- William Harris Crawford, US senator, minister to France, Secretary of the Treasury, and presidential candidate). Sometimes called “the Playground Square,” Crawford Square contains playground equipment and basketball courts.

11 Whitefield Troup Columbia Warren Crawford Greene Wash- ington Reynolds Oglethorpe Lafayette CalhounMonterey Madison Wright Johnson Chatham Pulaski Orleans Telfair Ellis Elbert Liberty Franklin Chippewa Colonial Park Cemetery Savannah’s Wards and Their Squares Montgomery Street Barnard Street Bull Street Abercorn Street Habersham Street Houston Street Franklin 1790 Liberty 1799 Elbert 1801 Decker 1733 Heathcote 1733 Jackson 1815 Pulaski 1837 Chatham 1840 Derby 1733 Percival 1733 Brown 1815 Jasper 1837 Monterey 1847 Reynolds 1734 Anson 1742 Lafayette 1837 Calhoun 1851 Warren 1790 Columbia 1799 Troup 1851 Wesley 1851 Washington 1791 Greene 1791 Crawford 18411752

12 The McKinnon Map showing the first six wards, the five-acre garden plots, and the 40-acre garden plots.

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