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Overlooked and Underserved America’s Older Workers Overlooked and Underserved.

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1 Overlooked and Underserved America’s Older Workers Overlooked and Underserved

2 Today’s Topics The Need o Many factors are causing millions of older people to stay on the job or seek work The Job Search o Older job seekers face several barriers The Help o Local services are available for older people who need to work

3 The Need is Great By the Numbers In March 2009, there were 1.7 million unemployed workers age 55 and older – an increase of 89 percent since March 2008 (Bureau of Labor Statistics) The unemployment rate of those 65+ is at its highest point in 30 years (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

4 The Need is Great By the Numbers The number of low-income, older people at risk for homelessness has increased by 140 percent since January 2008 (Experience Works) Experience Works has seen an increase of up to 70 percent nationwide in the number of people age 55 and older who are seeking assistance

5 The Need is Great Many Causes Widows looking for work because retirement accounts have dwindled People over age 55 who have been laid off, but can’t afford to retire Seniors forced back to work because of increasing expenses, including medical costs

6 The Search is Difficult Competition for jobs is fierce As of March 2009, there were 508,000 more people age 65 and older in the workforce than there were in March 2007

7 The Search is Difficult Older workers are often at a disadvantage They may lack technical and computer skills and may be unfamiliar with on-line job search and application processes

8 The Search is Difficult When older workers lose jobs, they are less likely to get another one quickly and they experience greater earnings losses than younger workers* Workers under 50 years of age are 42 percent more likely to be called for an interview than those 50 and older* * Older and Out of Work: Trends in Older Worker Displacement, Issue Brief 16, Sept. 2008

9 About Experience Works Who We Are Experience Works is a non-profit, community-based organization focused on meeting the training and employment needs of low-income seniors in 30 states and Puerto Rico

10 About Experience Works Who We Are We administer the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), which is the only federal program serving older workers

11 About Experience Works Who We Help Age 55 or older Limited incomes Unemployed and willing to seek employment Eligible to work in the U.S.

12 About Experience Works Our Services We help older people find jobs by providing: o Assessments o Training o Job search assistance o Community service training assignments

13 About Experience Works Community Service Community service is a central component of the SCSEP Each year, older workers enrolled in SCSEP contribute more than 60 million hours of community service while completing on-the-job training assignments

14 About Experience Works Stimulus Money Benefits Older Workers The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provides an additional $120 million to the SCSEP This money will fund additional positions in job training programs for older people across the country

15 About Experience Works Contact Experience Works 1-800-450-5627 Michael Pattee Deb Trygstad


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