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Camp Chamois 2012 4 th International Exploration Camp at the Grotte des Chamois (Castellet-lès-Sausses, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France) From 4 to 15 August.

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1 Camp Chamois 2012 4 th International Exploration Camp at the Grotte des Chamois (Castellet-lès-Sausses, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France) From 4 to 15 August 2012 Organization Association CRESPE: Philippe Audra, Jean-Claude Nobécourt & Jean-Yves Bigot EuroSpeleo Projects FSE

2 2 – Team 2012 Olivier Sausse Barbara Wielander Dider Cailhol Marjan Temovski José Leroy Donald Accorsi Bruno Arfib Alain Staebler Peter Zentay Mateja Centa Bernhard Köppen Jean-Yves Bigot Philippe Audra Cathy Frison Matija Perne Philippe Mauzet Alexey Kopchinskiy Agnes Hajnal Jean-Claude Nobécourt Philippe Bertochio Johan Jouves

3 3 – Planning

4 4 – Location With its 11600 m long, now it's the longest cave of the Southern Alps. The Chamois Cave is located in the south of France. Grotte des Chamois

5 In the Pasqueirets Sinkhole, Alain Staebler is digging in the glacial airflow which motivates him. On the bottom of the Pasqueirets Canyon, a sinkhole have been found and traced towards the Coulomp Spring. 5 – Pasqueirets Sinkhole 4-8-2012

6 Agnes Hajnal is pulling the boxes of sediments when we shout her: « Pull ! ». 6 – Fantasmes Hole The distance and the noise of electric generator (pneumatic drill) make a noise and complicate the communication between the workers. 5-8-2012

7 7 – Fantasmes Hole Peter Zentay is pulling the box, when Philippe Audra guides it in the narrow passages. The digging into Fantasmes Hole, discovered in 2010, continues. The hole looks like more a coal mine of XIX th Century that a karstic conduit. 5-8-2012 The boxes, pulled from the entrance, allow to clear the debris outside.

8 At the Coulomp Spring, Philippe Audra is reading the levels on the calibrated scale. 8 – Taking down levels Reefnet data logger records the water level of the pool and temperature. The data are reconstructed as diagram or curves and allowed meteorologic events correlation. 5-8-2012

9 Jean-Claude Nobécourt has to do many shuttles to carry gear and food from parking to Aurent Refuge. Men and machines suffer. It works, we will have some fresh bread tomorrow. 9 – Resting Day 5-8-2012 A wheel of Quad is punctured, we have to change and repair it, it takes one or two days...

10 10 – Diving downstream sump 6-8-2012 Philippe Bertochio has to dive the downstream sump explored in 2011, the goal is the better survey of sump and post sump.

11 The downstream sump of Coulomp is about 100 m long and 14 m deep. The survey of sump shows that the reached terminus is located very close of the Coulomp Spring. Last check on equipment before the diving. 11 – Downstream Sump 6-8-2012

12 The diving will take about 3 hours ; Peter Zentay, Agnes Hajnal, Philippe Audra et Jean- Yves Bigot have time and decide to visit the Thénardier Gallery opening on the side of the course of underground river. 12 – Towards the Thénardier Gallery Thenardite of Thénardier Gallery. The river and the shaft of access called K&K.

13 Thénardite de la galerie Thénardier. The conditions are favourable to appear special minerals as the Mirabilite : a sulfate of hydrated sodium. The Thénardier Gallery is located above the river in the very dry area and very little ventilated : temperature : 7,8°C and humidity : 97%. 13 – Thénardier Gallery 6-8-2012

14 The Thénardier Gallery allows to reach a conduit with human dimensions. It goes to the little canyon carved by the flood coming from the Hormones Gallery. 14 – Thénardier Gallery

15 6-8-2012 The bed of the little canyon is filled with sandstone pebbles. 15 – Thénardier Gallery

16 16 – Thénardier Gallery 6-8-2012 A little canyon with its clear water pools, but always cold...

17 6-8-2012 The little canyon of Thénardier Gallery: we can see at distance the upstream sump. 17 – Thénardier Gallery

18 6-8-2012 18 – Thénardier Gallery The little canyon of Thénardier Gallery is over in front of the upstream sump corresponding to Hormones Gallery Sump.

19 19 – The bug of sump Philippe Bertochio have captured a bug in the sump : it's a Proasellus, probably an new specie in the process of determining. 6-8-2012

20 7-8-2012 Alain Staebler, Alexey Kopchinskij, Johan Jouves and Bruno Arfib go to discover sinkholes on the Plan des Mouches, a high plateau. They also hope to locate temporary springs in Valette Canyon. 20 – Plan des Mouches The track follows the bottom of little valley like steps of stairs. The track is ended on the bared slopes very gone out in the sun...

21 21 – Plan des Mouches The Mouches Plateau is an area of pasture, it's flat and very appreciated by the shepherds. But the problem is the water ressource very scarce... 7-8-2012

22 The water is scarce, but the shepherds have installed pipes and watering place. 22 – Plan des Mouches

23 Matija wants to enlarge the meander above the sinkhole because the airflow comes from this opening, but it's too hot to break stones at this moment of day. 23 – Pasqueirets Sinkhole 7-8-2012 A team, made up Didier Cailhol, Matija Perne, Barbara Wielander, Marjan Temovski and Mateja Centa, decide to continue the digging in the Pasqueirets Canyon.

