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Bicycle-An Important Means of Transport in China Bicycles have become more and more popular in China.Wherever you go,you may find many people riding on.

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1 Bicycle-An Important Means of Transport in China Bicycles have become more and more popular in China.Wherever you go,you may find many people riding on bicycles to go the office, to go shopping,to visit friends,to go to school and so on. During the rush hour,you can often see a boiling sea of bicycles in all directions.And China is sometimes called kingdom of bicycles as it has the largest number of bicycle riders with millions of bic-ycles made every year. All these show that bicycles are the most important and popular means of tranportation in China.

2 Bicycle-An Important Means of Transport in China Compared with cars,bicycles have many advantages. Firstly,they are not very ex-pensive and almost every family can afford to buy and repair them.Secondly,though they run more slowly than cars,bicycles are very handy and convenient.With a bicycle,you can go wherever you like and needn't look for a large parking place in a crowded downtown area or get a garage at home. Thirdly,bicycles don't cause air pollution. On the contrary,they do good to your health.In addition,it is much easier to learn to ride a bicycle than to drive car.

3 Bicycle-An Important Means of Transport in China There are so many uses of bicycles in China that everyone can name some of them.But the first important use of bicycles is as a means of transport.Then peoplethink it is good exercise to ride on a bicycle and bicycles don't pollute the air.Perhaps in the near future bicycles will play a more important role in our lives.

4 1885: Gottlieb Daimler patents what is generally considered to be the first true motorcycle. Daimler, the automotive pioneer usually associated with building the world's first successful internal combustion engine (and, subsequently, the first automobile), staked his claim of priority in the two-wheeler world a year before developing his famous auto. However, the idea of a motor-driven, two-wheeled vehicle did not originate with Daimler, nor was his the first such contraption to see the road. Sylvester Roper, who spent the U.S. Civil War working in a Union armory, built a primitive "motorcycle" as early as 1867. Roper's supporters -- and he has more than a few -- argue that he should be credited with building the world's first motorcycle. World First 'True' Motorcycle The first motorcycle, produced by Gottlieb Daimler, is shown here at the Deutsches Zweirad-und NSU-Museum in Neckarsulm, Germany.

5 China Jialing Group, who began to develop and produce motorcycles independently in 1979 is the first motorcycle manufacturer in China. Since 1981 Jialing has been carrying out the long-term technology cooperation with Honda Motor Co LTD, Japan. After 20 year's development Jialing has built up a comprehensive developing, manufacturing and marketing system with international advanced production lines of motorcycle engine, carburettor, magneto, vehicle body fuel tank stamping, robot welding, painting, die-casting, heat treatment and assembling. the first motorcycle manufacturer in China The prohibition of motorcycle traffic In two months, the Guangzhou urban area will be fully The prohibition of motorcycle traffic. Will bring about the disappearance of a motorcycle what kind of impact? People accustomed to it? Auto How will re-shuffle? All the doubt, does not necessarily have to wait until the day before the real answer The prohibition of motorcycle traffic now the horizon. Journalist recently came to a few major motorcycle gathering section and found a motorcycle that has quietly into the lives of ordinary people.

6 Nowsaday, we will never feel surprise have many cars on the road. It means the car is very important and useful for our daily life. Of course everything has both sides.On one hand,cars make our life convenient, which we can save time.On the other hand,cars led to global warming,which is still continuous more worse than before. The cars not only pollute the environment but also consume our earth scarce resource. Now, many people realized that it is important to save the Earth. Some people often go to work by bicycle,which is friendly to the earth.Some people prefer to take a bus rather than use their own privar car.What’s more, I hope that solar energy car can be more popularized and all the people will to make a great effort to deal with the global warming to save our only Earth.

7 With more and more advanced technology, we have gradually abandoned the original means of transport, switch to have a faster car. People in their daily lives more convenient access, but the motor vehicle exhaust is polluting the atmosphere. With the increase in motor vehicle tail gas pollution become worse by the local into the continuity and cumulative, and the countries citizens automobile exhaust pollution has become the direct victims.

8 Since the use of cars there are so many hazards, you can think of what kinds of transport to replace it? Do you want to say it is bicycle? Yes,you are right.Isn’t it?Riding bikes can help you to keep healthy. Cycling can also save energy, reduce air pollution.Do you like to ride a bike?I like so much, I like the time when I ride the wind and the wind blowing my face gently. Can you imagine it?


10 Hi! My name is Liang PeiWen and my English name is Happy. I’m 16 years old. I am in Class8 Grade 1. I’m very happy and I like making friends with others. I also like singing but traveling is my favorite. I have been to many places of interest in China but I haven’t been to other countries. What a pity!

11 At school, I study Chinese, Math, English, physics, Music, geography and so on. I like all of them. I live in school and we go home every Saturday. When I am at home, I often help my mother do some housework and my mother said I am a good helper. Nothing is impossible in the world if you put your heart into it.I like this saying very much.

12 . Hello, nice to meet you! First let me to have a self-introduction. My name is Lingling. What’s your first impression of me? Anyway,I think I’m a lovely girl and my friend think I’m a interested girl. I’m a quiet girl too. I like watching cartoon, reading novels, listening to music and watching movies. I like to make friends with others so I have too many friends. Do you want to make friends with me? So come on, I’m waiting for your message. My QQ number is 731763598. What will you do in your free time? My favorite thing is to go to sleep, ha……

13 This is my favorite cartoon PRINCE OF TENNIS.It is about the story of tennis and there are many handsome-boy in it,oh!I love so much!Do you want to watch it?I guarantee you will like it. Ryoma Echizen is my favorite role in this cartoon.Not only for his smart,but also for his self- confidence.It makes me carzy obsessed with him. Are they so cute?

14 Daming Hello, my name is Daming. I study in Nanhai No.1 Senior High School. I like sports very much, such as playing basketball, badminton and ping pong. My favourite sports stars are Guoyue and Lindan. Do you know them? They are the world champions.

15 This is my photo. Can you guess which one is me? ……haha the one on the left. And this is my friend Xiao Lin.

16 Hi! I’m Shao Jingyi,and you can call me ---Joyce. Now I study at Class 8 Grade 1 in Nan Hai No.1 School.I’m happy with my classmates. I love studying foreign language and watching Japanese Anime. I want to study abroad in the future. I have a big family and live with my parents. And I love them so much. Sometimes I think that I will separate with them. That is a sad thing. I think that enough to living happy everyday.

17 This is my favorite anime rebellious LU Luxiu. And I like Lulu very much, because he is a great hero. In the end,he ordered Suzaku to kill him so that his sister will live in peaceful world. In that moment I cried because Lulu was died. D.Gray-man is my favorite anime,too. In this anime, the actor is Allen Walker. He is a strong boy. When his friends is in danger, he will desperate to save them. And in this trip,Allen knew that he can find the real self.

18 Hello,my name is kelly.I am 16 years old.I like swimming and listening to the music.I like speaking English,too. My favourite color is red.I often go shopping with my friends.I wish you can visit China in the near future.I would like to be your guide.I am looking forward to meeting you one day.

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