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Capabilities Presentation About HLP  HLP is a specialist in the manufacture of high-quality, value-added transparent packaging 

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1 Capabilities Presentation

2 About HLP  HLP is a specialist in the manufacture of high-quality, value-added transparent packaging  We are members of the Hip Lik Group of Hong Kong, with world-class production facilities in Shenzhen, China  Founded in 1969, we are world’s largest and most experienced producer plastic folding cartons  We offer a broad range of transparent packaging, printing and material options

3 About HLP  We have a global sales network and are a well- established supplier to the European market  We have dedicated, experienced European management and direct sales teams  We’ve built a reliable, highly effective customer service infrastructure to serve Europe  We offer very competitive pricing

4 HLP Culture  We are passionate about our company and we are determined to provide our customers with the very highest standards of customer service  We are specialists in the marketplace… we produce premium-quality transparent packaging exclusively  We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide the high quality products, quick turn-around times, flawless execution and very competitive pricing

5 HLP Overview  Products  Plant and Equipment  Customer Service  Quality Systems

6 Products – Plastic Folding Cartons  We produce plastic folding cartons using only premium box-grade materials: PVC and more environmentally friendly materials like APET, RPET, PETG and PP  Our scale allows us to purchase substrates made to our more demanding specifications for superior performance

7 Products – Plastic Folding Cartons  We offer the highest quality offset and silkscreen printing, and the latest in decorating techniques and special effects  We have the capacity to service the largest, multinational product launches, as well as the infrastructure to support medium and small sized orders

8 Products – Plastic Folding Cartons  Our unique E-Z Crease™ radio frequency (RF) creasing technology produces cartons that fold cleanly and maintain a crisp shape  We are unique in our ability to RF crease APET and RPET, for better performance than micro-perfed creases  E-Z Crease cartons set-up easily by hand and can be efficiently filled on high speed filling equipment

9 Products – Rounds/Tubes  We apply the same high-quality printing and decorating techniques to clear tubes, for distinctive shelf presence  We produce two-piece, formed tubes with rolled edges, and side-seamed tubes that are shipped flat to be set up with vacuum-formed or injection molded end caps

10 Products – Thermoforming  We manufacture stand-alone vacuum-formed packaging as well as vac-trays to be used with plastic folding cartons  Clear vac-trays used in clear cartons position products securely, create exciting aesthetics and the illusion of contents floating in a package

11 Products – Special Effects Printing  We’ve developed a wide array of Special Effects Printing techniques to further distinguish our customers’ packages on crowded store shelves  We have options that creates motion, depth, texture, three- dimensional effects, simulated embossing and micro- embossing, and that provide spectacular visual impact

12 Products – Special Effects  Special Effects enhance carton aesthetics and can be printed overall, or in spot applications in register to carton graphics  Effects include: metallic, fluorescent, iridescent and pearlescent inks and coatings, and dimensional coating techniques that provide eye-catching depth and texture

13 Overview – Plant and Equipment  Our world-class facility was built to provide the perfect environment for manufacturing visual folding cartons… we only print and convert plastics

14 Overview – Plant and Equipment  We have state-of-the-art production equipment and continue to reinvest in the latest printing and converting technologies to improve quality, reduce variability and to drive costs out of our operations  We have substantial production capacity, enough to serve the largest, multi-national product launches

15 Overview – Plant and Equipment  Our 645,000 sq. ft. facility has a production capacity of approximately 1.5 million cartons per day  A partial equipment list includes: 9 offset printing presses 1 web flexo printing press 4 silkscreen presses 2 standard die-cutters 21 E-Z Crease™ cutters/creasers 13 carton glue lines (5 with PUR) 5 hot stampers 2 off line coaters 9 ultra sonic machines 4 rolled edge machines (for tubes)

16 Overview – Plant and Equipment  We have a strong commitment to continuous research and new product development programs that reflect our resolve to remain an innovator and market leader  HLP has earned a reputation for extremely advanced abilities in offset printing, producing the highest fidelity printed graphics

17 Overview – Customer Service  We are committed to the highest standards of Customer Service  We provide our customers with 24 hour attention… each of our sales reps is supported with a dedicated customer service support team  We strive to provide our customers with: Quotations within 24 hours CAD samples in 3 - 5 days Full color comps within a week of receipt of artwork Production in 2 - 3 weeks of approval of sample

18 Overview – Customer Service  We establish dedicated account teams for our customers, customize supply chains and provide technical sales service to appropriately serve their needs  Our unmatched production capacity provides us with very short manufacturing lead times to help us manage total lead time for North American shipments  Drawing on a national network of warehouses and fulfillment operations, we can provide customized stocking programs local to our customers’ facilities, should it be required

19 Overview – Quality Systems  We are ISO 9001 certified and have earned the reputation as a high-quality producer, employing comprehensive quality management systems  Quality performance is a commitment to excellence by each HLP employee and is achieved by teamwork and a company-wide commitment to continuous improvement

20 Overview – Quality Systems  We welcome customers to visit our facilities and perform their own quality audits.  We strive to attain all global standards of social compliance and we welcome customer and third-party social compliance audits.

21 Thank you

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