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INFORMATION FROM YOUR COUNSELORS For freshmen and sophomores.

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1 INFORMATION FROM YOUR COUNSELORS For freshmen and sophomores

2 WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO GRADUATE? Meet Olathe School District Graduation requirements  Must get a passing grade to get credit  D- or higher is considered a passing grade Required classes:  4 credits of English  1 credit of foreign language/applied communication  1 credit of fine art—visual or performing  3 credits of social science  World history (freshman)  U. S. History (junior)  Government (.5 senior) .5 social science elective

3  3 credits of math  3 credits of science—one life science, one physical science  1 credit of technology  1 credit of practical and consumer studies  1 credit of health and wellness  24 TOTAL credits are required to graduate  Opportunity to earn 28 (7 credits year/4 years)

4 WHAT IS GPA? Grade Point Average Represents average of grades earned Used to determine class rank  Can be for the semester or cumulative  A = 4 points  B = 3 points  C = 2 points  D = 1 point  F = no points


6 ARE YOU COLLEGE BOUND? 93% of Olathe Students say they are college bound College Prep Curriculum is the best way to keep all college options open and to do well in college. 58% OF STUDENTS who enter college finish within 6 years  4 years of English  4 years of math  3 years of social science  4 years of science  4 years of foreign language

7 COLLEGE ENTRANCE TESTS Take “for real” starting spring of your junior year Plan to take 2-4 times to maximize results  Must register and pay in advance  Tests are given on Saturday  BEST preparation is doing well in rigorous classes  Test prep is available October testing day is an opportunity for practice  ACT Plan/Explore is practice for ACT  PSAT is practice for SAT

8 KANSAS BOARD OF REGENTS COLLEGE ADMISSION STANDARDS CHANGES STARTING WITH THE CLASS OF 2015 Must take precollege or Kansas Scholars Curriculum  3 year of math w/ math ACT of 22 or 4 years of math  Must have chemistry or physics AND get a 21 or higher on ACT or 980 SAT or be in top 1/3 of class AND get 2.0 on any college credit in high school SEE FLYER for details.

9 KU ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS FOR 2016 GRADUATES Complete pre-college curriculum with 2.0 gpa AND  Graduate from high school w/ 3.0 cumulative gpa and ACT of 24+  Or 3.25 cumulative gpa and ACT of 21+

10 NOT SURE ABOUT YOUR PLANS FOR THE FUTURE? College may not be the right fit for everyone Consider one of the many skilled or technical careers that do not require a 4-year college degree Use Career Cruising to search for interests, careers and schools  Use olathesouth (log in) falcons((password) or ask your counselor for your unique log in and password if you forgot




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