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+ Small Sewing Equipment Obj. 3.02 Apparel Construction Tools & Equipment.

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1 + Small Sewing Equipment Obj Apparel Construction Tools & Equipment

2 + Measuring Equipment Tape Measure Sewing or Seam Gauge Yard Stick Transparent Ruler Hem Gauge Skirt Marker

3 + Tape Measure Purpose: Taking Body Measurements Measure Fabric Measure Pattern Pieces

4 + Sewing/Seam Guage Purpose: Measuring seam allowances & hems

5 + Yard Stick Purpose: Measuring skirt hems & tasks requiring long, rigid measure

6 + Transparent Ruler

7 + Hem Guage Purpose: Marks straight & curved hems

8 + Skirt Marker Purpose: Measure & mark hemlines with either pins or chalk

9 + Pinning Equipment Silk Pins Ballpoint Pins Ball-headed Pins T-Pins Pincushion (w/emery)

10 + Silk Pins Made of stainless steel or brass Used with most fabrics

11 + Ballpoint Pins Silk pin with a rounded point to enable pin to slip easily between strands of yarn, to prevent snags.

12 + Ball-head Pins Pins with colorful glass or plastic heads Easy to pick up

13 + T-Pin Large T – shaped head Work well on: Loosely woven fabrics Bulky fabrics Pile fabrics

14 + Pincushion (with emery) Emery Pincushions provide a safe way to store pins for convenience. They come in many colors & shapes. To sharpen a dull pin, stick the pin in & out of the emery.

15 + Cutting Equipment Dressmaker Shears Sewing Scissors Pinking Shears Embroidery Scissors Seam Ripper Thread Clipper Rotary Cutter

16 + Shears & Scissors Dressmaker Shears Bent handle allows fabric to lie flat while cutting. Usually 7 t0 8 inches Pinking Shears Zigzag edge: Finishes raw edge of seam Helps prevent raveling Not for cutting out pattern pieces. Sewing Scissors Small round handles Blade usually 4 to 6 inches Good for detail work: Clipping curves Corners Embroidery Scissors 3 to 4 inches in length Very pointed tip Used for cutting: Buttonholes Trimming embroidery threads

17 + Seam Ripper Purpose: Removes stitches with small blade. Blade lifts the tread away from the fabric before cutting.

18 + Thread Clipper Spring-action blades Purpose: Clipping thread ends

19 + Rotary Cutter Round retractable blade resembling a pizza cutter. Makes straight clean cuts through multiple layers of fabric. Must be used with a special “self-healing” cutting mat.

20 + Marking Equipment Fabric Marking Pen Tracing Wheel Tailor’s Chalk Thread

21 + Fabric Marking Pen Purpose: Marks Notches Darts Circles Squares Disappears with water or evaporates after 48 hours.

22 + Tracing Wheel  Marks pattern symbols onto fabric.  Use a smooth edged wheel for delicate fabrics.  Use a saw-toothed wheel for most other fabrics.  Special waxed carbon paper for tracing is available in many colors.

23 + Tailor’s Chalk  Purpose:  Mark pattern symbols onto fabric.  Small square or pencils will mark most fabrics.  Markings can be brushed away or will disappear when pressed with an iron.

24 + Thread Purpose: Mark pattern symbols. Make simple hand- sewn stitches to mark construction lines on fabric.

25 + Sewing Equipment Hand Sewing Needles Thimble Needle Threader Bodkin Pointer Loop Turner

26 + Hand Sewing Needles Needles vary in size from: 1- for (Course fabrics) 12- for (Fine fabrics) Purpose:  Basting  Hemming  Applying fasteners  Buttons  Snaps/Hook & eyes

27 + Thimble Metal or plastic tool to protect finger while hand sewing. Available in different sizes. Indentions in thimble help hold needle while pushing the needle through fabric.

28 + Needle Threader Small tool with thin wire to aid in threading a needle.

29 + Bodkin  Resembles a large, blunt needle Purpose:  Pulls cord or elastic through casings Elastic

30 + Pointer Wooden tool with a pointed end for pushing out sharp corners on collars. Rounded edge is used for holding seam open while pressing.

31 + Loop Turner A long metal rod with a hook. Purpose: Turns bias tubing and casings right side out.

32 + Pressing Equipment Iron Ironing Board Press Cloth Tailor’s Ham Sleeve Board Seam Roll Point Presser

33 + Iron & Ironing Board Iron- Metal appliance used to press & steam fabrics during and after construction. Ironing Board- Level & sturdy surface with tight fitting cover & smooth padding. Ironing Board Iron

34 + Press Cloth  Lightweight cloth for pressing fabrics.  Prevents – iron shine or glossy marking & scorching on certain fabrics.

35 + A firm round cushion used to press curved areas of a garment. Purpose: Darts Curved Seams Tailors Ham

36 + Sleeve Board Small ironing board around 20 inches long. Purpose: Press narrow areas such as sleeves.

37 + Seam Roll Long firm tubular cushion used for pressing long seams and small curved areas.

38 + Point Presser A narrow wooden surface with a pointed end. Purpose:  Pressing collar points  Curved & straight edges

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