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2 EDINA HORNET FOOTBALL Mission Statement: Build a team of young men with character, class and humility. Bolster an atmosphere of hard work, effort and discipline. Respect our traditions and create an environment conducive to making positive life choices. Strive to win conference and State Championships.

3 2014 PROGRAM GOALS:  Have Fun!  Achieve the team’s fullest potential  Develop strong physical and mental skills  Participate in other sports  Create new or stronger friendships  Be great representatives of Edina  Win the Lake Conference and compete for a Section and State Championship!

4 PROGRAM STANDARDS  Player Policy Manual o General Principles o Standards Of Conduct o Compliance o Policy  Locker Room, Training Room, Etc. o Player Evaluation o Grading System

5 2014 VARSITY COACHING STAFF Head Coach…………………Reed Boltmann Offensive Line……………… Brad Dahlman Wide Receivers…………..... Don Edam Offensive Coordinator…….. Brad/Don Defensive Line……………...Jason Van Houten Linebackers…………………Brandon Rudenick Defensive Backs……………Darrick Cornelius Offensive Backs…………….Chad Dixon Equipment Coordinator…….Earl Hylock Film/Scouting………………..Jim Hawthorne Dave Bush

6 2014 COACHING STAFF Varsity Team Patrick Cantwell Collin Bender Sophomore Team Colin Rooney Eric Dahlman Dan Glass Mike Bush Erik Vetsch Don Hasbargen Freshman Team Josh Bettes Josh Jansen Mark Peterson Zach Mackray Phil Finanger Jeff Thomas Josh Burhans

7 COACHING PHILOSOPHY  Be organized o Logical progressions / give them a chance to win  Make it important o Tie it to on the field performance & highlight successes  Take advantage of every coaching opportunity  Coach attitude & effort & enthusiasm  End the session on a positive note

8 COACHING DEVELOPMENT  Multiple offensive formations  Aggressive, risk-taking defense  Sound special teams  Keys to long-term success: o Perform in the classroom o Regular and supervised strength training o Development of multi-sport athletes

9 2014 CAPTAIN’S PARENTS  Lisa Boone & Mark Boone (Ben)  Paula & Pat Foley (Ben)  Kari & Jay Carroll (Preston)  Julie & Tim James (Dan)  Molly & Brian Smith (Charlie)  Duties: o Communications o Team Activities o Fund-Raising Organizers o Volunteer Coordination Sign up on web site  In addition, we need 2- 4 parents per team to serve as Team Coordinators for JV, Sophomore and Freshman teams

10 EHS FOOTBALL BUDGET  2014 EHS Football Operational Budget: o $105,000 o Covers 12 coaches salaries, camps, team meals & beverages, apparel, transportation, photography, trainers, filming, awards, recognition, videos, year end banquet, etc.  2014 EHS Football Needs/Wants Budget: o $40,000 o 2014 “wish list” includes: 110 new helmets, camera, trailer, projector, computer, locker room signage, clean water + miscellaneous.  $145,000 TOTAL; WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!

11 EHS FOOTBALL FUNDRAISING  Game Night Program Ads/Sponsorships o $30,000 - $35,000 o Business driven  EHS Football Auction – NEW! o $20,000 - $25,000 o Parent driven  MVP Cards o $55,000 - $60,000 o Player driven


13 ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES  Game Title Sponsor (5 home games) o Front & back cover of one Hornet Home Game Program o A quarter page ad in each of the home game programs o Multiple custom public address announcements during the home game you sponsor. o Cost $1,500 ($2,000 for Homecoming Game).  Pre-game Plaza/Halftime Sponsor (5 home games)  A chance to exhibit your company’s product/service for one hour prior to one home game (on new plaza at Kuhlman)  A quarter page ad in each of the home game programs  Multiple custom public address announcements during the home game you sponsor.  Sole Game Night Halftime sponsor  Cost $1,250 ($1,500 for Homecoming Game).

