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We never need to feel alone Sharing Station Presentation BYU Women’s Conference May 2008.

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1 We never need to feel alone Sharing Station Presentation BYU Women’s Conference May 2008

2 As women, we have an innate desire to surround ourselves with loved ones; family, friends, fellow church members and neighbors. And yet, at times in our lives, we find ourselves feeling lonely, friendless and even abandoned.

3 The Lord has given us the gift of the Holy Ghost to help us rise above the despair we feel.

4 Elder Boyd K. Packer taught, You need never to feel or be alone.”

5 Elder Dallin H. Oaks reminds us that weekly, we can renew our baptismal covenants through worthily partaking of the sacrament. If we do so, we will have the constant companionship of the Spirit.

6 “That they may always have His Spirit to be with them.” D & C 20:77

7 “When the multitude had all eaten and drunk, behold, they were filled with the Spirit.” 3 Nephi 20:8-9

8 “ The Holy Ghost is the most precious possession we can have in mortality.” Elder Dallin H. Oaks

9 How do we qualify to have His Spirit with us always? By turning our thoughts and lives to our Savior. Becoming in tune with the Spirit is attainable by everyone and is a matter of choice. Remember that we do not have to be perfect.

10 The Spirit is the refining process that will lead us to perfection as we seek, invite, listen and act upon the promptings we receive.

11 To have the Holy Ghost with you always, seek his influence by preparing your home and soul.

12 Prepare your home, Spiritually and Physically. “Organize yourselves … establish a House of Prayer, a House of Fasting a House of Learning a House of Glory a House of Order a House of God.” (D&C 88:119)

13 As we try to be good stewards of all the Lord has blessed us with, our homes will become a refuge of … Pea ce

14 Prepare your Soul to receive the Holy Ghost “Let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly.” (D&C 121:45)

15 K now ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost? (1 Corinthians 6:19)

16 Choose carefully the media you view. Opposite from it’s harmful effects, media offers much that is positive and productive … our biggest challenge is to choose wisely. Elder M. Russell Ballard

17 Keep the Word of Wisdom (see D & C 89) Keeping our bodies healthy, helps our Spirits to be in tune with the Lord. Further defining the Word of Wisdom, President Heber J. Grant taught, “The Lord does not want you to use any drug that creates an appetite for itself.”

18 Daily invite the Holy Ghost, through prayer, to be your constant companion Like the Sons of Mosiah,“do we really want to be instruments in God’s hands? If so, our desires will permeate our prayers and be the focus of our fasts.” Elder Don R. Clarke of the Seventy

19 Listen and act upon the promptings of the Holy Ghost The Lord will prepare the way

20 Don’t “over think” inspiration. If it’s a good idea, just do it!

21 To be an accomplished musician, we must practice. Likewise, the more we act upon the Spirit’s promptings, the more we will recognize them.

22 How can we know when we have the Spirit with us? When you have the Spirit: 1.You feel happy, calm, and clear-minded. 2. You feel generous. 3. Nobody can offend you. 4. You wouldn’t mind everybody seeing what you’re doing. 5. You are eager to be with people and want to make them happy. 6. You are glad when others succeed. 7. You are glad to attend your meetings and participate in church activities. 8. You feel like praying. 9. You wish you could keep all the Lord’s commandments. 10. You feel in control—you don’t over eat or sleep too much; you don’t feel uncontrollably drawn to sensational entertainment, lose your temper, or feel uncontrollable passions or desires. 11. You think about the Savior often and lovingly; you want to know him better. 12. You feel confident and are glad to be alive.

23 When you don’t have the Spirit 1. You feel unhappy, depressed, confused, and frustrated. 2. You feel possessive, self-centered, or resentful of demands made on you. 3. You are easily offended. 4. You become secretive and evasive. 5. You avoid people, especially members of your family; and you are critical of family members and Church authorities. 6. You envy or resent the successes of others. 7. You don’t want to go to church, go home teaching, or take the sacrament. You wish you had another church job or no job at all. 8. You don’t want to pray. 9. You find the commandments bothersome, restricting, or senseless. 10. You feel emotions and appetites so strongly that you fear you cannot control them—hate, jealousy, anger, lust, hunger, fatigue. 11. You hardly ever think of the Savior; he seems irrelevant to your life, or worse, part of a confusing system that seems to work against you. 12. You get discouraged easily and wonder if life is really worth it.

24 W hen you have the Spirit others can see the Light of Christ in your eyes

25 The Holy Ghost can help us decipher between good choices and the best choices. Elder Dallin H. Oaks

26 Cherish the Gift of the Holy Ghost

27 We testify that our Savior did not leave us comfortless. He sent us the Holy Ghost to bless our lives.

28 As we seek, invite, listen and act upon the promptings that we receive, we can enjoy this precious possession, the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Barb Bennett & Cheryl Bishop

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