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Massachusetts Broadband Institute Community Representative MassBroadband 123 Briefing Judy Dumont, Director September 10, 2010.

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1 Massachusetts Broadband Institute Community Representative MassBroadband 123 Briefing Judy Dumont, Director September 10, 2010

2 Agenda MBI Overview MassBroadband 123 Overview Benefits for Communities Timeline and Six Month Schedule Your Role as a MBI Community Representative First Assignments 1

3 In 2008 Governor Deval Patrick signed Broadband Act to create MBI Objectives include: –assess and improve overall access –promote access for state and local government –promote increased availability and competition –creating conditions to encourage economic competitiveness and growth. First priority is to assess and improve conditions in unconnected communities Mass Broadband Institute (MBI) 2

4 MBI - division of Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC), an economic development agency Strategic approach is for public investment to lower economic hurdles for private investment MBI has authority to invest up to $40 million of state bond funds into broadband infrastructure to close the digital divide 3

5 Broadband Critical to Economy Availability of broadband has meaningful impact on key economic metrics including: Employment: Added ~1% to job growth rate between 1998- 2002 Brookings Institute - for every 1% increase in penetration there is a 0.2% to 0.3% increase in employment. Property Values: By 2000, rents more than 6% higher in areas where broadband available by 1999 Number of Firms: Added nearly 0.5% to growth rate of new business establishments from 1998-2002 Industry Mix: Added over 0.5% to share of firms in IT-intensive sectors from 1998-2002 4

6 MassBroadband 123 MBI was awarded $45.4M from American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) and the Commonwealth will provide $26.2M in matching funds Will bring a high speed internet backbone to the towns and institutions in western and north central MA who need it most 5

7 MassBroadband 123 Overview 1338 mile network through all western and some north central MA towns Network will be high strand count fiber optic cable on > 30,000 utility poles Network will connect almost 1400 schools, libraries, hospitals, town halls and other institutions Will be complete in under 3 years 6

8 Comprehensive Community Infrastructure (CCI) Guidelines 1.Community anchor institutions 2.Public-private partnership 3.Growth in economically distressed areas 4.Community colleges 5.Public safety 6.Last mile in un/underserved 7.30%+ match * Ranked in order of importance 7

9 Community Anchor Institutions 376 public safety entities, including police, fire and emergency management sites 357 non-public safety related government facilities 248 education institutions 140 medical and healthcare providers 128 public housing entities 126 public libraries 17 community support organizations Total 1392 8

10 Beneficiaries Key Benefits Residential: Household access via competitive service providers Lower cost service and increased competition. Choice in technology and price for high speed internet, voice services, and internet TV (IPTV) Education: K-12, public libraries, college/university facilities Access to online educational tools including virtual classes, distance learning, research enablement Public Safety: Police, sheriff, fire, office of emergency management, etc. Support of cross agency communications High-speed access to Criminal Justice Information System Needed for enhanced 911 Healthcare: Hospitals, clinics, treatment centers, doctors offices Remote consultation for medical diagnosis and treatment of patients Electronic Health records Government: Town halls, local facilities, state branch offices Improved communication between government officials and residents Simplified access to community services Commercial: Local business, branch offices, warehouses, plants, etc. Access to communications services on par with major metro areas; lowering the distance-barrier and encouraging growth 9


12 Last Mile Plan 98% of all residents, businesses and schools will be within 3 miles of network With Network Operator begin to work with in- region providers to understand plans and requirements for building out to communities Attract new providers to region based on providers past experience Develop plan now so when network is ready the last mile service will be ready 11

13 Network Build Out Timeline 12

14 Next 6 Months Select Network Operator Owner’s Project Management Team Hire/RFP Detailed Design Environmental Assessment Utility pole pre-construction surveys RFP Engineering RFQ Pole attachment and conduit agreements Verizon, WMECO, Grid, Unitil + Muni Electrics Springfield Conduit and One Federal Street Construction Design/Build RFQ/RFP Construction begins 13

15 Next 6 Months Outreach to Towns –Conducting 3 regional public meetings Northampton September 15 th Dalton, September 22 nd Gardner, September 30 th –Establish MBI Community Representative team –Meet with town officials Outreach to Anchor Institutions –Ongoing Meetings with State Agencies such as Department of Education and/or associations such as Mass Library Association –Creating anchor specific information packets for each category 14

16 MBI Representative Role 1.Person should have knowledge of municipality’s bylaws, boards, committees, employees, and meeting schedules 2.Person should be able to answer questions and problem solve on behalf of the municipality. 3.Will help to arrange meetings with appropriate municipal officials, committees and departments 4.Be able to attend periodic regional working meetings and conference calls 5.Serve as liaison between the MBI and the Mayor/Boards of Selectmen, Department of Public Works, Conservation Commission 6.Provide other assistance, as needed 15

17 First Assignments Complete CAI Worksheet –Is this institution still open, has or will the address change, is that new address known? –Is this institution in a historical building or district? –Is this institution connected to a municipal fiber network? –Have we missed an institution that you would like us to consider? Please provide the specific information Help get the story out to town officials –Share information and invite to public meetings 16

18 Questions? 17

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