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All in the Spirit of Teamwork Tyler Wade

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1 All in the Spirit of Teamwork Tyler Wade

2 Icebreaker 1

3 2

4 3 Section 1 Understand Teams Essential Elements  What it takes  Why do teams fail? The Tuckman Model Team Leader Style

5 4 Areas of Excellence Communication  Quantity and quality Trust Collaboration Differences Conflict  Type and frequency

6 5 The Tuckman Model Team Development Stages

7 6 Team Development Stages What’s Going On

8 7 What could happen? What could happen if a supervisor or team leader doesn’t understand the stages of team development?

9 8 What Else Could Happen? What happens when a manager is lightly involved in Setting Goals with a Forming team? What happens when a manager is heavily involved in Advice with a Performing team?

10 9 Section 2 Appreciate Teams The Value of Teams Teamwork considerations  Squares  What do you see?

11 10 Number of squares: _______ Squares

12 11

13 12

14 13 1.Nickname 2.Motto 3.Language 4.Highest point 5.Lowest point 6.Governor 7.Bird 8.Freshwater fish 9.Saltwater fish 10.Flower 11.Insect 12.Mammal 13.Reptile 14.Tree 15.Beverage 16.Color(s) 17.Color(s) 18.Mineral 19.Soil 20.Song CA Trivia & Symbols


16 15 Section 3 Establish Teams 1. Assemble the team 2. Organize the team 3. Empower the team 4. Introduce team process plan

17 16 How to Establish Teams (continued) Step 4 – Introduce a team process plan. a. This plan establishes team interaction and norms that the team will follow towards achieving their deliverables. b. Refer to it often and adapt it as necessary.

18 17 Key Team Process Elements Team goals Ground rules Defined responsibilities of members Defined responsibilities of management Effective meetings Agreed-upon: problem solving model decision making model conflict management model Recognition and celebration

19 18 Section 4 Develop Teams Find out the stage/level of the team  Give the team what it needs Address three areas  New ideas  Relationships  Growth and self assessment

20 Wrap-up Action Plan Final questions or comments? Thank you! 19

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