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The Curious Case of Texas HUSH - Libertyville HS.

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1 The Curious Case of Texas HUSH - Libertyville HS

2 Texas Annexation First Mexican Republic declared, 1821 Mexican Republic knew about manifest destiny idea of Americans

3 Texas Annexation Mexican colonization offer – 177 acres farmland or 13000 acres pasturage for FREE, per family! – Promised republican gov’t, liberty – Purpose? Deflection (empresario) Mexico demands of colonists – Learn Spanish – Become Mexican citizens – Adopt Catholicism – Offer Mexico goods for sale first – No slaves! By 1830: 20,000 Americans in TX with 5000 slaves 1833 map showing land grants to empresarios

4 Texas Annexation: Santa Anna Santa Anna take over government, 1824 Dissolves Mexican Republic, established federal system and military dictatorship 1830: Santa Anna prohibits further Anglo settlers into TX Texas – many Anglo settlers want to break away

5 Texas Annexation: Revolution March 2, 1836: Texans declare independence from Mexico – 1824 Mexican Constitution changed – Colonization guarantees had not been honored US style constitution, protecting slavery

6 Texas Annexation: War! Santa Anna leads army into Texas March 6, 1836 - Alamo falls (US – Travis, Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett) Massacre at Goliad April 21 - Battle of San Jacinto – Texan Army under Sam Houston defeats Santa Anna; Santa Anna captured – Treaty of Velasco signed, ending hostilities “Last Stand at the Alamo”

7 Texas Annexation: “Lone Star Republic” Treaty est. Rio Grande as border Guaranteed TX independence Mexico refused to recognize treaty (duress) Sam Houston elected President of the “Lone Star Republic” Sam Houston

8 Texas Annexation: The Debate Supporters – Texans – Southerners – Slave States – Expansionists (pro Manifest Destiny) – Potential southern advantage in Congress Opponents – Northerners – Fear of South’s power in Congress – TX revolution as Southerner conspiracy – Concern over war with Mexico Texas asked to join the Union in 1836...

9 Annexation: Jackson’s Position Houston a friend of Jackson Fellow slave owner Pro-expansion Westerner BUT Jackson’s primary concern was his successor: Election of Van Buren No action

10 Annexation: Van Buren’s Position Anti-Slave (from NY) Presidency occupied by Panic of 1837 No action Texas dropped its annexation request in 1838

11 Annexation: Harrison and Tyler Harrison: no action due to his death Tyler – Southern slave owner – Pro Texas annexation – Treaty for annexation signed, 1844 BUT rejected by Senate – Called for annexation by a joint resolution: passed March 1845 (Mexico reaction) – TX formally joined Union December 29, 1845 – FL became state on March 3, 1845, Tyler’s last day of Pres.

12 Mexican-American War (1846-48) Mexico refused to recognize US’ 1845 annexation of TX Claimed TX as breakaway province Texas claimed its southern border with Mexico = Rio Grande; Mexico said border was Nueces R (150 miles N)

13 Mexican –American War (1846-48) Polk provoked war – Placed Gen. Taylor, 3,500 troops at Nueces R. – Told Pacific naval squadron to seize CA ports, if war – Sent John Fremont (explorer) into CA in 1845-46 to lead revolt against Mexico (“playing the TX game”) – November 1845 – offered $25 million to buy land from Mexico (refused)

14 Mexican American War Polk ordered Taylor to Rio Grande – 63 US troops attacked by 2000 Mexican troops between Rio Grande and Nueces R Polk: Mexico “shed American blood on American soil” Congress declared war

15 Opposition to War Sectional divisions explained opposition –N–Northerners feared growing “Slave Power” –A–Also wanted to deepen economy w/ industrialization, not broaden it w/ new land –S–Southerners wanted expansion of slavery North population growing faster, feared losing edge in House Slave auction, c. 1840

16 Opposition to War: “Spot Resolutions” Abraham Lincoln (W) introduced “Spot Resolution” – Questioned where the spot was that US blood was shed – Anti-war resolution; never acted upon by Congress – Gained him notoriety

17 Mexican Cession Area of Mexican Cession (yellow part = Gadsen Purchase of 1853) Mexican cession gained for US territory to Pacific – CA – NV – UT – AZ With 1853 Gadsen Purchase, Mexico lost 2/3 of its territory, but only 8000 Mexican families

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