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February 19, 2002 Northwest Commission Telecommunications Forum July 12, 2002.

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1 February 19, 2002 Northwest Commission Telecommunications Forum July 12, 2002

2 Commonwealth Objectives  Provide high bandwidth, advanced, reliable and cost effective telecommunications services to state government.  Make similar features available and affordable to other non-state government users  Promote the private investments needed to expand PA’s commercially available public telecommunications infrastructure  Aggressively encourage the introduction of competition into all categories of telecommunications

3 CTS Contract Award – effective May 2, 2000 Five Year Contract awarded to PA Team Consortium  Provide all telecommunications services to all Commonwealth agencies under the Governor’s jurisdiction.  Optional for independent state government agencies. Category 1 and 2 Users  Optional to local government, public schools, public libraries, and Community Colleges Category 3 Users

4 Investment in Pennsylvania and Public Network Infrastructure  Proposed a public network architecture to deliver the required services.  Proposed network architecture facilitates the deployment of advanced technologies.  Significant commitment to public infrastructure enhancements throughout Pennsylvania  As demand is driven by Category 3 users, PA-Team will build more infrastructure within the Commonwealth. Summary of Key Reasons for Award

5 Significance of Contract to Local Government  Expanded competition drives costs of telecommunication services Savings from telecommunications can be applied to other public service applications such as homeland security, recreation, human services, and community development Savings from current telecommunications provider can be applied to enhanced telecom services through ABS such as internet, increased bandwidth applications, and enhanced features for increased productivity  Enhanced telecommunication offerings poise communities for greater Business & Human Resources retention and growth

6 Category 3 Services Service Available to Category 3 Users  Local Exchange Service (with or without voice mail service)  Long Distance Service  Data Service (ATM/Frame Relay/Basic Digital Transport)  Internet Service

7 Category 3 Service Availability  Services are available to Category 3 users in a phased availability schedule by Area Code and Exchange (NPA-NXX) and Interexchange Agreements. Availability examples:  Clarion7/35 government entities  Crawford2/52  Erie11/40  Forest6/10  Lawrence8/28  Mercer14/49  Venango11/32  Warren10/28

8 Fiber Deployment

9 PA Team- Added Value  Key-Net Alliance Proposal Fund delivery of enhanced services to users in underserved areas (rural and urban) within the Commonwealth. $10 million commitment; Additional $90 million based on results obtained through initial $10M; With Commonwealth match, yields potential $200M investment in PA for telecommunications infrastructure. Matching funds could come from existing state or federal economic development, or other sources Aligned with DCED/Team PA initiatives (KOZ’s, etc…)

10 Key-Net Alliance  Potential projects identified by Key-Net’s Development Committee Goal = underserved areas of PA  Underserved established by demonstrating several factors Gaps in infrastructure “Digital Divide  Projects driven by Economic development goals, or Education

11 How to Participate  Watch the WEB site: for changes to the Availability Schedule by Area Code/Exchange Code  Partner with Adelphia Business Solutions to identify & build demand  Please contact: Laura Philipp Sales Manager Government & Education Markets 717-506-7501

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