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Introducing the ministry of Redeemer Broadcasting Faithful to the Scriptures and supporting the Church.

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1 Introducing the ministry of Redeemer Broadcasting Faithful to the Scriptures and supporting the Church

2 How did Redeemer Start? 1983 volunteered - Rhinebeck translator Built 6 translator stations for Family Radio Built WFRH Kingston – on air 1993 Built WFSO - on air 1996 on Dad’s property WFSO temporarily affiliate of Family Radio – Major problems with Harold Camping’s teaching – Got worse over time - “end of church age” was last straw 2004 Redeemer Broadcasting launched with new programming – Faithful to the Scriptures and supporting the church – Used personal music library, and our basement – Family effort, funding from personal sources – Networked with others: Advisory Panel formed – Acquired some of the old translators!

3 Who are we? Family Board of Directors Advisory Board Program Hosts Listeners

4 Our Family

5 Board of Directors Dan & Deb ElmendorfDr. John Vance Board of Directors will grow as ministry grows

6 Advisors 28 people Businessmen, broadcasters, pastors, students, engineers, church elders, technicians, Gideon members, and church deacons. 9 States represented: New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Nevada, California, Illinois, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas Our goal: Complete accountability Tap into experiences of others

7 Hosts Cal Carter Morning Magazine Tim Zeimann Afternoon Praise

8 Hosts and participants Dan & Deb A Plain Answer Dr. John Vance, Rev. Mark Diedrich Plus other guests

9 Family helps out!

10 Bookkeeper Wilma de Jager

11 Listeners – Fall Banquet 2010 Newburgh area

12 120,000 Potential Listeners Within strong “city grade” signal We need to expand south into Metro area Mid-Hudson Valley

13 Streaming Worldwide

14 How to receive out of area Use the C Crane WiFi Internet table radio All you need is a high speed internet connection

15 Our Mission Redeemer is a broadcast ministry whose desire is to glorify God through means of reaching people with programming that reflects the whole counsel of God in Holy Scripture. We present the historic Christian faith as expressed in the creeds of the ancient church and in the confessions and catechisms of the Protestant Reformation. We endeavor to provide quality music, proclamation, instruction, and inspiration, as well as opportunities for interaction by listeners. We believe that God through the use of His Word renews the family, nourishes the church and restores culture. While we are not a church or the ministry of any particular church or denomination, we seek to make use of the gifts of biblically faithful men of God who represent the various church bodies in which they serve. Redeemer is a non-commercial educational ministry. We are supported by the gifts of individuals, groups, and organizations that benefit from and support our purpose. Our initial goal is to provide our programming throughout the United States by securing transmitting facilities in strategic areas of the nation. We dedicate our ministry to the support of the church, the bride of Christ, as we joyfully proclaim the saving work of Jesus Christ as the only means of our eternal salvation.

16 Expansion opportunity A.Some stations may be available for sale: eg, Middletown, Albany, Peekskill, NYC B.Redeemer’s focus is Northern NJ / NYC, where a typical Class A station would cost upwards of $20M Typical Class-A NYC station coverage:

17 How Can I Help? Invite folks to listen Invitation to Listen Cards & Program Guides Churches to place RBI in missions budget Benefits: – Spiritual growth for members during week – Listenership encouraged to attend & tithe to church – Free PSA’s (Public Service Announcements) Consider becoming a monthly supporter Consider remembering RBI in estate planning And….

18 PLEASE PRAY FOR US Thank you!

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