14 ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES  Program Advertising Options NOTE: All ads will appear in each home game program 1. Business card ad:$ Quarter page ad:$ Senior trading cards: $ Half page ad:$ Full page ad:$1,250 Follow Hornet Football on

15 EHS FOOTBALL AUCTION  Friday, 8/15/14, 7:00PM  Interlachen Country Club  Purpose: To raise $25,000+ for 110 new Hornet Helmets.  Dinner, Silent & Live Auction  Entertainment: Bill Arnold, Hilarious Comic-Magician from Triple Espresso & EHS Grad!  Sponsor a table - $500/10 tickets  Buy tickets - $40.00  Donate an auction item.

16 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!  EHS Football Auction o Looking for volunteers to secure auction items o Looking for volunteers to help sell tickets and table sponsors o Julie James –  Game Night Program o Looking for Advertisers & Sponsors from the Football community. o Looking for volunteers to sell sponsorships and advertising space. o Jay Carroll –

17 MVP CARD PROGRAM  MVP Card Program will generate 50%+ of the annual revenue needed to run EHS football program.  Supports 32 local merchants / 80% return to Edina Football.  Each player Grades 9-12 is required to sell 15 MVP cards.  Cards distributed on Wednesday, July 16 & 23 at Hornet Camp.  Bring $375 payable to EHS Football - Once player has sold his 15 cards, the $375 check is returned.  MVP Card Sales Blitz August 15 th.  $ "Opt Out" option. Checks delivered to Boltmann prior to June 1 st.

18 DIBS VOLUNTEERING  There are over 350 volunteer spots to fill!!!!  Each EHS Football family is asked to fill AT LEAST 3 spots PER player (9 th – 12 grade).  We ask that 9 th and 10 th grade families fill the First Half Concession spots so 11 th and 12 th grade parents can watch their player(s).  Volunteer spots are claimed via DIBS on the EFA web site  Instructions can be found on the EHS Football site… o Click on the DIBS logo  Volunteer spots can be claimed NOW!!!  Questions? Contact us at

19 PLAYER DEVELOPMENT: PHASES [1] Lifting / Mon – Weds – Fri o Get them back in a routine o Team Runs / Tue - Thursday o Interval runs / variety of cardio and sprint runs o Start speed & agility work o Technique work to improve testing

20 PLAYER DEVELOPMENT: PHASES [2]  Increase Max Strength  Speed & Agility Work o Increase Volume From January  Begin Performance Testing

21 PLAYER DEVELOPMENT: PHASES [3]  Game Day In The Weight Room!  Rep Max Strength  Lower Body Power  Speed & Agility

22 PLAYER DEVELOPMENT: SUMMER PROGRAM June  Lifting / Mon – Wed- Fri o Increase max strength  Football practice / –Tue–Thur o Speed & agility work / Tue–Thur o Interval runs  Intro new players to Hornet program

23 PLAYER DEVELOPMENT: SUMMER PROGRAM July  Lifting / Mon – Wed- Fri o Focus on peak power o Volume decreases  Football training / Tue–Thur  Speed & agility work / Tue–Thur  Team intervals / Tue–Thur  Game day in weight room

24 GENERAL PROGRAM  Discipline Policies o Academic o Non-academic “No Organization Or Team Can Have Continued Success Without Discipline!”

25 PLAYER DEVELOPMENT: GOALS  Develop Physical And Mental Confidence  Create Leadership Opportunities  Develop Character Of Individual And The Culture Of The Edina Hornet Football Program

26 PLAYER DEVELOPMENT: GOALS  Injury prevention o Can’t help the club sitting in the tub  Improve sport performance  Increase total body strength & power  Improve speed & acceleration  Improve agility & ability to react  Increase lean mass / minimize body fat  Improve overall flexibility

27 REGISTRATION  When: mid- May for summer helmet/ shoulder pads  Mid-July to mid -August for the regular season  How: o Online o In person at EHS Athletic Office  Eligibility: o --After registration, need proof of fitness to participate before first two-a-day practice in August o --Results of physical exam by a doctor within past 3 years

