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2 Human Resources Recruitment, retention and dismissal of staff
Training, development and promotion of staff The monitoring and maintenance of good working conditions Health and Safety Liaison with employee organisations and trade unions

HUMAN RESOURCES JOB TITLE FUNCTION & RESPONSIBILITY Human resources director Deciding the overall staffing policies of the organisation. Advising senior management. Setting the HR budget. In charge of all the HR functions in the organisation. manager Managing the HR department and staff involved with industrial relations and trade union negotiations, implementing the organisation’s HR policies. Recruitment officer Responsible for the recruitment and selection of staff. Training/staff development officer Responsible for training and staff development. Personnel/staffing officer Keeping staff records, monitoring staff welfare. Health and safety Overseeing all health and safety matters, accident monitoring and prevention. Security officer General security, responsible for all security staff. HR administrative assistants Administrative work relating to the human resources function.

4 Finance Preparing accounts Paying wages and salaries
Obtaining capital and resources Allocating budgets

FINANCE JOB TITLE FUNCTION & RESPONSIBILITY Financial director Giving advice to senior managers on the overall financial policy of the organisation. Overseeing the company budget. In charge of all finance function in the organisation. Financial Manager Managing the finance function and staff. Advising on financial recourses. Chief accountants Overseeing the preparation of the final accounts of the organisation. Management accountant Producing continuous financial information for management. Credit controller Advising on credit policies. Ensuring that money owing to the company is kept within agreed levels. Chief cashier Responsible for the receipt, safe keeping, banking and accounting of all cash received. Payroll administrator Responsible for overseeing the company payroll and salary/wage section. Wages clerk Assist the payroll administrator in the production of salary and wage details. Ledger clerk Assist the chief accountant in the recording of all financial transactions. Credit control clerks Assist the credit controller in checking the credit status of new customers and existing accounts. Reminding customers of overdue payments.

6 Marketing & Sales Market research Marketing mix Sales promotion
Primary research / secondary research Marketing mix 4 P’s (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) Sales promotion Advertising campaigns

MARKETING & SALES JOB TITLE FUNCTION & RESPONSIBILITY Marketing director Responsible for the overall marketing function and its aims and objectives. Sales director Responsible for the sales function. Sales manager Responsible for sales staff and the achievement of sales targets, often within the UK. Export manager Responsible for overseas agents and the achievement of sales targets overseas. Advertising manager In charge of advertising and liaising with agency staff over publicity campaigns. Sales coordinator The ‘link’ person for travelling sales representatives who require urgent information. Sales representatives Sales people who visit customers in the UK and overseas. Market researchers Find out customer opinions on current and proposed goods and services. Order clerks Accept and process sales orders. Shipping clerk Arrange for the transportation and delivery of orders overseas and the completion of export documentation. Telephone sales staff Accept and process telephone orders.

8 Production Obtain resources to produce goods or provide a service
Organising the resources to produce the goods or provide the service in the most appropriate way. In order for this to be achieved satisfactorily, several criteria must be considered. ….

9 Production cont…. The aims of the business (e.g.. Does it want to sell cheaply to the mass market or make exclusive items or provide a personal service?) The resources which are needed to produce the goods or provide the service How the resources an be organised to achieve the aims in the most cost-effective way How the operation can be monitored and controlled to achieve the desired result.

PRODUCTION JOB TITLE FUNCTION & RESPONSIBILITY Production director Responsible for the entire production function and its operations. Operations or Works manager Responsible for the production of all goods as scheduled and to the quality required. Purchasing manager Responsible for the acquisition of raw materials. Chief engineer Responsible for all maintenance staff and for scheduling equipment maintenance and recommending modifications Chief designer Responsible for the design team and the design of the finished product. Production planners Plan all production to maximise machine use and staffing, taking account of customer requirements. Production controllers Check production is going to schedule. Quality controllers Check quality is to the required standard. Buyers/Orders clerks Buy the raw materials required for production. Stores staff Store and monitor stocks of all raw materials and components and issue these as required. Draughtsmen Responsible for the technical design of manufactured equipment. Foremen Supervise the maintenance staff and factory operatives. Dispatch clerks Responsible for dispatching the finished goods. Designers Responsible for the actual design of the finished product. Engineers Responsible for carrying out equipment maintenance. Factory operatives Undertake the production and assembly of manufactured items by machine or by hand.

