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PRESENTER: Gerard Bouton, Senior Sales Manager, Asidua (GB) Ltd Channel Shift at Chorley BC & London Borough of Harrow PSCSF North 8 th May 2013 st.

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1 PRESENTER: Gerard Bouton, Senior Sales Manager, Asidua (GB) Ltd Channel Shift at Chorley BC & London Borough of Harrow PSCSF North 8 th May 2013 st

2 Who we are and our Customer Contact Pedigree How a more effective deployment of CRM and using the system to hold and drive all the relevant information can enhance Citizen Contact One Stop Shop for Integration Chorley BC and London Borough of Harrow What are we going to talk about?

3 One stop service Resolution at first point of contact Transparent processes Understand the citizens needs Eliminate avoidable contact Make self service available to as many services as possible! What can Channel Shift achieve?


5 PRESENTER: Gerard Bouton Senior Sales Manager, Asidua (GB) Ltd ABOUT ASIDUA

6 Established 2002 Microsoft Gold Partner Offices in Belfast, Solihull & Dublin Accredited with ISO 9001 / 27001 & IIP 130 employees Registered on Local Government Software Application Solutions Framework Brief Overview

7 PRESENTER: Gerard Bouton Senior Sales Manager, Asidua (GB) Ltd ASIDUA DYNAMICS CRM

8 Asidua Dynamics CRM

9 PRESENTER: Gerard Bouton Senior Sales Manager, Asidua (GB) Ltd CUSTOMER CONTACT PLATFORM TM

10 Traditional Contact Centre/F2F Process

11 Internet

12 Process & Workflow - CCP Self Service CC/OSS

13 Local Government Clients

14 End to End Service Design New Business Process 1.Service Configuration 2.InfoPath Pages 3.Workflow Design

15 PRESENTER: Gerard Bouton Senior Sales Manager, Asidua (GB) Ltd ASIDUA & LOCAL GOVERNMENT

16 Who are Asidua? Asidua Group Belfast HQ Asidua Group Belfast HQ Asidua GB Asidua Ireland Asidua Ireland Reduce costs Improve service Example Customers

17 CCP in Local Government (Team Lancs) CustomerAdvisor ManagerBack Office Self Service Circles of Need Informative Service AccessInformation Access Unified Intelligent Desktop Guided & Automated One and Done KnowledgeJoining-up Common Solution Performance & Satisfaction Cost Effective Joined Up Processes Mobile Working Less Systems Client Systems and Data Client Systems and Data

18 3 councils, improved service with a reduction of 20 FTEs £2.6m savings over 4 yrs Lancashire Procurement Hub

19 Challenges facing Chorley Too many systems in front line Minimise avoidable contact Drive consistency in service delivery Remove process in-efficiencies Improve data quality and information Improve performance and productivity Deliver business intelligence

20 What intelligence Chorley need to make informed decisions about channel migration to support customer self service? Cost per transaction ChannelChorley (2010)Varney Report (2004) Telephone£0.53£1.39 Face to Face£8.07£14.65 Email/Web£1.55£0.25

21 Existing Website Online booking On line payments e-Citizens (Council tax, business rates, housing and council tax benefits customers) Service information News & Events Forms

22 The new website Aim: To increase self-service functionality and encourage customers to transact with the Council online. Forms with integrated payments My Account My Chorley Service information Mapping Social media Online chat Dynamic front page Improved search Use of imagery Streamlined content






28 Rationalising Systems at Chorley Existing SystemReplaced With Civica FlareMS/IDOX Goss InteractiveMS/CCP Abacus - Web StructureMS Team KnowledgeMS/CCP NDLMS/CCP McFarelaneSiemens/CCP Northgate Front OfficeMS/CCP IkenMS Anite - Northgate EDMSMS Total additional savings of £100K annual

29 Service Re-design: Streetscene The website and mobile working has enabled the streetscene service to be improved, and costs reduced. Improvements include: Clear mapping and monitoring of scheduled work More flexibility to respond to service requests Use of mobile devices to pick up and close off jobs Reduction in ‘downtime/travel time’ Reduction in management / task allocation Improved responses and tracking for customers More generic/multi functional posts Estimated savings are £120,000

30 Chorley Borough Council Local Government Clients Supports circle of needs with personalisation both via self- service and by information provided to contact agents 20% reduction in calls to contact centre Routing services to county council, county may provide out of hours contact centre service. Dropped 1 of 4 waste vehicles (25% saving) 5 FTE saving in year 1, 9 FTE saving in year 2. £100k annual IT savings on licences and support £1m saving over 3 yrs Ease of use - Service Improvements – Service Development & Extensions - Cost Savings

