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Department of Environmental Programs OCTOBER 2, 2014 GVMC BOARD MEETING.

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1 Department of Environmental Programs OCTOBER 2, 2014 GVMC BOARD MEETING

2 Overview Milestones Programs Partnerships Outreach

3 Milestones Staff  Stormwater Program Coordinator  Bonnie Broadwater  GVSU Graduate Assistant  Brian Zuber  KCAD Photography Interns  Ashley Dettloff & Christopher Struck

4 Environmental Programs 2009-2013 Combined NPDES with LGROW

5 Programs  Lower Grand River Organization of Watersheds (LGROW)  NPDES Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit  Environmental Education  Community Resiliency and Sustainability  Farmland Preservation  Grand River Restoration

6 LGROW Completed Business Plan August 2014  The Organization and its Environment  The Programs/Services and Social Return on Investment  Sustainable Human Resource Plan  Governance and Leadership  Sustainable Income Plan  The Financials  Articles of Organization & Bylaws  Statement of Assets, Revenue, Expenditures, and Changes in Fund Balance  Strategic Plan  Logic Model Call to Action!

7 LGROW History & Purpose  Began in the late 90’s as a Stormwater Task Force  Relationships firmed up in 2002  Early efforts included the 2003 Grand River Beacon  Focus has always had two parts  Governmental Compliance  Environmental Stewardship Scott Conners, P.E.

8 LGROW/MS4 What has LGROW done for you? Collaborative Savings for Walker!  2002 Estimated cost of NPDES Compliance - $100,000  2003 Actual cost of NPDES Compliance - $13,000 Tremendous cost savings was realized as communities firmed up relationship and partnerships to share in the cost of compliance. Scott Conners, P.E. 2003 Permit Requirements

9 MS4 Stormwater Ordinance  LGROW has led the state in collaboration on regional stormwater ordinance creation.  The MDEQ’s MS4 Stakeholder Group has representation from Walker, Grand Rapids, & KCRC…..all of which represent LGROW and our entire region!  Kent County’s Model Ordinance has set the stage for continued cooperation and now this ordinance is the backbone of our proposed 2014 rewrite to meet the new regulations proposed as part of our new MS4 permit requirements.  LGROW and our local MS4 group is now reaching out to state officials with alternative approaches to proposed design restrictions in an effort to balance development with good environmental practice. AS A REGION! This process has been engaged by local government agencies, local MDEQ staff, the design community, and even the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce.. Scott Conners, P.E.

10 LGROW/MS4 City of Grand Rapids  Watershed approach allowed transition from Phase I to Phase II Community to join other communities in watershed-based permit  Committee structure promotes sharing of resources and expertise  Stormwater Ordinance (the SWOrd)  Public Education Plan/Public Awareness and Marketing (PEP/PAM)  Data, Information, and Procedures (DIP) Carrie Rivette, P.E.

11 LGROW/MS4 City of Grand Rapids  Public Education Plan/ Public Awareness and Marketing (PEP/PAM) Carrie Rivette, P.E.

12 LGROW/MS4 City of Grand Rapids  Data, Information, and Procedures (DIP) Carrie Rivette, P.E.

13 LGROW/MS4 Village of Spring Lake  Jurisdictional to Watershed Permit  Converted Stormwater Management Plan to align with Watershed Management Plan and other communities’ SWPPIs  Regional cooperation allowed for cost savings and assistance in meeting permit compliance Roger Belknap

14 Environmental Education Building partnerships and presence in region Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative Groundswell Program  Lower Grand River Education Initiative Grant  Grand Rapids Public Schools, Fountain Street Montessori School (4-6)  Forest Hills Eastern Middle School (7-8)  Kent Innovation High School (9-12) Grand Rapids Public Museum  Participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) event  Collaborating on 3 rd floor renovation – river exhibits  Hosting LGROW 2014 Spring Forum Grand Valley State University programs  Annis Water Resources Institute  Departments of Geology, Biology, and Natural Resources Management Mike Posthumus and Clay Pelon

15 Other Programs Community Resiliency Farmland Preservation and Conservation Grand River Restoration Project

16 Partnerships Grant Funded Projects  Timberland RC&D  Ottawa Conservation District  Plaster Creek Stewards  GR Public Museum  Kent Conservation District  Trout Unlimited  Groundswell  Ionia Conservation District

17 Partnerships Regional Partners  Middle Grand River Organization of Watershed (MGROW)  Grand River Environmental Action Team (GREAT)  Macatawa Area Coordinating Council (MACC)  West Michigan Shoreline Regional Development Commission (WMSRDC)

18 Outreach Social Media  Website  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  E-newsletter  Google+

19 Outreach Events  Conferences  Farmers’ Markets  City, County, and Local Planning Commissions  Students & Teachers  Professional Society Presentations Other Media  WYCE  Detroit TV  The Rapidian  Grand Rapids Press  Other groups’ newsletters

20 What’s Next?  Send survey to GVMC board members  Prioritize programming  Add more staff for programs  Continue collaboration with partners

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