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Cloud Self Funders &the way forward 8 th September 2014.

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1 cloud Self Funders &the way forward 8 th September 2014

2 cloud Attendees 2 Leslie Loader - Engagement and Improvement officer - Borough of Poole Penny Osborne - Northamptonshire County Council Amaka Nwabueze - Project Manager - Essex County Council Russell Darling - Solutions Director cloudBuy (Local Government & Shared Services) Anya Harris - Commissioning Officer - LB Lambeth Jeremy Curtis - Head of Safeguarding - Treloar Trust Nick Wood Dow – Deputy Chair Man - Chelgate Jon Shilling – Director Grass Roots Kelly Gaddes – Solutions Director cloudBuy (Care)

3 cloud 3 Self-Funders are generally not well served Lack of funding for IT systems means that some LA’s will just enhance their current online directories A marketplace will particularly benefit SME and small suppliers Development of the Personal Assistant market will provide more choice and flexibility in care options. Marketplaces support micro-industry and economic growth Markets will generate efficiencies in admin and cost savings in care packages Summary of discussion Marketplace overview

4 cloud 4 From the consortia perspective Breeze-e is focusing on self-funders because it opens up the widest opportunities to proffer people service. The Council will ensure there is a regulated marketplace with validated traders Grass Roots provides the customer incentivisation Secure technology by cloudBuy Summary of discussion Breeze-e Overview

5 cloud Summary of discussion Breeze-e perspective 5 Breeze-e are feeling their way The concession arrangements let others join them Northamptonshire believe that people (both staff and customers) will walk towards the Breeze-e platform because it helps them Penny Osborne welcomed everybody to join and asked for everyone to contribute ideas. She said to watch out for the Breeze-e public release when the site will be up and live.

6 cloud Summary of discussion Provider perspective 6 Increasing relevance particularly in Children’s Special Education where spending power comes with the parents Parents need to be widely informed and knowledgeable about how to access it Big marketing opportunity for smaller firms or ones with national presence

7 cloud Smart eGovernment initiatives

8 cloud For further information please contact Kelly Gaddes Global Solutions Director Mobile 07884 664 646

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