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Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes

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1 Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes

2 Chris Crutcher Bio- Career
Author: 14 books- 11 novels Teacher and therapist: - Former head of an alternative school in Oakland - 25 years as a child and family therapist specializing in abuse and neglect.

3 Chris Crutcher Bio- Literature
Writes mostly about teenage or childhood issues because of his role as a teacher and therapist in the past. He is one of the most banned authors in North America. He considers that an accomplishment. Why do you think he’s banned? Guess.

4 VIDEO Provide one thing that stands out from this video. Why does it stand out? Chris Crutcher H

5 Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes- Literary Devices
Metaphor: a comparison made by referring one thing to another. Example: Life is a beach. No man is an island. He’s drowning in money. Life is a highway.

6 Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes- Literary Devices
Simile: an explicit comparison often using “like” or “as.” Example: Life is like a box of chocolates.

7 Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes- Literary Devices
Allusion: a reference to a prior event, piece of literature, place, person, or work of art; either implicit or explicit. Example: “He was a real Romeo with the ladies.”

8 Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes- Literary Devices
Motif: a recurring element in a story which has a symbolic significance. This is achieved through repetition. Example: Contrast of light and dark in Romeo and Juliet

9 World: Good Place or Bad
You’re turning this in… Do you think the world is a good or bad place? Explain why you think so making specific points or using examples. Shoot for 2-3 paragraphs.

10 Respond to Others You will receive a sheet with a response to the prompt. You might agree or disagree with the response. Either way, you MUST respond with a paragraph. If you agree, tell the person why. Tell them the good points they make and what other points they could make to better their argument. If you disagree, tell them why you disagree. But, also try to understand their points and tell them why/how you understand, but why you disagree. Sign your name and pass it to another person.

11 Unknown vs. Known In life, we’re often presented with obstacles of which we cannot predict. Other times, we are given some warning of obstacles and prepare. Between the two, which do you prefer? Do you like things that come spontaneously, which cause you to act in the moment? Or, do you like to prepare for the worst and work to slow the storm?

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