28 PRE-SEASON CALENDAR EVENTDATESTEAMS Equipment Check-out Spring Practice Morning Practice Spring Meetings Gopher 7 on 7 NFL Pass Tourney May 28 th /29 th – 3:30-6:00 June 3rd – 5th – 3:45-5:30 PM June 10- July AM May 13,15,20,22,27,29 June PM June 22 – 8:30- 3:30 9 th - 12 th Varsity/JV Jefferson ScrimmageJune 19 – 9:00 – 11:00Varsity/JV Osseo Passing League June 10-July 8 (every Tuesday except July 1st) 5:45-8PM Varsity/JV/10/9 Pass Scrimmage EHSJune 26 – 9:00 - NoonVarsity/JV Pass Scrimmage EHSJuly 10 – 9:00 - NoonVarsity/JV Hornet Football CampJuly – 7 – 9 PM July – 7 – 9 PM All

29 PRE-SEASON CONDITIONING ProgramGradesDaysPlace Strength Training* PM T & 7-2 PM M,T,W,R,F 7- Noon EHS ECC F.A.S.T.** M& 8-10:45 AM 11-Noon EHS * Program conducted from June 11 to August 3- register online through ECC – ** Functional Athletic Speed Training- runs from June 10 to July 31 –register by completing form – call Chad Schwartz

30 PRE-SEASON ACTIVITIES EventGradesDate(s)Place Gold Card Sales All July 14 th - Aug.31st ECC Picture DayAllAugust 15 (tentative) ECC MVP Card BlitzAllAugust 23 (tentative) 2-5 PM ECC Team DinnerALLAugust 28TBD

31 SEASON START EventGradesDate(s)Place Equipment Check-Out All Seniors Juniors Soph. Freshmen August 6 th / 7 th 3:00 PM 3:30 4:00 4:45 ECC Two-A-Day Practices AllAugust 11-15ECC ScrimmageV, JV, 10th 9th August 23 9AM 9:00am ECC EHS SLP

32 VARSITY GAME SCHEDULE Date/ TimeOpponentLocation Aug 29 7:00 pmMaple GroveHome Sept 5 7:00 p.m.De LaSalleAway Sept 12 7:00 p.m.RosemountHomecoming Sept 19 7:00 p.m.Eden PrairieHome Sept.26 8:00 p.m.TonkaAway Oct. 2 7:00 p.m.WayzataHome Oct 10 7:00 p.m.HopkinsAway Oct 15 7:00 p.m.RosevilleHome

33 EXPECTATIONS OF PLAYERS 1. Attend every practice unless excused per the attendance policy. 2. Listen carefully to your coaches and show them respect. Inappropriate behavior and language will not be tolerated. 3. Know where you need to improve your skills and actively work on these areas each week. 4. Keep up your strength by lifting, maintaining a healthy diet, and getting adequate daily rest. 5. Give your best effort at practices and games! 6. Help your team succeed by knowing and executing your assignment every play.

34 EXPECTATIONS OF PARENTS 1. Be positive and proud of your son. 2. Encourage him to follow team and MSHSL rules. 3. Watch over your son’s academic life. 4. Do not live vicariously though your son. 5. Instill the importance of sportsmanship. 6. Encourage a healthy diet and adequate sleep. 7. Do not criticize coaches in front of your son. 8. Foster in your son a positive self – image. 9. Be an appropriate fan in the stands. 10. Keep positive and ask questions if you have them!

35 HEALTH AND NUTRITION TIPS  Pre-Game: Take plenty of carbohydrates (pancakes, pasta, breads) 3-4 hours before game time. Avoid proteins and sugars, as they are hard to digest.  Game Week: A good diet and plenty of rest are essential. Have a high carb, well- balanced meal the night before the game and drink plenty of fluids throughout the week.

36 EDINA BOOSTERS  Membership Benefits  Types Of Memberships  Booster Supported Needs


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