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Monitoring Local GSRPs Linda Stachowiak Preschool Services Supervisor.

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1 Monitoring Local GSRPs Linda Stachowiak Preschool Services Supervisor

2 What is the Regional Preschool Partnership? An agreement between three ISDs to coordinate GSRP in the 4 county service area with Midland County ESA serving as fiduciary and primary facilitator of the consortium All consortium wide decisions made are upon approval of ECC from each ISD Regional Preschool Partnership advisory group meets regularly to help establish local policies

3 Who is the in the Regional Preschool Partnership? ECC Preschool Services Supervisor Intake Coordinator Early Childhood Specialist Contracted ECS x 5 ECC GSC Director 27 GSRP & HS Providers for 87 Classrooms Supported by… Resource Center

4 Communicating Expectations with ISD Partners ISD consortium agreement addresses steps to ensure high quality programs  Regional Professional Development  ECS Support  Using data to inform instruction & monitor growth at a variety of levels ▫TS Gold- 2 week checkpoint period three times a year ▫PQA ▫K-2 follow up survey ▫ECS & classroom teaching team yearly goals

5 Communicating Expectations with Local Agencies or Districts Request for Proposal for GSRP local competition Local agency or district sub recipient agreements requiring adherence to the GSRP Implementation Manual and all standards in the Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Prekindergarten (ECSQ- PK). Professional Development Requirements: ▫GSRP 101 for new program directors ▫Require sub recipient to identify individual(s) responsible for processing intakes/applications to complete one day training offered by ISD to ensure each partner has an “Enrollment Specialist.”

6 Monitoring Local Agencies or Districts Established systems that allow for continual monitoring 1. Central Intake Process  ISD (Intake Coordinator) predetermines eligibility based on age & resident district Head Start reviews all applications Sub recipients then determine & report back:  student eligibility (verified family income & risk factors)  sliding fee scale  income eligible or free: F  sliding fee paying 10% of GSRP allocation: SF10.5 or SF10.1  sliding fee paying 15% of GSRP allocation: SF15.5 or SF15.1 Programs report on each child via shared Google Doc or Drop Box

7 Monitoring Local Agencies or Districts 2. MSDS reporting  Fall reporting period serves as check for: students enrolled to match students in central intake system data base (ensures all students have been signed off by HS) number of slots allocated matches number of students enrolled  Unused slots by fall MSDS reporting deadline go back to Regional Consortium pot for distribution for programs who need more slots

8 3. Quarterly Request for Funds  monitor expenditures by reviewing supporting documentation

9 4. Coaching support from ECS team ECS is in regular contact with classroom teachers throughout the year. While the ECS has a primary role of coach, in our consortium it is also understood that the ECS is to serve as an advocate for the children, teachers and overall program they support. If they are aware of any issues that can not be or have not been resolved through coaching, they are to report these concerns to the Preschool Services Supervisor for further investigation 5. Program Quality Assessment (PQA) Lead Teacher Spring 2013 PQA Form A Classroom Average Spring 2013 PQA Form B Program Average Learning Environment* Daily Routine* Adult Child Interaction* Curriculum Planning & Assessment* Parent Involvement & Family Services* Staff Qualifications & Staff Development* Program Management* Suzie Q 3.724.423.563.423.94.4 4.604.004.57 Mary Moe 4.234.423.634.094.734.4 4.604.004.57 Local Average (grouped by ISD service area) 3.864.133.613.724.094.214.473.494.26 Regional Average (includes all ISDs in our consortium) 4.134.474.043.944.244.484.833.954.48

10 6. Preschool Services Supervisor enters all reporting information (budget, pre application, carry over report, etc.) into MEGS+ Allows for ISD to ensure information entered is accurate and not changed. Not as many cooks in the kitchen

11 Documenting Findings ▫Financial Requests ▫PQA ▫Anything not in PQA follows citation process Concern communicated with Preschool Services Supervisor Phone call to program director to clarify concern Issue resolved – out of compliance with the GSRP Implementation Manual or Contract was not intentional Email sent out to program director, superintendent, etc. noting issue and resolution Issue intentional or repeated occurrence Citation issued and action plan required to correct issue

12 Program Citation Documentation

13 Action Plan Goal: Specifics of what is needed to be in compliance with the GSRP Implementation Manual. Action Steps: What action will you plan to take to accomplish this goal(s)? Support: What support, if any, will you require to accomplish this goal(s)? What support, if any, can the Regional GSRP Consortium provide? Timeline: When do you expect to see progress toward achieving this goal(s)? **If goal is not achieved in the proposed time frame there is a risk of loss of funding.

14 Holding Programs Accountable PQA score (set minimum standards of 3.0 on form A & B) Citation ▫Both result in lower score on rubric used in our local competitive process to award programs funding. Student record audit-return funding for improper enrollment

15 Far from perfect… but you have to start somewhere! Next steps… ▫Creating program binders to house supporting documentation to be updated each year. Will serve as tool to help the program administrator & ECS complete the PQA. At the end of the year, the binder will be scanned & stored electronically. Some documentation can be kept in the binder others will be updated yearly. ▫Establish a rotating schedule for full student record audits

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