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1 Class of 2017- Registration Presentation

2 Calculating Your Semester G.P.A.
TWHS calculates your G.P.A. on a 4.0 scale: TWHS does not use “+” and “-” when calculating your grades. In other words, an A- is actually calculated as an A. B+ is actually calculated as a B, etc. Q3 (40%) + Q4 (40%) + Exams (20%) = Semester grade. .5 credit classes are weighted more than .25 classes. AP courses are on a 5.0 scale. A = 4.0 B = 3.0 C = 2.0 D = 1.0

3 Ohio High School Eligibility
There are two standards you must meet to be eligible for athletics and/or activities (Marching Band, Bowling Club, Color Guard, etc.). The two standards are: Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) requires you to pass five, half credit, quarter classes, not including any Wellness 4 Life courses. In addition, Worthington City Schools requires you to pass the same five, half credit, classes at the semester (or earn a minimum of 2.5 credits in the semester), not including any Wellness 4 Life courses.

4 Sophomore Class Options
You all have a half sheet of paper with you to begin building your schedule. You will see 8 open periods, not including lunch. As I work through the presentation, fill in the class you choose next to the content or elective options. Remember…..You must have 6 classes on your schedule. You can have 7 or 8 if you choose, though you must have 6! If you choose to have 6 classes, then your 7th & 8th would be an extra study hall(s).

5 English Language Arts Need 4 credits to graduate
Currently Enrolled Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior English Language Arts 1 English Language Arts II *Can be recommended for Honors from teacher English Language Arts III *Can be recommended for AP Contemporary Voices Or Two English Electives Honors English Language Arts 1 Honors English Language Arts II AP Lang AP Lit

6 Mathematics- Need 4 credits to graduate
Currently Enrolled Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Honors FST Honors Pre-Calc Calculus PSEO Honors Math 2 Honors Math 3 Math 1 Math 2 Math 3 Pre-Calc or Financial Alg or College Algebra

7 Science Need 3 credits to graduate
Currently Enrolled Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Physical Science (Honors or Regular) Biology or *Honors Biology If you want to double up… *Chemistry *Honors Chem Chemistry Honors Chemistry Materials Science Natural Earth System Science Physics *AP Physics *AP Bio *AP Chem *AP Environ. STEM Biology STEM Physical Science STEM teacher are considering revisions See above

8 Social Studies Need 3 credits to graduate
Currently Enrolled Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Modern World History American History *AP United States History (teacher recommendation & application) Electives: Native American World Cultures American Government (.5) (Required). Elective (.5) Economics Behavioral Science * AP American Government (1.0) *AP European History (1.0) *AP American History (1.0) Social Studies Elective (.5) Political Radicalism

9 Wellness 4 Life & Health Health Wellness 4 Life
You are required to earn .5 credit of Health (one semester). Recommended to take in your Sophomore year. You are required to earn .5 credit (two semesters) of “Wellness 4 Life”. Your options include: Strength Training Yoga Flex & Tone Athletic Training- does not count as a P.E. credit.

10 World Languages Colleges strongly recommend 2 years of a Foreign Language. TWHS offers Spanish, Latin and French. If you have never taken a foreign language class, please register for French 1 AB, Spanish 1 AB or Latin 1. If you plan to continue in a foreign language, please see your teacher for his/her recommendation.

11 SPANISH COURSE PATH Spanish 2 Honors Spanish 2 Spanish 3
AP Spanish

12 FRENCH COURSE PATH French 2 Honors French 2 French 3 Honors French 3
AP French

13 LATIN COURSE PATH Latin 2 Latin 3 Latin 4 AP Latin

14 STEM & Project Lead the Way
Currently Enrolled Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Introduction to Engineering (IED) Principles of Engineering (POE) Digital Electronics (DE) or Civil Engineering & Architecture (CEA) Engineering Design & Development DE or CEA

15 EBA (All courses are .5 credit)
Currently Enrolled Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Keyboarding & Microsoft Office Adv. Application. Personal Financial Management, Intro to Business, Speech Web Page Design Accounting 1 Great Books Government Exploring Entrepreneurship, Business internship Advanced Comp, World Cultures.

16 Financial Literacy Requirement
Class of 2017: You are responsible for earning .5 credit of Financial Literacy. You can earn this credit by taking one of four classes: 1) Economics & Personal Financial Literacy. (.5 Social Studies Credit, 11th & 12th grade only). 2) Financial Algebra (1.0 Math credit, 11th & 12th grade only). 3) Independent Living & Financial Wellness (.5 Elective credit, 12th grade only). 4) Personal Financial Management (.5 Elective credit, 10th, 11th & 12th grade only).

17 Electives It is strongly recommended that you earn 1.0 credits of “Fine Arts” before you graduate high school. Fine Arts credits include: 1) Band, Orchestra or Choir. 3) Drawing, Ceramics, Craft, Painting, etc. 4) Theater Survey, Theater Rep & Tech.

18 Electives Other elective options to consider:
Computer Science Courses… Intro to Java & A.P. Computer Science Technology Courses… Multimedia Communications or CAD. PLTW Classes (i.e.: IED, POE, DE, CEA) Family & Consumer Science Courses… Food for Fitness, Global Cuisine, Child Development. Business Courses…. Web Page Design, Personal Financial Management, Keyboarding and/or Law to name a few.

19 Electives Other elective options to consider:
Delaware Area Career Center (DACC). If you are interested in attending the Sophomore Career Focused Program, please see Ms. Redman as soon as possible. Students can visit DACC in the fall of their sophomore year and then apply in the winter. Junior and Senior programs are available for viewing in the Counseling Center or visit www.

20 Selecting Courses in I.C.
You will be given directions in Homeroom on February 19th regarding logging into Infinite Campus. Your registration window will be open from February During Enrichment the week of February 21-28, I will be providing the opportunity to help you register! More details to come…

21 Selecting Courses in I.C. continued…
Your core teachers will be making recommendations for you! Sign up for the courses that interest you…select carefully. You will be expected to remain in all of the courses you select unless there are extenuating circumstances. We staff our building based on your course selections. It is better to select fewer classes now and add additional classes in the fall (if you feel you can handle the work load).

22 Selecting Courses in I.C. continued…
You will meet with your NEW counselor sometime between March 10 and April 2 or during a time specifically scheduled by your counselor. Can I Make Changes After I See My Counselor? Yes. If you decide you want to make a change and drop a course or add a course, go to the guidance office and fill out the form provided.

23 Q & A Question & Answer Session. What questions might you have for me that we left unanswered from the presentation? If you would like to review a 4-year plan, please schedule an appointment with me in the Counseling Center during your prep or Enrichment!

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