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Six little kittens Live in the city And the city is so pretty.

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2 Six little kittens Live in the city And the city is so pretty.

3 1. What do you know about London? 2. What is the UK? 3. How many parts does the UK consist of and what are they called? 4. Where does London stand? 5. What are the most famous sights in London?

4 1. The Tower of London 2. Westminster Abbey 3. Big Ben 4. Tower Bridge 5. Bloody Tower 6. The Thames 7. Trafalgar Square 8. Buckingham Palace 9. The Houses of Parliament

5 Big Ben is a square. Big Ben is a clock. There are a lot of places to visit in London. The country’s leaders speak in the Tower of London. Trafalgar Square is the main square of London. The Queen lives in the Bloody Tower. All coronations take place in Buckingham Palace You can hear Big Ben only on Saturdays Tower Bridge is made of wood

6 ….. I was told you were in Great Britain last month! It’s great! Will you tell me about your visit, please! What cities did you visit? Did you see any sights there? Did you like it? Would you like to visit these places again?...... Katherine

7 Visit See Meet Hear Go sightseeing Be Phone Stand Buy

8 1. London stands on the river a) Nile b) Thames c) Mississipi 2. The Queen of England lives in a) Westminster Abbey b) Buckingham Palace c) The Tower of London 3. Big Ben is a) a bell b) a palace c) a square

9 4. The famous museum of waxworks is called: a) Pushkin Museum b) Madame Tussaud’s c) The National Gallery 5. Buckingham Palace is… a) a home of Royal Family; b) a place of interest; c) a fine cathedral. 6. Westminster Abbey is a large… a) square; b) palace; c) church.

10 7. The Tower of London was… a) a prison, a church and a cathedral; b) a fortress, a prison, a palace; c) a tower, a prison and a palace. 8. Ravens must live in… a) Westminster Abbey; b)The Tower of London; c) Tower Bridge. 9. London is a capital of a)The USA b) Australia c) The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

11 1- b 2- b 3- a 4- b 5- a 6- c 7- b 8- b 9- c

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