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World No. 1 Artificial Nail Provider !!!

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1 World No. 1 Artificial Nail Provider !!!

2 About JCI CORPORATION The world’s largest manufacturer of artificial nails (produces over 36 million sets annually) Major supplier of various world biggest nail distributors such as KISS USA, Original Addition, Salon Group, and MURAKI corporation. Total nail manufacturing consulting service from design to packaging with 12 years of abundant experiences and manufacturing know-how. Specialized in injection molding total process with newest facilities. Total employees are approximately 1,300 in average

3 Vision & Mission Statement
Honesty ! Passion!! Belief!!! World Best Quality Bring Beauty to everyone’s hand ! World Largest Production Capability World Fast Production Lead Time

4 Company Profile 1998 Established Shinsung China & Increase Capital
Established Xinying China US Chain Store business (33,000) Established Shinsung China & Increase Capital Established SYC in Korea (Trade & Corresponding Alliance) Established KMC Exim. in NY, U.S.A (Sales & MKT Alliances) Extended the factory building & won ‘Premier FDI company award’ Introduce ‘ERP system’ Built new factory(45000sqm) and moved in Acquire ‘ISO9001:2000’ Quality Management Standard Introduce ‘6 Sigma’ for process reengineering Established SY in China Established JCK in Korea - Capital is increased dramatically as company’s growth. (0.63million U$ dollar  million U$ dollar (approxmiately 28 times)

5 Quality Management Standard
Achievement (awards) Double good Enterprise Award ISO9001:2000 Quality Management Standard Premier Enterprise Award 1999~2006 : Double good Company Award from Tianjin government in 7 consecutive years 2006 : Aquire ISO9001:2000 Quality Management Standard

6 Business Innovation Team
JCI Organization Accounting Team CEO Managing Director Korea Office SYC, Seoul US Header Quarter KMC, NY US Family Company ( General. Ad. Division HR & GA Team Purchase Team QC Team Material Team Production Division R & D Division Tech Team Design Team Mold Team Sales Team Custom Team Sales Dept. Production 1 Team Production 2 Team Planning Team Korea Manufacturer JCK, Anyang Business Innovation Team IT Team

7 Global Sales Network Over 50 countries world-wide
The biggest nail supplier In the world Island Holland JCK Corp Korea Germany UK Switzerland JCI Corp China SYC Trading Korea Kiss USA KMC Exim USA France Italy Spain Greece SY China Japan Middle East HongKong Singapore South America South Africa Australia New Zealand Main Customer Alliance Company

8 Worldwide Market Share
USA 77.7% We have the biggest market share in retail market world-wide South America Middle East Europe Asia Australia Africa North America JAPAN 40% SUNDENTAL BODY INT. MURAKI U.K. 65% AUSTRALIA 43% THE SALON GROUP

9 Company Alliance KISS KMC SYC JCI JCK SY
NY, USA Sales & Marketing KMC NY, USA Sales & Marketing SYC Seoul, Korea Material Provider JCI Tianjin, China Manufacturer Dashing Diva NY, Tokyo, Seoul Franchise JCK Anyang, Korea Manufacturer SY Tianjin, China Packaging Yearly Turnover : U$ 250,000,000.-

10 What Makes Us Best Innovation In Products Design Best Art Design
Best Production Facility Best Materials More than 30 patents world wide Firstly introduce - Pre-glue Nail - Custom Fit Nail - 3 dimension Nail - Glass Nail - And So Many Others.. Virtual Nail Concepts Over 40 Designers Leading Market Trends Computerized Design Fast Sample Approach Best Mold Tooling Shop -W/B 5 Axis CNC machine - 3 CNC, 3 EDM - Rapid Prototype Machine 55 Injection Machines 180 Pad Machines 4 Top Coat Spray Machines Preglue Dispenser Constant Developing new Materials Best Polymer Resin - Flexible, Non Cracking ESCR Proven Material Environmental Friendly materials

11 JCI Nail Portfolio Full Cover Nail Tip Nail ARTESSA Pro-impressions
Design Nail Glass nail Diamond Nail French Nail Toe Nail Petite Nail Glue-on / Pre-glued type Regular Art tip 24, 48, 100, 500 tips ARTESSA Pro-impressions Private Label

12 Production Capability
Capability by Production line Capability by Process Unit : 10,000 3.5 million sets 0.6 million sets 1.5 mil. sets

13 The captures of JCI China

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