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BEFORE TRAILS AFTER TRAILS 75 total miles 50 connected miles 250 mile vision.

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4 75 total miles 50 connected miles 250 mile vision

5 STAFF FUNCTIONS Fort Wayne Trails

6 Exec. Director – “Chief Engagement Officer” Manage Fundraising Plan: Strategy, Grant oversight (& writing as needed), Corporate, Sponsorships, Grassroots Government Relations/Advocacy – City, County, State Projects – Private development, Projects outside City limits, Specialty signage, Donor recognition & PR events External Partnerships – e.g. Foundations, Donors, Org’s Media – Chief point of contact; Review outgoing docs Administration –Payroll, HR –Budget management –Chief contact for bookkeeper

7 Operations Coordinator Event logistics Volunteer management Ensure production of marketing collateral Website/Social media Grant writing & tracking Special projects

8 Administrative Assistant Organizer of community gifts campaign volunteers and donor needs Manage donor database Send correspondence – thank you’s Payables and receivables Office upkeep – supplies, organization


10 COMMITTEE ROLES Fort Wayne Trails

11 Steering Committee Objectives: Strategic Planning Administration Trail Projects Finance Measures of Success: Activities are aligned with strategic plan Committee activities are coordinated Functions: Set Agendas for board meetings, Evaluate executive director annually, Ensure alignment of activities with strategic priorities, Ensure coordination of committee activities

12 Finance Committee Objectives: Create/review new summary report for monthly financials Review financial statements Discuss restricted accounts for geographic areas Measures of Success: Consolidated reporting Have projects financially prioritized Functions: Develop and monitor a long-range financial plan, Monitor the annual budget, Manage organizational assets, Provide guidance to staff in creating the annual budget

13 Governance Committee Objectives: Board Development Develop documents on policies and procedures and processes so that they are easily accessible to all Board Members and Committee Chairs Develop a Board Recruitment and Orientation Program Measures of Success: Objectives completed and presented to the board Function: Plan/implement board nomination, orientation, training, and education Monitor board performance

14 Resource Development Committee Objectives: Develop a recognition program that identifies donors in a meaningful way. Hold fundraising training sessions for volunteers in order to be prepared to raise funds through the Community Campaign Hold the Community Gifts Campaign in the Summer of 2014 Write grants to support Fort Wayne Trails Secure sponsorships for Trail map Hold 2 special events for fundraising purposes Measures of Success: Donor recognition is in place for the Community Campaign 100% participation by volunteers be the start of the campaign Raise $500,000 over 5 yrs through individuals, businesses, and corporations Raise $200,000/yr through grants Secure 20 sponsors Raise $15,000 Raise funds (Goal $50,000) in order to support Fort Wayne Trails operations Function: Coordinate the implementation of the fundraising plan

15 Community Awareness Committee Objectives: Community Gifts Campaign collateral – campaign name, messaging, takeaway pieces for volunteers and donors Sales collateral and Maps Guide creation of FWT annual logo wear, such as t-shirts Event Promotion Growing our network of supporters Measures of Success: Run at least one story per week on our website and across all of our social media about our trail users Increase the frequency of our messages across all social media, and grow our network of supporters: Facebook(2500 current; 4000 by year end) Twitter(2028 current; 3000 by year end) Instagram(0 current; 500 by year end) Newsletter(3000current; 4000 by year end) Web Hits(Goal to get 2000 people to donate page by year’s end) Personal Connections(5000 people) Function: Produce education and marketing materials

16 Trail Users Committee Objectives: Create two sub-committees to tackle the tasks of engagement and advocacy. Engagement will re-engage our existing supporters, identify new sources of support, and create an outreach strategy to survey the users of our trail network. Advocacy will identify and communicate with local and state government organizations –Plan for and hold meetings with identified parties –Track communication, maintain a DB of results –Develop talking points to maintain consistency Measures of Success: Have a comprehensive trails advocacy plan. Have an increased number of strong relationships with local policy makers. Complete a survey a broad number of trail users. Have at least 2 communal meetings with policy makers. Function: Gather feedback from current and potential trail users Maintain a coordinating relationship with city and county decision-makers

17 THE FUTURE Fort Wayne Trails

18 ACTIVITY HUBS Trails connect population centers and attractions.




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