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Fundraising Project Competition Winner 2010-2011.

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2 Fundraising Project Competition Winner 2010-2011


4 Purpose Increase revenue for the Women’s Symphony League Benefit Ball. Honor the senior class members for their two years of service.

5 Project Development Representatives learned of a similar idea at roundtables in 1997. Senior Gifts originated in 1998 and raised $1,175.00. There has been a steady increase in donations from inception. In 2010 the Senior Class of 62 members brought in 754 honorariums netting $17,643.38. The money raised was included with other Benefit Ball monies and presented to the East Texas Symphony Orchestra.

6 Timeline of Project July: Contact Ball Chairman and determine stationery needed. August – November: Order supplies, submit articles for newsletter, start database and coordinate with photographer. December – January: Arrange for mail outs, start sending acknowledgement cards, process donations. February – March: Continue processing donations and sending acknowledgement cards and create report and submit notebook to ball chairs.

7 Volunteer Involvement  One WSL Member to organize publicity, data base, printing and mailings.  Two JSL Members to assist with preparations and mailing. Volunteers needed to plan event :

8 Financial Information FUNDING/REVENUE: 754 honorariums from 231 individuals $19,025.00 ($25.00 each, some send larger gifts) TOTAL REVENUE: $19,025.00 EXPENSES: Stationery, Printing, mailing and postage$ 1,381.62 NET PROFIT$17,643.38

9 Project Determined By Junior Symphony League Senior Class Volunteers Date of Women’s Symphony League Benefit Ball

10 Impact on community WSL members, JSL families, ETSO patrons and the East Texas community are given the opportunity to honor and thank the seniors for their two years service. Additional funds are raised for the Benefit Ball, East Texas Symphony Orchestra, and music education for students.

11 Success of Project Measured By The number of JSL Families, WSL Members and the community that honor area JSL Seniors. Dollar amount of donations received through these gifts.

12 Project Status The project has been successful for many years and plans are being made to continue this fundraising event annually. Publicized as fundraising for the Women’s Symphony League Benefit Ball and East Texas Symphony Orchestra. Family and friends look forward to honoring JSL Seniors for their service contribution.

13 Communication Publicity targeted at WSL members, ETSO Members, JSL Family members and the community. WSL email, web site and newsletter was utilized. BSCENE, Tyler Today, and Tyler Morning Telegraph newspaper publicized the senior JSL Members eligible for honoring by printing a picture of JSL Members. Junior Symphony League


15 Headshots and letter enclosed in Senior Gift Mailings.

16 Suggested Improvements Publicize Senior Gifts early Encourage Family Members to honor their seniors Senior Gifts

17 JSL Students at work…

18 Presenting Junior Symphony League Members at the Red Carpet Ball

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