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StanfordMarketingGroup Infosession Thursday, October 2 nd, 2008.

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1 StanfordMarketingGroup Infosession Thursday, October 2 nd, 2008

2 Agenda. What marketing is & why it’s important Who we are & what we have to do with marketing Our events Our projects How to join Q&AQ&A

3 What is marketing? Marketing is the process of creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings to satisfy the needs and wants of consumers in a profitable way. American Marketing Association (AMA) & The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

4 What is business? A business is an economic system designed to exchange goods and/or services with consumers.

5 A breakdown of marketing. PeopleProductPricePlacePromotion Positioning, benefits (both tangible and intangible, brand equity, packaging Market selection, customer segmentation, market sizing Price leader vs. price follower, elasticity analysis, skim vs. penetration pricing, perceived value Channel selection, brand/store loyalty, channel margins, channel support (financing, training) Marketing message/motiv e, medium, pull and/or push strategy

6 Who we are. Stanford Marketing Group was launched in Fall 2007 to provide undergraduates at Stanford with basic marketing knowledge as well as real-life experience for those interested in exploring opportunities in marketing. We are the first & only marketing-focused undergraduate organization at Stanford University.

7 Board of Directors 2008-2009 Sally Chang Cecilia Yang Co-CEOs Ken KaoNam Hyunh Lillian TsayKelly McGrath Revti GuptaIsabella Tang CFO Recruiting Director VP Corporate Relations VP Events VP Publicity

8 General resources / events Open to the public. Purpose: Provide marketing-related knowledge & insight to students interested in the industry.

9 Marketing projects. Application-based process. Purpose: Provide an opportunity for motivated students to make an impact on real-world marketing projects

10 Marketing 101. Christian Wheeler GSB Professor Marketing Fundamentals Baba Shiv GSB Professor Advertising & Brand Building Azhim Wazar GSB Professor Global Marketing Paul Kim VP Marketing @ Mozilla Community-Powered Branding General resources / events

11 Carol Dweck Psychology Professor How people’s beliefs influence their achievement in learning environments SMG Wine & Cheese Mixer Members-only event SMG & GSB Marketing Panel General Mills, Clorox, Fleishman-Hillard SMG Business Etiquette SMG Team-building dinner Members-only event

12 How to attend events / access our general resources. Turn in a request for subscription Application online (

13 Marketing projects. 2008-2009. Teams of four marketers, led by project director.

14 Marketing projects. 2007-2008. Competitive analysis for food & beverage marketing agency. Online advertising for start-up through Google Marketing Challenge. Community-powered marketing campaign for Firefox. Report on corporate on-campus marketing practices for Uuni.

15 How to join our marketing teams. Timeline: –Fall: selecting marketing teams –Winter to mid-spring: projects Recruiting process: –Applications online ( –Applications due Monday, October 13, 2008 11:59pm –One round of marketing-centric fit interviews –Decisions made by October 30, 2008

16 How to join our leadership. Position: Executive Intern Criteria: freshman or sophomore. Application process (deadlines same as Marketing Team): –Applications online ( –Applications due Monday, October 13, 2008 11:59pm –One round of interviews –Decisions made by October 30, 2008

17 StanfordMarketingGroup Q&A

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