11 Administration Clerical work Cleaning and maintenance Security
Mail handling, record keeping, document production, organising meetings, dealing with enquiries etc Cleaning and maintenance Security Health & Safety IT and software

ADMINISTRATION JOB TITLE FUNCTION & RESPONSIBILITY Company Secretary A senior executive responsible for all the legal affairs of the company, dealing with shareholders, insurance and pension matters and organising director’s meetings Administration manager Managing the administration operations of the organisation IT manager Managing all the IT requirements of the company, including equipment maintenance and advising on future needs Office manager/ Senior administrator Responsible for overseeing the administration operations in a particular office or department. Chief security officer Responsible for the security staff and for advising on security requirements Reprographics supervisor Responsible for running a reprographics (printing/ photocopying) section PA/secretarial staff Responsible for providing secretarial and administrative support, usually to senior managers Administration assistant Assists with administrative tasks in a particular area. Word processing operator/data input clerk Responsible for document production/ input of data into a computer system. Cleaning staff Cleaning of general office areas, facilities and equipment Maintenance staff Responsible for routine maintenance work, which may include painting and decorating Security Responsible for monitoring and maintaining security to the required standard

13 Customer Service Providing information Giving advice
Providing credit facilities Delivering goods After-sales service

CUSTOMER SERVICE JOB TITLE FUNCTION & RESPONSIBILITY Customer services manager Responsible for the overall customer service function and staff Technical services manager Responsible for all the technical services function and staff Delivery or distribution manager Responsible for scheduling and overseeing the delivery of all new items sold Customer services assistant Deals with customers, face-to-face or on the telephone. Liaises with other staff over complex issues and either responds to customers personally or ensures issue is dealt with by specialist Technical advisers Deal with customers who are encountering technical difficulties Telephone help line staff Deal with customer enquiries over the telephone

15 Information Technology
Management of ‘network’ Allocating new users access Dealing with queries Setting up network services Liaising with other users Routine repairs Provide a help desk

16 Note: It is probably the most rapidly changing area in a business. Computers installed one year are out of date three years later.

17 DISTRIBUTION Which channels of distribution to use – wholesaler, retailer, customer Which method of distribution to use – road, rail, air, sea How to get the products to the right place at the lowest cost

18 Channels of distribution
Most common channel of distribution is: MANUFACTURER WHOLESALER RETAILER CUSTOMER

19 Channels of distribution
Most common channel of distribution is: Who makes product MANUFACTURER Storage, e.g.. Cash & carry WHOLESALER RETAILER Shops CUSTOMER

20 Tesco (location) Pontypool Tesco Tesco (location) HEAD OFFICE Tesco (location) Tesco (location) Tesco (location) Tesco (location) Tesco (location)

David Reid Rodney Chase Sir Terry Leahy Richard Brasher Philip Clarke Andrew Higginson Tim Mason David Potts Charles Allen CBE Karen Cook E Mervyn Davies Dr Harald Einsmann Ken Hydon Carolyn McCall

22 Head Office - Organisation Chart
Look at individual job roles for each area for in depth breakdown for a chart Head Office - Organisation Chart Board of Directors Functional Area Manager Managing Directors Area Managers Deputy Functional Area Managers Deputy Area Managers Staff Store Managers

Customer Service Finance Research & Development ICT HEAD OFFICE Administration Human Resources Marketing Distribution production Sales Finance

24 Pontypool Tesco – Organisation Chart
Torfaen Area Manager Store Manager Assistant Manager Supervisors Human Resources Manager Finance Administration Staff Staff Staff Staff Staff Diff supervisors for different areas (frozen, tills etc) Staff


26 Council Organisations Pontypool Active Learning Centre Council Organisations Torfaen County Borough Council Council Organisations Council Organisations Council Organisations Council Organisations Council Organisations

Customer Service Finance Research & Development ICT TORFAEN COUNTY BOROUGH COUNCIL Administration Human Resources Marketing Distribution production Sales Finance

28 Pontypool Active Learning Centre – Organisation Chart
Torfaen County Borough Council – Leisure Manager Manager Assistant Manager Supervisors Human Resources Manager Finance Administration Staff Staff Staff Staff Diff supervisors for different areas (gym/pool) Staff Staff


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