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202 RS 01 General Anatomy Instructor: Berta Carrillo.

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1 202 RS 01 General Anatomy Instructor: Berta Carrillo


3 Identify Fig #1 Urethra Bladder Kidneys Ureters What is the systems, and functions?

4 8

5 Identify Fig #2 Lungs Trachea Nose Oral cavity----- Bronchi Alveoli Diafragm bronchiolo


7 Identify Fig #3 Ovaries----- Adrenal medulla----- Thyroid Testes Pituitary Pancreas------


9 Identify fig #4 Femur skull Hip Tibia Sternun----- Radius Ulna----- Humerus Scapula Ribs


11 Identify fig #5 Fibrous joints Cartilaginous joint Synovial joints Hinge joints Ball and sockets joint

12 a b c d

13 Identify fig #6 Atrium right Ventricle left----- Atrium left----- Ventricle right-----

14 a b d c

15 Identify fig #7 a)Pulmonary arteries b)Vena cava inferior c)Vena pulmonary d) vena cava superior


17 Complete fig #8 Inferior vena cava__________ Aorta artery_________ Superior vena cava__________ Pulmonary vena__________ Left ventricle__________ Right atrium __________


19 Complete fig #9 Small instestine_______ Stomach _________ Liver_________ Gall bladder_______ Pancreas _________ Large intestine______ Appendix _________

20 Mention the organs through which food passes for digestion: a) b) c) d) f ) g) h)


22 Identify fig #10 a)_________________ b)_________________ c)_________________ d)_________________ f)_________________ g)_________________ h)_________________

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