24 After 4 to 5 hours, the team reachs the Lignin Lakes. Matija and Mateja decide to go to the top of Grand Coyer Mountain (2693 m), while Marjan and Jean-Yves identify sinkholes in the glacial depressions. 8-8-2012 Marjan Temovski, Mateja Centa, Matija Perne and Jean-Yves Bigot go up to the Lignin Lakes for the day. 24 – Lignin Lakes

25 Marjan Temovski and Jean-Yves Bigot ask to the shepherd if the tracer is in his hut. Before, they begin to prospect around in the glacial depressions. 25 – Lignin Lakes 8-8-2012

26 A dry bed of a little brook indicates them that the sinkhole is close. At distance, we can see the Grand Coyer Mountain dominating the depression. 26 – Lignin lakes sinkholes Grand Coyer

27 The grand Coyer Depression is divided in two parts by blocks line (central moraine). 8-8-2012 27 – Grand Coyer Depressions The Lignin sinkholes are not active in summer, while the Carton sinkholes are still feeded. The water disappears in the sediments when it reaches the nummulitic limestones. Central Moraine Carton Depression Lignin Depression Active Sinkhole of Carton Inactive Sinkhole of Carton Depression Grand Coyer Active Sinkhole Central Moraine

28 28 – The Glacial Cirques of Grand Coyer The surficial drainage of glacial depressions (old glacial cirques) of Grand Coyer is towards the north. Active Sinkhole of Carton

29 Map of Coulomp Spring Basin (according to Ph. Audra). 29 – The Coulomp Basin Glacial cirques and depressions of Grand Coyer A dye tracing from the Grand Coyer Depression could confirm the extension of Coulomp Basin towards the north.

30 A little terrace is very cozy and we can benefit from the daylight and outdoor. The Aurent Refuge is our Head Quater. We can use water, toilets, but there is no electricity. 30 – A comfortable refuge

31 Many contretemps : a sick sherpa, heavy bags, cold water and swimming in the lakes delay the diving. Philippe dives the sump on 200 to 300 m, but he doesn't go out the sump. To be continued. It's the great day : Philippe Bertochio has to dive the upstream sump. He's assisted by a team made up of Matija Perne, Peter Zentay, Agnes Hajnal, Donald Accorsi, Mateja Centa, Marjan Temovski and Alexey Kopchinskiy. 31 – Diving Upstream Sump 9-8-2012

32 Philippe, squeezed into its waterproof suit diving, will be able to stand cold water during the decompression stages. In the bottom of cave, rebreather tech diving is a really serious affair. 32 – Diving Upstream Sump 9-8-2012

33 It's ready to go to the upstream sump. Go! 33 – Diving Upstream Sump 9-8-2012

34 The team of sherpas had supported Philippe during his diving. 34 – The diving team of upstream sump

35 Profile of the Coulomp Underground River (update 2012) 35 – Profiles of Chamois Cave Profile of Chamois Cave without Coulomp River (update 2011)

36 Map of Chamois Cave (update 2011). 36 – Map of Chamois Cave

37 10-8-2012 A pictures team, made up by Bernard Köppen, Alexey Kopchinskiy, Philippe Mauzet, Didier Cailhol and Jean-Yves Bigot, takes part in portage of breathing equipment. Our mission is to take out two bags from the river. 37 – Mission : get out breathing equipement Stop at the Hormones Bivouac.

38 The « passage de la Marmite » is a very nice place. 38 – Hormones Gallery 10-8-2012

39 The Hormones Gallery, just before the schaft of 5 m. 39 – Hormones Gallery

40 The hole on the top of Slovenian Chamber leads to Pengins Gallery. 10-8-2012 40 – Slovenian Chamber We cannot find any bags in Slovenian Chamber. It was a mistake, because the bags are, in fact, near the river in Pengins Gallery...

41 11-8-2012 41 – Divination at Baussebérard Philipe Audra, Donald Accorsi, Olivier Sausse and Cathy Frison have a date with Marcel Jacquomet of Argenton Village. The place of appointment is on the top of Baussebérard. The goal is to locate the water flow and underground galleries... With its rods, Marcel sounds the Baussebérard Mountain... Olivier notes down the GPS points Marcel sounds the mountain

42 42 – Life at the Aurent Refuge Household chores at the Aurent Refuge. 11-8-2012 Behind, Philippe Bertochio is surveying the profile of upstream sump.

43 Jean-Yves Bigot is sawing log for the grilled meat, but also for the stove when the winter will come. Philippe Bertochio with his axe continues the transformation in firewood. 43 – Life at the Aurent Refuge 11-8-2012 « Hard winter : Because Bigot cuts many log. »

44 « Well ! It will be sausages or sausages. » The fountain of Aurent Village is used by us like a refrigerator. It's very useful to conserve cheese or meat that Jose is going to cook. 44 – Life at Aurent Refuge

45 The cascades of Coulomp Spring are very spectacular, to avoid the unintentional baths, because the water is really cold. 14-8-2012 45 – Coulomp Waterfalls

46 14-8-2012 We have to do many shuttles between cave and refuge. But sometimes, we walk along the bed of Coulomp River. It's a very interesting route, but it's easier to go by the upper way running in the cliffs and dominating the river. 46 – Water Route of Coulomp It's a also cool route.

47 14-8-2012 Only Quads can use the trail and can come to Aurent Village. Many people living in summer at Aurent have got Quads. It's the end of camp, we have to carry back equipment towards our cars. Jean-Claude Nobécourt is taking bags, now we can go up without heavy bags on the back. 47 – The Quad is not a toy

48 The End 48 – The End Aurent Footbridge

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