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Keeping Halton healthy 24 th September 2014. Welcome Dr Cliff Richards Chair.

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1 Keeping Halton healthy 24 th September 2014

2 Welcome Dr Cliff Richards Chair

3 The journey so far Born April 2013 Patient engagement Clinical involvement Working with Local Authority Clear focus Our values

4 Caring Honesty Leadership Openness Partnership Quality Transformation

5 Think like a patient, act like a taxpayer Simon Banks Chief Officer

6 What am I accountable for? Continually improving the quality of services for those who need them Ensure that value for money is maintained Meet financial obligations Maintain effective constitutional and governance arrangements Build and develop an organisation that has capacity and capability to deliver the above

7 What is my contribution? Creating a vision and setting a direction Putting myself in the shoes of local people A love affair with perfection Watching the Halton pound Creating the space for people to be the best they can be Open mind, open heart

8 Health in Halton Much achieved, more to do… Eileen O’Meara Director of Public Health

9 The biggest impact on health is poverty

10 Priorities in 2012/13 Improved mental health Reduced levels of harmful drinking Reduced level of falls Prevention & early detection of cancer Improved child development

11 Much achieved…

12 Reduced levels of harmful drinking

13 Reduced numbers of older people falling

14 Improved child development

15 …more to do Decrease health inequalities

16 Cancer

17 Cardiovascular disease

18 Our financial position Paul Brickwood Chief Finance Officer

19 Our income and expenditure

20 Where did the money get spent?

21 Everything is health…. Working together David Parr Chief Executive Halton Borough Council

22 David Parr presentation here – please see the separate link

23 Future plans Dr Cliff Richards Chair

24 Our priorities Maintain and improve Quality Standards Fully integrated commissioning; delivery of services across health & social care Proactive prevention, health promotion & identifying people at risk Harnessing transformational technologies

25 Our priorities Reducing health inequalities Hospital & specialist services will only be used by those with acute & specialist needs Enhancing practice based services around specialisms Providers working together across inter- dependencies to achieve real improvements

26 Audience takeover Now over to you……

27 Your opportunity to… Make a pledge for a healthier Halton and a healthier you Ask our Governing Body a question Have a conversation with our facilitators after the event for further information

28 Thank you for joining us

29 Contact us 01928 593479 @haltonccg We welcome any comments and feedback you may have. Please contact us using the information below:

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