31 CCP in Local Government (Harrow Council) CustomerAdvisor ManagerBack Office Enable “true” citizen self service R&B, Housing, Parking, Waste, Streets... Service AccessInformation Access Unified Desktop and workflow...removed 90 seconds per call KnowledgeJoining-up One and done Greater satisfaction Front office and back office connected All information available to deliver service Council Systems and Data

32 Harrow Council Local Government Clients Working with Capita since 2005 to deliver savings Asidua were introduced in 2008 Savings not being delivered through SAP CCP-H - Integration with the following: – Northgate iWorld – Civica EDRMS/W2 – Northgate (Anite) OHMS – Civica ICON Payments – Civica Civil Enforcement (Parking) – Bartec Waste Collector – Voice Sage (Automated Voice Calling System) – Achieve Forms Revs & Bens Housing Parking Waste Streets Adults...

33 Harrow Council Local Government Clients Supports Self Service Contact Centre Walk in Running on Microsoft Citizen Service Platform with Sharepoint & SQL Server Solution included: - 40+ Custom Forms - 8 Integrated Systems - 60 Council Users Now being extended into Social Care with an additional 80 users Upgrading to the latest version of CCP (v4.1) in summer 2012 Moving on to integrate & automate procurement services next Supporting their transformation programme

34 Local Government Clients Increase customer satisfaction whilst reducing costs One stop service - where appropriate Focus on resolution at the first point of contact Complete visibility of the end to end process Understand our customers and respond to their needs Make each contact as efficient as possible Eliminate avoidable contacts Make self service available for as many services as possible

35 Council Tax Business Rates Housing Benefits Council Tax Benefits Housing Resident Services Housing Repairs Waste & Recycling Environmental Health School Admissions Parking Building Control Planning (including vetting & validation) Adult Social Care Community Alarms Concessionary Travel Electoral Services Registration Services Nationality Checking/Citizenship Accounts Payable/Receivable Switchboard Local Government Clients Services delivered by Access Harrow:

36 Local Government Clients Why MyHarrow Account? What is it? – Similar to online banking, it is an authenticated account that confirms the identity of the user Why MyHarrow account? - The only way to expand the on-line services we offer is to know who we are dealing with - Gives residents only one log-in and password to access all Council services online

37 Local Government Clients The Results:

38 Local Government Clients Impact

39 Local Government Clients Savings delivered:

40 Local Government Clients The future?

41 CCP in Local Government (Milton Keynes Council) CustomerAdvisor ManagerBack Office Self Service Website Transactional services Service AccessInformation Access Employee Portal Service Focussed Forms Driven KnowledgeJoining-up Real Time Information Consistency and Quality Major Operational Savings Fully Integrated Information Complete Monitored Client Systems and Data Client Systems and Data

42 Customer Contact Platform

43 Customer Portal Registration Accounts

44 Employee Portal Accounts

45 Portal - Mobile Access

46 Desktop

47 CCP Enterprise

48 CCP - Performance Gathering

49 Management Information & Business Intelligence

50 CCP’s MDM facility allows for the linking of customer records from multiple sources Processes propagate across the system Transactions are encrypted to https CCP supports requests from in area/out of area and anonymous CCP is integrated to LLPG typically taking daily feeds Further Information

51 End to End Processes – Forms [56] – Integrations – Adapters (GIS, Payments, CRM, LOB System) Environment – Abandoned Vehicles [1] – Animal Welfare [5] – Emergencies [5] – Parks & Open Spaces [6] – Recycling, Rubbish & Waste [9] – Roads, Highways & Pavements[22] – Street Care and Cleaning[11] Others – Revenues & Benefits, Complaints, Compliments etc Service Solution Packs

52 PRESENTER: Gerard Bouton Senior Sales Manager, Asidua (GB) Ltd SUMMARY

53 Benefits Efficient and Effective End to End Processes Deliver more with the most cost effective resources Achieve the benefit quickly (3 months) Cost Reduction Customer Service Centric Consistent across channels Informative and Responsiveness Customer Centricity Self Service Multi-Channel and New Channels Management Information and Business Intelligence New Capabilities Tell Us Once and One & Done Consistency simplifies advisor training Environment, Parking, Housing, Adults, Childrens, Complaints... Compliance Enable Shared Services Microsoft Technologies CCP Roadmap Future Proof

54 Birmingham The Oracle Building Blythe Valley Park Solihull B90 8AD Tel: +44 (0)121 506 9560 Fax: +44 (0)121 506 9561 Belfast 10 Weavers Court Belfast BT12 5GH Tel: +44 (0)28 9072 5000 Fax: +44 (0)28 9072 5001 Dublin 77 Sir John Rogerson's Quay Dublin 2 Tel: +353 (0)1 640 1980 Fax: +353 (0)1 640 1981 email: Discover more… Gerard Bouton Senior Sales Manager Asidua (GB) Limited Email:

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