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Delivering Innovative (and Reusable) Delivering Innovative (and Reusable) Solutions for the Food Industry.

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1 Delivering Innovative (and Reusable) Delivering Innovative (and Reusable) Solutions for the Food Industry

2 Anchor Packaging Confidential Information Corporate Overview Headquarters - St. Louis, MO Privately-held Company Consolidated Sales over $300 Million U.S Sales Tripled since 2001 Ranked 8th Largest U.S. Thermoformer Largest Manufacturer of PP Takeout Food Containers Award-Winning Designs Four Sales Platforms: Chain Restaurant: QSR, Fast Casual, Casual, Fine Dining, Catering Retail: Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Mass Merchandisers Packer Processor (food packaged for retail sale) Commercial Distribution-Broadliners, National, Re-D 2

3 First 50 years journey 1963 Anchor founded November 8 th as a converter of plastic film Acquired Innovative Plastics 1989 1985 Ground up construction of new plant in Paragould, AR 1978 Added thermoforming, extrusion & blown film 1994 Acquired Microlite division of Amoco 1990 New film facility opens in Marmaduke, AR 1998 Purchased BonFaire Division of Placon 2008 Second Expansion Paragould, AR facility to accommodate growth 2013 Purchased Jonesboro, AR manufacturing/warehousing facility for future expansion 1998 Acquired Borden Chemical film operation in Argentina 2012 Acquired Mt. Vernon Plastics facility and assets Anchor Packaging Confidential Information Founded in 1963 with a rich heritage of rapid growth, quality and financial stability. At a time when the U.S. thermoforming industry is undergoing dramatic consolidation and isolated bankruptcies, Anchor Packaging remains a successful, privately-held entity with a strong balance sheet. Expanded Paragould, AR facility to accommodate growth

4 4 Net Sales

5 Our locations Corporate Headquarters Ballwin (St. Louis), MO Manufacturing Plant Paragould, AR Manufacturing Plant Marmaduke, AR Distribution Center Paragould, AR Manufacturing Plant San Juan, Argentina Manufacturing Jonesboro, AR

6 Anchor Packaging Confidential Information Operations Arkansas −Paragould – Extrusion/Forming ( 310,000 sq. ft.) −Jonesboro – Extrusion/Forming (424,000 sq. ft.) −Marmaduke – Blown Film ( 260,000 sq. ft.) −Paragould – Distribution Center ( 683,000 sq. ft.) San Juan, Argentina - Blown Film (130,000 sq. ft.) 6

7 Anchor Packaging Confidential Information Recent Investment In Our Business Paragould plant expansion in 2008 Significant investment for in-line extrusion/forming and technology 60” PP in-line 50” In-lines - 18; more than any other manufacturer 8 Off-line thermoformers; 4-50”, 3-40” Extruder: side-by-side, multi-layer sheet for off-lines 2 Trim-in-place for precision flanges 2 Printing lines 10 Blown film lines - PVC 2 Injection molding lines 2 Lab thermoformers for samples and small production trials Acquired Jonesboro in 2013 Automated bagging/packing lines 7

8 Anchor Packaging Confidential Information Operations by plant Locations MANUFACTURING STORAGE & DISTRIBUTION Square Feet (000 ) Offline Forming Inline Forming Blown Film 8C Printing Core Mfg. Auto Count & Bag Packaging Silo’s Rail Siding (Cars) Storage (000 Pallets) Docks ARKANSAS Paragould Plant310815---7- 22-- Marmaduke Plant260--10-1-18181415 Jonesboro Plant424-6---3-41320 Paragould DC683---4--5--4537 AR TOTAL1,81981510117623539377 OTHER San Juan, Argentina130--5----3-34 8

9 Anchor Packaging Confidential Information In-Line Extrusion/Forming 9

10 Anchor Packaging Confidential Information Why Arkansas? 1 hour to the Nation’s Distribution Hub – Memphis St. Louis: 271 miles Nashville: 274 miles Atlanta: 448 miles Dallas: 453 miles Chicago: 519 miles Houston: 577 miles INTERMODAL SERVICES 42 Truck Carriers 17 with local terminals 2 Class One Railroads 10

11 Anchor Packaging Confidential Information Core Competencies Thermoforming Rigid Containers – Inline and Offline Trim-in-Place in addition to Post Trimming Extrusion – mono-layer and multiple structures Materials: Polypropylene (PP, MFPP) PET, RPET Flexible Blown Film – PVC Custom Design Solutions Stock Products – Over 450 available 11

12 Anchor Packaging Confidential Information Material Attributes Polypropylene – PP / MFPP – Impact resistance – Heat Resistance, microwavable – High clarity, anti-fog – Weight reduction, mineral fillers – Seal-ability, venting options – Reusable – 3 R’s (Reduce – Reuse – Recycle) Polyethylene Terephthalate – PET / RPET – Optical clarity – Best choice for cold applications – Rigidity, durability – Anti-fog – Recyclable and post-consumer recycle content Polyvinyl Chloride – PVC Film - Cutter Box Film - Best cling properties in the Industry - Dri-Gard coating available for outside of box to extend shelf life - Stretch Film (meat, produce) and Shrink Film Aluminum - Foil rolls and pop-up sheets 12

