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Jeff Grosvenor, Interim Director

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1 Jeff Grosvenor, Interim Director
Division of Developmental Disabilities Missouri Department of Mental Health

2 Updates New Staff in the Division of DD
Habilitation Center On Campus Census Northwest Task Force Report DD System Workgroup Regional Office Consolidations Partnership for Hope Waiver FY 2015 DD Budget Update

3 New Hires in DD Val Huhn will start as the new Division Director on September 1st. Previous experience includes working as the Deputy Director at MO HealthNet Division and experience in the Office of Administration – Budget & Planning working with the State Budget Director on budget and legislative issues. Tonya Crouch will be the new Chief Operating Officer for the Division. She will start on October 1st. Previous experience includes Director for the state of Kentucky Division of Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities with extensive experience in the field of DD.

4 Habilitation Center – On Campus Census For Fiscal Years 2000-2014

5 Northwest Task Force Mental Health Commission created the taskforce in September 2013 to review the services provided by Marshall and Higginsville. Taskforce included family members, community leaders, division staff, and other advocates. Final report was provided to the commission in July 2014.

6 Northwest Task Force Recommendations
There should be one habilitation center in the Northwest region and should be located at Higginsville and be managed by Higginsville administration. An 8 person intensive behavior support crisis program should be developed in Marshall. Marshall and Higginsville off campus waiver programs should become a single entity and be operated be managed by Marshall administration. All individuals should continue to have the opportunity to choose day program and/or work skill programs.

7 Northwest Task Force Recommendations (continued)
All redirected resources should be used directly for the betterment of the DD services in the communities of Marshall and Higginsville. Administrative and support services should be shared between sites, as appropriate. Each employee whose position is affected by the changes should be offered a position to continue employment. Mental Health Commission voted last week to accept the recommendations of the task force. The Division will begin working on a timeline to start implementing them.

8 DD System Workgroup The DD System Workgroup was established in 2013 to explore opportunities where local entities, including Senate Bill 40 Boards, could play a larger role in the DD service delivery system as the Regional Offices’ role continues to evolve. The workgroup includes representatives from organizations including: People First; Missouri Developmental Disabilities Council; Missouri Association of Rehabilitation Facilities (MARF); Missouri Association of County Developmental Disabilities Services (MACDDS); MO HealthNet Division; and Department of Mental Health

9 DD System Workgroup The workgroup has identified four key core functions currently performed by a Regional Office that could be delegated by contract to a local entity. The functions include: Determining Intake and Eligibility; Establishing Priority of Need (PON) Providing Service Coordination (TCM services) and Managing the Allocation of Resources for all in-home services provided within their geographic region.

10 DD System Workgroup

11 DD System Workgroup The Department evaluated all seven proposals and determined three would be included in Phase I. Phase I includes counties currently served by three Regional Offices. Joplin Region – Orange Counties Rolla Region - Light Blue Counties Springfield Region – Green Counties Each of these groups have been holding public meetings with stakeholders to obtain local input.

12 DD System Workgroup Next Steps for this project;
Full workgroup continues to meet to discuss statewide issues. Phase I workgroups continue to work on local issues and develop solutions. Division must submit waiver amendments and receive CMS approval before moving forward with this type of expanded role with local partners. Department must develop a contract to establish these additional roles and responsibilities with these entities. We will continue to keep you informed as we move forward on these proposals.

13 Regional Office Consolidations
In Fiscal Year 2015 Division will be required to consolidate Regional Office management. Kansas City – Albany satellite office Springfield – Joplin satellite office Central MO – Kirksville and Rolla satellite offices Sikeston – Poplar Bluff satellite office St. Louis Tri County – Hannibal satellite office DD will be working on the Regional Office design and receive input from stakeholders to insure individuals and families statewide have access to critical services. These changes will require Regional Offices to conduct business differently and utilize technology and other strategies to operate effectively with fewer resources.

14 Partnership for Hope Waiver
Partnership for Hope Waiver has redefined how individuals receive in-home services. As of August 2014 the Division and local Senate Bill 40 Boards have enrolled over 3,200 individuals in this waiver since October 2010. As a result of this waiver 42 of the 100 counties plus St. Louis City participating in the Partnership Waiver have been able to serve all Medicaid Eligible individuals on their In-Home Wait List.

15 Partnership for Hope Waiver Counties

16 FY 2015 DD Budget Update DD will continue serving Medicaid eligible individuals in crisis situations in need of residential services. DD will eliminate the Medicaid Eligible In-Home Wait List in Partnership for Hope counties. Funding is available to serve Medicaid eligible individuals with needs of $12,000 or less living in a county participating in the Partnership for Hope. Funding is available to serve Medicaid eligible individuals with needs greater than $12,000 in the Community Support Waiver statewide. This would not have been possible without the Partnership for Hope Waiver and the continued support of the Governor and General Assembly.

17 FY 2015 DD Budget Both of these issues in FY 2015 will move DD to a more proactive service delivery system. Individuals and families will get appropriate services when they need them and eliminate years of waiting on the In-Home Wait List or months of waiting to obtain residential services to address a crisis situation.

18 More information on these topics is available at Thank You!

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