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Londres. L'angleterre Here are the emblem of england.

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1 Londres

2 L'angleterre Here are the emblem of england.

3 The Palace of Westminster The Palace of Westminster ( English : Palace of Westminster), also known as the Houses of Parliament ( Houses of Parliament ), is the place where sit the House of Commons and House of Lords in the United Kingdom. The palace bordering the north bank of the River Thames and is in the London Borough of Westminster.

4 The cathedral saint paul. The Saxon church was destroyed by fire a third time in 1087 and the construction of a fourth cathedral (in) began almost immediately under the aegis of William Rufus, son of William the Conqueror which he had just succeeded.

5 Gallerie nationale. The National Portrait Gallery is a museum located in the center of London and opened in 1856. It houses important historical figures portraits British, not selected according to their authors, but the reputation of the person represented.

6 The Madame Tussauds Marie Tussaud (Strasbourg 1 December 1761 - London April 16, 1850) born Anne- Marie Grosholtz, followed his widowed mother during her pregnancy, Bern, where she worked as a housekeeper for Philippe Curtius, a physician turned into artist-sculptor wood.

7 British museum home. The British Museum (which can be translated as "British Museum" even though it is commonly referred to by its original name), is a museum of history and human culture, located in London, UK.

8 La Tamise Thames measurement at this point 272 m wide. The winning design is a combination of suspension bridge and tilting composed of two suspended spans of 82 m and a main span of 61 m, consisting of two overhead beams driven by a hydraulic system

9 The Tower of London The Tower of London (Tower of London in English) nb 1 is a historic fortress located on the north bank of the Thames in London, England. The tower is located in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets located east of the City of London in an area called Tower Hill.

10 Trafalgar square Trafalgar Square is a very famous place of Westminster in London whose name commemorates the Battle of Trafalgar which opposed the Franco-Spanish and British fleets in 1805. The place is well known to be a social space and freedom of expression1.

11 Piccadilly Circus Piccadilly Circus is a road junction and a pedestrian space in London, United Kingdom Instead, once considered the center of the British Empire, is still today one of the nerve centers of London.

12 The London eye The EDF Energy London Eye, commonly known as The London Eye ("The London Eye", the name given by its main sponsor, British Airways) and also known as the Millennium Wheel (or "Millennium Wheel"), is a large wheel that has been established in London for the festivities of 2000.

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