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Special Diets Vanderbilt Campus Dining 2013 - 2014.

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1 Special Diets Vanderbilt Campus Dining 2013 - 2014

2 Do You Require a Special Diet? First step: 1. Complete Dietary Accommodations Forms Contact the Dining Office or access forms on-line at: dietary-accommodations/ Fax or email completed forms to 615-343-9477 2. Notify housing and your RA of any issues

3 Special Diets Dining locations able to accommodate special diets Commons Dining Center Rand Dining Center Smaller locations are not equipped to handle special diets, but may have some foods that are safe

4 Safe Dining We serve a variety of food choices, many of which are free of the most common allergens Symbol on website menu Identifies foods that can be prepared safely Many items may be produced on an individual basis to ensure the item is safe for you ONLY speak to Manager or Supervisor about special meals. Servers and cashiers can direct you to Management personnel

5 Special Meals Cooks are trained to avoid cross contamination/contact Cooks use clean pan, utensils, gloves, aprons, cutting boards, etc. They do not use grill or other common equipment

6 Gluten-Free (GF) Foods Available Rand Dining Center and Commons Center: GF wraps at Deli GF cereal GF salad dressing – 3 flavors available daily GF bagels, bread and English muffins Individually sealed peanut butter, cream cheese, butter, and jellies available Gluten-free toaster is available for individual use Manager or cashier can direct you to location

7 Special Diets in the Markets Campus Markets with Gluten-Free foods Varsity Market Place * Towers Market * Common Grounds * *open 24 / 7 Other markets are not equipped to handle special meals May have some foods that are safe.

8 Market Gluten-Free Items Frozen GF entrees -5 choices minimum Varsity Market Place Common Grounds Towers Market Sides – Cookies, coffee cakes, muffins organic, locally made Greek Yogurt Fage and Chobani Look for signs or ask cashier about location

9 How Meal Plans Work Restaurants 1 Entrée 2 Sides Beverage (side) Or 5 Sides Markets 1 Entrée 2 Sides Or 3 Sides Meal Money may be used to supplement a meal

10 Dining Staff Camp Howard – Director Dianne Davis – Staff Dietitian Julie Crider – Communications Manager Chef Bill Claypool – Executive Chef Spiros Vergatos – General Manager – Specialty Dining Justin Eaton– Chef – Specialty Dining

11 Commons Management General Manager: Greg Fields 615-947- 8113 Executive Chef: Bill Claypool 615-566-4664 Chef: John Kelly 615-200-3409 Asst. Manager: Bill Owings 615-642-6654 Asst. Manager: Oscar Cole 615-566-2013

12 Rand Management General Manager: Brian Kitchens 615-767- 3768 Executive Chef: Bill Claypool 615-566-4664 Chef: Gary Rawson 615-566-3257 Manager: Bradley Moyer 615-238-5469

13 What Do I Do Now? Contact Campus Dining Office Send in your Special Diet Forms Contact staff dietitian

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