13 Anchor Packaging Confidential Information Quality Product Specifications ( Quality Docket, Drawing, Layout, Packaging, Palletizing) Setup Release Process (v erification/QA Lab conf./Inspection) Operator and QA Audits ( Lab & Line; Specs/Visual/GMP’s) Zontec SPC Software and Training Lab & Line Operators, supervisors, auditors Containment Protocols ( Red Tag and Recall procedures) Continuous Improvement Kaizen activities, Environmental initiatives (Energy cost avoidance/scrap reduction/reuse) 5S-Lean manufacturing 13

14 Anchor Packaging Confidential Information Quality Certifications ISO 9001:2008 (to 2015-03-29) NSF* Kosher GFSI* (in process) *Includes HAACP Plan for critical control points on product safety 14

15 Anchor Packaging Confidential Information The Process Begins with the Customer Anchor’s Value Proposition: “Develop innovative packaging solutions that meet the needs of a new product or a solution that fulfills the unmet need of a market segment.” Design to meet customer’s desired price point or less Thorough testing at customer locations 15

16 Anchor Packaging Confidential Information Responding to Our Customers’ Needs 7 Engineers devoted to new designs and tooling to manufacture Fast turnaround of images, renderings, 3D models, laser-created samples 2 CNC machines with dedicated operators 2 Additional design engineers in Asia Work in tandem with U.S. engineers Allows round-the-clock product development In-house SLA/Rapid Prototyping Dedicated Prototype Production Equipment/ 4 Full-time employees Capabilities (in-house and offshore) to manufacture tools On-site design support at customer’s facility available 16

17 Anchor Packaging Confidential Information Award Winning Designs FPI/QSR Innovation Award World Star Packaging Excellence Award Packaging World - Package of the Year Ameristar Package Award Yum Brands Star Supplier–2010, 2011 Best New Product-Foodservice Packaging 2014 17

18 Anchor Packaging Confidential Information Anchor Innovation 18

19 Culinary Classics QSR/FPI Foodservice Packaging Award 1 st polypropylene manufacturer to produce one-piece hinged black base / clear lid, side by side 8 package options Anchor Packaging Confidential Information

20 White Casserole Classic white “Corningware style” for a take-out package that can go right to the dining room table. From store to table to dishwasher to cabinet for RE-USE again and again. Anchor Packaging Confidential Information

21 Crisp Foods Container Patented cross-flow ventilation relieves moisture, food remains crispy. Retains internal temps meeting health dept. regulations Independent studies at retailers demonstrated better performance than the leading fried chicken container Anchor Packaging Confidential Information

22 KFC Reusable Sides Anchor adapted its patented ventless-vent technology to provide a unique solution for KFC’s side dishes. Leading-edge technology allowed cost savings vs. foam KFC menu items retain their original quality longer in the new containers than in foam (per KFC Test Kitchen) Increased customer satisfaction with reusable package Anchor Packaging Confidential Information

23 Sustainability: Initiatives and Strategy Anchor Packaging Confidential Information

24 Sustainability Efforts Polypropylene (PP) has smallest carbon footprint of all plastics Anchor Products: Many PP products contain 40% perpetual resources PET products made with minimum 10% post-consumer recycled content (RPET) All made with 50% post-industrial recycle Reduced amount of material and packaging by 25% in new products through engineering innovation Reduce and recycle scrap at all Anchor plants (<1% remains) Anchor does not landfill waste; used in other applications (cutter box core plugs) R & D is continually researching new technology to increase use of recycled materials and limit use of environmentally sensitive resins World’s largest manufacturer of reusable polypropylene microwavable takeout containers. 24

25 Anchor Packaging Confidential Information Carbon Footprint Plastic Resins Carbon Footprint Plastic Resins 25

26 Anchor Packaging Confidential Information Re-Use saves energy, equipment, and other natural resources Reusable containers increase sales. Providing reusable polypropylene containers to the consumer has led to increased sales for companies such as Hillshire Farms, Butterball, Healthy Choice and others. Consumers prefer reusable containers over recyclable or biodegradable. Will reuse containers up to six months EPA states: REUSE and REDUCE are preferred methods of waste management Why Reusable Containers? 26

27 Anchor Packaging Confidential Information Heat Tolerant. Safe up to 230ºF. Microwave-safe. Saves energy and time vs. conventional oven. Dishwasher-safe. Saves energy and time. Store to table to dishwasher to cabinet. Maintains Food Taste. No flavor change or plastic odor vs. non-heat tolerant plastics (rigid styrene) Durable and Leak-resistant. Heat and eat right from the container, without cutting, tearing, or breaking. Good for the Environment. Reduction in material and energy consumption and consumer demand for disposable packaging. Visit Benefits of Reusable Polypropylene Containers 27

28 Anchor Packaging Confidential Information Why Anchor? Exceed our customer’s expectations on product quality and service. Committed to continuous improvement in our manufacturing process to assure you are competitively positioned. Work with you to define the need so the right solution can be put to work on your behalf. Known for our ability to innovate. Consolidate all products so they can be shipped out of our centrally located DC. Value your business and our daily actions put meaning behind these words! 28

29 Restaurant Customers Anchor Packaging Confidential Information

30 Retail Customers Anchor Packaging Confidential Information

31 Processor Customers 31

32 Anchor Packaging “We Make it Happen”

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