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Illinois RC & D Introduction to R esource C onservation & D evelopment Module 2: Who are the players?

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1 Illinois RC & D Introduction to R esource C onservation & D evelopment Module 2: Who are the players?

2 RC&DRC&D Objectives 1. Describe make-up & role of RC&D Councils & staffs 2. Describe primary duties of the Coordinator & Program Assistant 3. Describe roles of other USDA staff 4. Identify partnership organizations & collaborating non-governmental organizations

3 RC & D Councils RC&Ds are governed by a Council of local people who serve in a voluntary capacity. Members represent their region, bringing diverse backgrounds and skills to the Council. More…

4 More on RC & D Councils… Each RC&D is sponsored locally with its own focus & mission. RC&Ds are 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organizations.

5 RC & D Council Composition Each Council is composed of local people  Elected officials Business professionals  Educators Not-for-profit professionals  Anyone with a desire to better the region More…

6 More about RC & D Council Composition… Council members take on the following roles:  Leadership  Governance, policy, legal issues  Financial management & accountability

7 Council Roles & Responsibilities Provide leadership & governance Manage financial resources Meet all legal & fiduciary requirements Develop Area and Annual Plans through a public participation process More…

8 More Council Roles & Responsibilities… Set priorities & ensure implementation of goals & objectives Make employment decisions regarding RC&D Staff Direct & monitor programs & services Ensure members are active & reflect the communities they represent

9 Roles & Responsibilities of the RC & D Coordinator Management & administration Capacity building Relations Planning & implementation Outreach

10 RC & D Coordinator Roles… Management & Administration Provide day-to-day guidance Serve as USDA representative to the Council Assist Council with policy & organizational development Report progress to USDA through NRCS reporting systems

11 RC & D Coordinator Roles… Capacity Building Assist the Council with Board/Council development Respond to Council’s direction and assist with their priorities Help the Council develop a sustainable fundraising program Provide training & seek training for new Council members & staff

12 RC & D Coordinator Roles… More Capacity Building… Empower!

13 RC & D Coordinator Roles… Relations Maintain open lines of communications Facilitate partnerships with other agencies, organizations & units of government

14 RC & D Coordinator Roles… Planning & Implementation Facilitate meetings to garner input Provide staff leadership to ensure progress & implementation of projects Help the Council maintain focus, goals, & objectives

15 RC & D Coordinator Roles… Outreach Provide detailed, accurate and timely information to partners and sponsors Assist the Council & partners in locating technical and financial resources for projects Assist the Council in understanding and implementing EEO, Civil Rights, outreach, and environmental justice responsibilities

16 Roles & Responsibilities of the RC & D Program Assistant Provide administrative & clerical support for the RC&D office Help the Council and Coordinator with carrying out the Council’s Area & Annual Plans Assist the Coordinator, Council, and committees with tasks

17 Role of Other RC & D Staff Additional human resources are often needed to implement projects & programs Includes employees of the Council or contractual services Assist with tasks that USDA employees cannot do Council is responsible for employment and contractual decisions

18 Role of Other USDA Staff USDA provides a wide array of technical & financial assistance RC&Ds work with NRCS and other USDA employees to implement projects Assistance includes USDA staff at local, area & state levels

19 RC & D Partners Federal State Local Non-government

20 RC & D Partners - Federal Natural Resources Conservation Service Rural Development Farm Service Agency Forest Service Agricultural Research Service US Fish & Wildlife Service Army Corps of Engineers Economic Development Administration US Environmental Protection Agency

21 RC & D Partners - State Illinois Department of Agriculture Illinois Department of Natural Resources University of Illinois Extension Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity Illinois Bureau of Tourism Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Governor’s Rural Affairs Council Universities

22 RC & D Partners - Local County Government Township Officials Municipalities Soil & Water Conservation Districts Drainage Districts Park Districts Fire Protection Districts Community Colleges & Schools

23 RC & D Partners - Non-Government Chambers of Commerce Private Foundations Private Companies Consultants Environmental Organizations Farm Organizations Community Groups Individuals

24 The USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer. R C & D Illinois R C & D

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