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TRUE OR FALSE 75 % of the earth is covered with water.

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1 TRUE OR FALSE 75 % of the earth is covered with water. 97 % of earth’s water is in the oceans. All of the earth’s water can be used as drinking water. 5 % of the world’s fresh water is frozen in the polar ice caps. Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit A person can only live without water for one day We are drinking the same water that the dinosaurs drank.

2 Are you drinking the same water a dinosaur drank?


4 EVAPORATION Evaporation is when the sun heats up water in rivers or lakes or the ocean and turns it into vapour or steam which rises in to the air. TRANSPIRATION Do plants sweat? Kind of. Transpiration is the process by which plants lose water from their leaves.  The water rises in to the air.

5 CONDENSATION Water vapour in the air gets cold and changes back into liquid, forming clouds. This is called condensation. PRECIPITATION Precipitation occurs when so much water has condensed that the air cannot hold it anymore.  Water falls to the earth in the form of rain, hail, sleet or snow.


Movement of water in to the soil from the surface EVAPORATION Water stored in rocks TRANSPIRATION When the soil is full of moisture HYDROLOGY Most water returns to the sea by running overland. PERCOLATION Water vapour changes back to water and forms as water droplets which are visible as clouds. GROUNDWATER The study of water INFILTRATION Moisture falls to the earth (rain, snow, hail) PRECIPITATION The transfer of water from plants to the air as gas. SURFACE RUN OFF Movement of water into underlying rocks. CONDENSATION Transfer of water from the sea to the air

8 TASK: Now fill in your own hydrological cycle. Make sure that you include the following words. EVAPORATION 2) CONDENSATION 3) TRANSPIRATION 4) PRECIPITATION 5) COLLECTION IN SEAS AND RIVERS

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