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Earth’s Surface Erosion.

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1 Earth’s Surface Erosion

2 Vocabulary Erosion- the process that wears down and carries away rocks and soil

3 Erosion Gravity acts as a force of erosion by causing a mass movement
Mass movement- a process that moves sediment down a hill There are 4 ways a mass movement may occur

4 Mass Movement Landslide- a rapid movement of large amounts of rock and soil

5 Mass Movement Mudflow- a rapid downhill movement of a mixture of water, rock and soil

6 Mass Movement Slump- mass of rock and soil suddenly slips down a slope
This is different from a landslide because it comes down in one large mass

7 Mass Movement Creep- a very slow movement of rock and soil
Usually creeps cause objects to sit at unusual angles

8 Water Erosion Stream- a channel along which water continually flows
River- a large stream usually forming from several streams flowing together

9 Features of Streams Flood Plain- a flat area along a stream that is entirely covered only during times of floods Meander- the winding and bending of a stream as it erodes the land Only older streams do this Oxbow Lake- when sediment builds up, cutting off the meander from the rest of the river, causing a separate, curved lake

10 Water Erosion Fast moving rivers that are straight and narrow cut steep slopes and create a V-shaped valley Example- Grand Canyon

11 Grand Canyon

12 Water Erosion Waterfall- a river cuts through soft rock faster than hard rock Example- Niagara Falls

13 Niagara Falls

14 Groundwater Erosion A form of chemical erosion
Makes caves and sinkholes CAVE- limestone erodes away, leaving behind a dry narrow passage SINKHOLE- weakened limestone where the entire portion of the ground suddenly collapses

15 Glacial Erosion Glaciers erode land in 2 ways
Plucking- as a glacier flows over land it picks up rocks Abrasion- gauges and scratches in rocks as a glacier drags across land Causes large, bowl shaped valleys called cirques Cuts U-shaped valleys in landforms May leave behind large, cold glacial lakes

16 Wind Erosion Deflation- wind picks up and carries away small particles
The faster the wind, the larger the particles it can carry Example- Sand dunes

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