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P ermian B asin C ommunity C enters. Our mission is to provide supports, resources, and opportunities to enable children and adults with mental illness,

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1 P ermian B asin C ommunity C enters

2 Our mission is to provide supports, resources, and opportunities to enable children and adults with mental illness, mental retardation, developmental delays, and chemical dependency to live satisfying, responsible and productive lives to the fullest extent of their abilities. Mission Statement

3 Culberson Brewster Pecos HudspethCulberson Jeff Davis Presidio Brewster Pecos Ector Midland  Van Horn  Presidio  Alpine  Fort Stockton Odessa   Midland Permian Basin Community Centers Service Area PBCC is one of 37 MHMR community centers in the state of Texas.

4 PBCC Services Mental Health Services Mental Retardation Services Chemical Dependency Services Early Childhood Intervention Services


6 Individuals Served during FY 07 Adult Mental Health Services 2,416 Children’s Mental Health Services 329 Mental Retardation Services 350 Early Childhood Intervention Services 431 Chemical Dependency and HIV Services2,355 Total Individuals Served 5,881

7 Local Planning and Network Development (LPND) Formerly called Provider of Last Resort Rule applies to both Mental Retardation and Mental Health services Purpose is to strengthen local control and increase consumer choice and access to services

8 What is the Goal of LPND? To develop a Network of Providers that Meets local needs and priorities Allows more consumer choice Improves access to services Makes best use of available funds Promotes consumer, provider, and caregiver partnerships

9 Mental Retardation Services Importance of Local Authority’s functions of front door and safety net Agreement was reached capping Local Authorities number of HCS and Texas Home Living Waiver clients Clients without Medicaid Waiver slots are not affected

10 Mental Health Services Local MHMRA may be a provider of services only as a last resort Consumer choice and access is main goal Must make every reasonable attempt to develop an available and appropriate provider network sufficient to meet the needs of consumers and determine whether or not there are willing providers of services

11 PBCC’s 2 Roles for Mental Health Services Role 1: Provider of Services Adult population with diagnosis of Major Depression, Schizophrenia, or Bipolar Disorder Child population with any mental illness Services include: Psychiatric evaluations Pharmocological management Rehab services Therapy services Crisis Services

12 PBCC’s 2 Roles for Mental Health Services Role 2: Regulation and Oversight of service provision (Authority Services) Services include: Quality Management Utilization Management Ensuring services are the lowest cost they could be Authorizing Treatment Making Capacity Decisions Continuity of Care Rights Protection and Appeals Eligibility Determination For services (Intake) Financial reviews

13 LPND Process PBCC solicits local input from all stakeholders in the communities served PBCC writes plan, using local input PBCC posts draft plan on website for 14 days, soliciting more local input PBCC revises plan, if necessary, dependent on local input received PBCC submits plan to DSHS DSHS has 60 days to review plan—either approves or requests further information or revisions

14 LPND Process, cont. PBCC posts final version of plan on website PBCC posts draft RFP/RFA on website for 14 days for public comment PBCC reviews RFP/RFA and posts final version on website and in newspapers PBCC receives responses from interested agencies PBCC reviews responses and develops a provider list PBCC provides this Provider List to consumers

15 6 conditions for not procuring No interested or qualified providers Only one external provider Insufficient capacity in network Reduced level of access to services Protection of critical infrastructure Current agreements or loss of significant service funds

16 Agencies who have expressed interest in providing services Telecare Mental Health Services of Texas, Inc. Based in San Antonio Only interested in Midland and Ector counties Interested in providing ACT Team services, Intensive Case Management services, residential and crisis services The Wood Group (TWG Investments LTD) Based in Wichita Falls Currently contracts with several MHMR Centers Interested in adult crisis, residential, and respite services Sunwest Behavioral Health Organization, LLC Based in El Paso Interested in all services No agency currently has the capacity to serve all of our clients.

17 When will PBCC seek public input? There are 3 times during this process that PBCC must give consumers, family members and other stakeholders the opportunity to give input: 1.Before developing the plan. PBCC will seek input by going to meetings, holding forums, and distributing surveys. 2.When PBCC publishes the draft plan on our website. The plan will be posted at least a full 14 days!! 3.When PBCC publishes the draft procurement documents (RFP/RFA ).

18 You have a voice!!! Comments gathered at public forums, through surveys, and at meetings are included in the plan sent to DSHS Local input is heavily relied upon for how the plan is written Check out our website at to find out about meetings, surveys, and other LPND information

19 Plans for Procurement What services Percentage of capacity Methods and timelines Transition plans Time needed to re-establish services Practitioner qualifications

20 How will consumers learn about available providers? Each consumer will be given a list of providers at: Each mental health assessment Each treatment plan update Upon request The listing for each provider will include: Type of services offered and service location Contact information & website Languages spoken

21 LMHA Activities after LPND Authority for entire network Provider Resources Internal Procedures Internal Staff Training Contract Administration Monitoring and Quality Assurance Services that were not procured through LPND

22 Things to Remember Process is a gradual transition. Must ensure continuous consumer access to services. Goal is to maximize consumer choice. Consumers will be given a list of providers to choose from for their services. Providers must adhere to same standards as PBCC does. Plan is due to DSHS by October 31, 2008. Local input is very important!!!

23 Additional Resources Permian Basin Community Centers : 432-570-3333 or Department of State Health Services : 888-963-7111 or NAMI of Texas : 800-633-3760 or Advocacy, Inc. : 800-252-9108 or

24 PBCC Contact Information Larry Carroll, Executive Director 432-570-3333 Jill Stephens, Community Relations Coordinator 432-570-3333

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